[NBA] Adu: the warriors want me to dance and I’m willing to make a good atmosphere for me to open my eyes

December 2nd report: from Durant – Kevin announced to join the thunder has been nearly 5 months, and he was in the presence of the game is quite perfect into this new environment. He has also changed some habits for the new team, for example, at the entrance to each game, he is now starting to dance. Before the thunder he always looks out, do not see any emotions, but now he has interaction with teammates. Wesbrook also love to dance before the game, but Adu basically never joined him. Adu said: “dude, dancing is really not my strong point, but you know I am a team player, I can do that the only one who does not dance? Certainly not. What the team needs me to do, I want to do, even if it makes me dance.” In the offseason, even Durant at the Olympics, he is still a day to worry about a lot of outside chores. After all, he moved to Oakland from Oklahoma City, location, apartment layout, need to finalize the new home decoration and so on. Durant likes to force himself, he also had to ensure that the mother, brother and personal chef can successfully move together. “Things are a lot more than outsiders think.” He said, fortunately, we have enough money, but it also makes a lot of people count on me to help them do a good job.” After moving in, basic necessities of life are strange, “I have to start over, every move would have to do this to.” He said. Warriors also actively help him, Iguodala heard that he likes to eat crab legs, he sent a message to ask him to go to a good restaurant to eat a meal. “We always give him some app and make it easier for him to live. After staying here for one or two months, you should be able to adapt.” He said. Durant decided to let him leave by many netizens scolding, but he did not mind: “no one when I say these words. I don’t care what they say, a lot of people just follow suit.” Durant said he will not be interrupted in the online communication with the fans, “this is very interesting, whether I still love my black, this is a kind of catharsis of ordinary people, I feel very good, this is life, good or bad.” He said. His performance on the field is also getting better and better, as if there is no need to adapt to the period of the same. Coach Cole also said: “KD is too selfless, he can always shot himself, but he always does not forget to drive his teammates, super star can do this too is not easy.” Adu said that the cultural heritage of the warriors gave him a lot of shock, sometimes in the presence of some small things will make me think, wow, I really do not know that the original can be such a.” He said, “this is probably the biggest surprise, I did not know that they can learn these things MENS PUMA FLUXION IN BLACK/YELLOW SUPER DEALS ” Author: Kewell


[NBA] hard hard! 44 key points to reverse the small Assassin King Green Army highlight jagged spirit

December 21st report: today, the Boston Celtics and the Memphis Grizzlies teamed up to give fans a wonderful game. The Celtics trailed by 17 points in the two staged, guards change life, won the game by 112-109 SUPER DEALS PD872543DZ PANDORA HAPPY CRAB CHARMS But the military Lvshan star Thomas scored 16 to 10, dropped into 7 three pointers, 17 free throws (free throw up all green army history record), scored 44 points and 3 rebounds and 6 assists, the team defeated the crucial moment of the season the most “hard” (this season the Grizzlies in the fourth quarter of 5 points within the game for the Grizzlies, never lose) is definitely the number one hero. In the first half of the game, the Grizzlies ironclad defense, the military Lvshan offense completely lost. They only got 31 points in the half game, but let the Grizzlies get a score of 45 points, halftime behind the score of up to 14 points. At the beginning of the second half, with Ennis layup hit into 2+1, the difference has widened to 17 points in one fell swoop. Strong Lvshan soldiers did not surrender. And the first to stand out is their leader little Thomas. He first made two free throws and all penalties. Since then a series of two points scored three points, but also assists Claude into the score of three points. Within a minute and a half, Thomas played a 11-2 attack wave, the difference instantly back to single digits. But the Grizzlies how can let go, they instigated the second wave in the Conley led attack climax. Within the next 4 minutes, the Grizzlies let the green shirt army only get a score of 2. And they got 11 points. With the Conley three points into the difference back to 17 points. This short half section time, can be called meat war, two tenacious army in repeatedly fighting for war heights. If the Grizzlies relied on the overall attack and defense, but the military Lvshan side tear opponents defense is full with little Thomas single handedly. The fourth quarter, small Thomas a person into the 4 record three points, but also the other cause the other three shots foul. Little Thomas single game scoring 17 points, just put the game into overtime. In overtime, Thomas took the lead in three points or small shells, help the military Lvshan zhandexianji. The overtime, and by Thomas scored 7 points, that completely disarmed stubborn grizzlies. It is worth mentioning that half green army only got 31 points, but the audience they cut the score of 112 points. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] this round is not easy! Cole: I love the pioneers.

May 12th report: Warriors in the G5 to beat the pioneers, so as to 4-1 the score out of each other, the promotion of the Western Conference finals. After the game, the two teams coach also shake hands to greet. “I really like your team,” said the warriors coach Cole and Trail Blazers coach Stotts embrace the compliments. Obviously, this series is not easy for the warriors, even though the pioneer is the dark horse in the eyes of all people, and ultimately only win 1 games, but the process of view, the warriors did not completely occupy the absolute advantage TOP LEBRON JAMES CLEVELAND CAVALIERS #23 SOUL SWINGMAN HOME JERSEY Especially the first three games of the season they are in the team MVP curry a truce operations, has been a pioneer in the forced a lot of pressure, such as G2, at home almost lose, G3 is directly has been a pioneer in full swing, eventually reversed failure to lose. This season, the Blazers lost last season’s first mover, plus a central player off the bench, many experts and fans are not optimistic about the they can make the playoffs, especially in the fierce competition in the west, did not expect their speed of light to complete reconstruction, finally got the western section 5, and in the first round and the Clippers combat 0-2 situation 4-2 reversal and advance to the Western Conference semifinals. The first 3 games, Portland 1-2 backwardness, leading G4 they is also a long time, if not curry the 4 day by 10 points, last-minute assist Barnes hit to tie the three points, and in the second period of extra time cut 17 points record, the Blazers is likely to total score of 2-2 flat. Today, this game, the pioneers did not give up, the whole game to put pressure on the warriors, start even lead, the end of the first half also lead. So, this round of series saw the pioneers of the fight. Cole said the love Portland team, believe that is the words from the bottom of the heart. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] Lori suddenly no solution to Miami restless

In the just concluded a doomed will create history battle to grab 7 in. The Raptors play at home to 116-89 the score of win the game. Raptors headed point guard Kyle Lowry played 41 minutes time, 20 voted 11, one-third of the ball 7 throws 5 35 points, seven rebounds and nine assists in the data. Opening match, Lori’s feel is not good, he sanfenxianwai test blacksmith, and after the break layup in interference is also failed to put the ball into the basket. But Lori still played with energy, first section 9 minutes and 14 seconds, Lori launched fast break, help Carol layup, and after 20 seconds, he steals the Wade’s pass again rapid advances into offensive quarterback Derozan ball to plug in, help the latter again easily get 2 points. In the second quarter, Lori still rarely choose holding singles, even if the breakthrough to the basket will usually to attract defensive team out assists, but in the second quarter at the end, facing the basket contraction of the Miami defense, Lori surprise twice hit the after body is divided into three, help Raptors score 53-47 to end in the first half of the game PUMA SPEED CAT SD SHOES BROWN SLIVER FOR WOMEN DISCOUNT In G6 game, control guard Lori 27 shots scored 36 points, but only for his teammates sent the three assists. The losing team. And the game, Lori apparently changed the way he plays, he will more attention concentrated in the attack, and on a personal attack, Lori retained his shot outside the three-point line. The beginning of the second half, Lori is outside the three-point line earned Dragic a defensive foul, and then he wore defending Wade hit the stem pulling three points. Lori fiery three break feeling so that the heat had to expand the scope of defense, in this case, his break points and repeatedly sent to his teammates nanny assists. In the middle of the third quarter, Lori twice in a row face Wade defense breakthrough success, after the ball to the Bo billon, first billon Bo caused a defensive foul, and the second is direct violent hands deduction success, hit into 2 + 1. After this, Lori had also got the ball forward, staged a step the Miami Heat left behind layup signs in the four defensive players. At the strategic level, the Raptors have let the heat feel rumangzaibei, and Lori is Raptors sharpest that one. With three quarters built up the advantages of raptors no to any counter ultra opportunity, until the final win the victory in the war seven the looting. Previously questioned Lori finally led the Raptors for the first time reached the finals. Author: Zhao Buchuan

[NBA] Meng Zhan Huang also show live flowers Lebron fake tease Warriors team

Beijing time in June 17th, NBA finals ushered in the sixth war JORDAN SON OF MARS LOW “HORNETS” WHITE/MIDNIGHT NAVY-TURQUOISE BLUE FOR SALE The third section is about 4 minutes left, Lebron also played a flower to live, very exciting. I saw him first fake action to cheat Green, and then rushed to the restricted area, again with a false action to deceive the three men of the warriors, and finally caused a foul. Author: Dou Dou

[NBA]ESPN: Knight small lineup two were exploded 49 points

Beijing time on June 6th, the warriors in the second finals 110-77 victory over Cleveland, made a 2-0 lead. Count the regular season, the warriors have won 87 games in the season, tying the record to win the 1995-96 bulls season. This is Lebron since 2008 for the first time in the playoffs suffered 0-2 behind, and the knight in the finals of the record has fallen to 2 wins and 10 losses, the last season, they have suffered a defeat five. The key to determine the outcome of the game is Green – Drummond, he scored 28 points in the first 7 points, three rebounds and 5 assists, in the G2 he got 9 times without a mobile phone will be thrown into the 6 ball 15 points. Calculated on the first game, he was in the absence of confrontation in the case of a total of 17 cast 10, scored 25 points. Andre Iguodala in this game and blocked the LeBron, he has 17 rounds of James Wong, LeBron in this period of time is 3 cast 1 in only 2 points, 3 assists, also appeared in the three turnovers. Livingston and Leandro Barbosa in the second occasion cut 17 points, they in this series a total of 26 investment 21 and a 9 assists, with only one turnover. They put the ball with Loew and Irwin together as much, but Loew and Irwin, a total of 60 shots PANDORA FANCY PURPLE SHINING ELEGANCE CLIP CHEAP Knights and warriors to play the ball, the result is also very failed, in the first game, their small lineup lost 26 points; the second field has lost 23 points. Knights in the second ball game for a longer time, once used Lebron to play center, but when Lebron played center, the knight than the warriors 11 points. In finals history, 0-2 behind can successful comeback team only in 1969, the Celtics, 1977 in Portland and in 2006 the heat. According to BPI’s ESPN data forecast, the champion of the total champion’s probability has been as high as 91%. Author: Kewell

The [NBA] alliance is Curitiba water? Three minutes of rain poured

Beijing time in May 12th, the warriors at home 125-121 victory over the pioneers, with the total score of 4-1 to qualify for the Western Conference finals. Curry out again performing with the guards, 10 of 20 shooting cut 29 points and 11 assists, including in the fourth quarter final 24.9 seconds in Antiaris three points, one arranged warriors at 7 points, ending the Blazers hope. Curry dropped into the key third high degree of difficulty, he dribbles to the outside, several dribble handoff in an attempt to create the space, although not completely get rid of the opponent, but he still very confident shot and simply hit, the ball again to make push special experts and journalists exclaim unceasingly. In the library just resurfaced G4, he in overtime scored 17 points, has attracted numerous worship 2017 AIR JORDAN 11 GS “FLORAL FLOWER” WHITE PINK FREE SHIPPING Today, his unreasonable third also makes all the people again. Basketball reporter Garcia – Bob said: “how to prevent this kind of ball?” The reporter John Ireland also said: “Aminu did not believe Curitiba will be shot, let alone will be thrown into. Cattle X.” Rocket reporter Calvin – Watkins feeling is also very simple, he wrote: “MVP.” Expert Eric Pincus wrote: “Stephen is completely with rhythm investment, this is a bad shot selection, but Stephen have all cheating.” This reporter – Gulliver also wrote: “even the ball staff will vote MVP should vote for him……” Sun reporter Peter Vecsey said: “I would like to announce that library will triple Zhuang MVP, but I’m afraid Riley will come up and stop me…” Basketball expert Wade – Jia Ruide said: “Stephen is God, 90 years of the superstar is enough. Stephen five legs dribble after Yang three points hit rate to 60%, Barkley is estimated at the free throw line hit rate of 30%. ” Buckley, Tracy McGrady and the old players remarks had been friends ridiculed, expert Dan – Woyike also said: “alliance is the water that is entirely by Library of one-third of the rain watered.” Expert Vincent goodville, also known as: “we are witnessing a very special player, can not talk about what alliance water injection, and the old boys of the fist protest it?” Author: Kewell

[NBA] dimension less don’t laugh on the defensive line you don’t curry

Yesterday, after the end of the Western Conference finals G5, thunder guard Russell Westbrook laugh at warriors curry players defensive detonated the social media, press conference videos and photos to be crazy forwarding. Today, the mainstream media also began to seriously discuss this problem: Curry’s defensive laugh live really bad to Jean Westbrook control?? The physical condition of the library in the NBA and not the top, although height, 6 feet 3 in the control of Wei is not short, core strength is also very strong, agile speed and no problem, but curry in the explosive force is not good. And importantly, warriors have Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Livingston such defensive guards, so curry defensive assignments quite often change to Robertson, Witters. In the post match press conference yesterday, a reporter began to ask Durant Curry’s defensive ability is not undervalued? ” Durant answered, “he can tackle, steals, of course, also be regarded as a defensive the, but we like him to prevent Westbrook that matchup.” Wesbrook is directly beside the laughing, and Durant was in the process of talking and laughing. “Sports Illustrated” said that this is not the Durant first sarcasm curry, last week, he hinted that the library is not necessary in G2 because save a ball and jump approach the edge of the crowd, but a player do looks really is so return a responsibility, seems to give people a good impression. So, Wesbrook really should laugh? Durant really should be so disdainful of curry’s defense? I’m afraid not. According to ESPN data show that, in this series, when the library mainly guarding Westbrook, Westbrook campaign a total of only 25 8, and appeared in a total of seven turnovers CHRISTMAS DEALS WOMEN’S PUMA FERRARI WHITE PINK 01 D7SYYS3 Yesterday’s game, Curitiba, sent a total of 5 steals, including the last moment broken Durant’s key goals. From the defense data, Kuliben season is even stronger than the defense of Wesbrook. Data on the value of the ESPN defensive real plus, curry is + 0.96, ranking sixth in all guards, Westbrook is + 0.75, ranked seventh. At the same time, Curitiba defensive efficiency was 98.3, 102.2 of Beavis Brooke’s nearly 4 points better. Since entering the NBA, curry each season’s defensive performance are basically an upward, from the first season to the present, his progress is quite large. Especially in the last two seasons, he has a very good defensive efficiency. Last season reached 97.2, while the champion’s defense is also ranked first in the league. This season is the 98.3 warriors defense Curitiba, ranked fourth in the league. “Sports Illustrated” said, why thunder two less defensive for curry scoff at such, reflection is actually an attitude of thunder defending champion warriors, and they are not afraid of warriors, they are not necessarily the warriors in the eyes, they are very confident and can defeat the defending champion. It’s like the 2011 NBA Finals, Lebron and Wade Nowitzki, who had a cough and laughed at him for his illness. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] library total secret LA can not attract big names really due to this summer, or will change the situation

On June 26 reported: the past two seasons, the Lakers record is poor, which makes the giants, the team in the free agent market has not been able to gains last year, they in the battle for Adriano lost strength more strong spurs. Lakers general manager Kupchak said before the free agent market is about to open again, this year the Lakers may be different. “(last year) we really have too much capital, it’s almost the city itself become the only selling point” Lakers general manager told the Los Angeles Daily News reporter mark – Medina’s interview said. “The free agents are always asking, ‘I can come to Losangeles, but I’ll be on the pitch with whom I am going to have a partner?'” Last year we had Kobe, but Kobe has been plagued by injuries, no one knows how much of the new season Kobe can stay healthy.” “In addition to Kobe, who else? You may want to partner with Julius Randle, but in the previous season he played only one game. Of course, we still have 2, but Russell didn’t even play a game. So, whether it was last year or the year before last, we did not attract more free players to join.” Poor record at the same time, also let the Lakers’ accelerated reconstruction, a team has two consecutive harvest season, and the No. 2 sign, last year they choose Russell has proven itself, and this year, Ingram is more let a person look forward to. Next season the Lakers in the array a can not be ignored the big names, of course, will be their coach Luke Walton, after the season led the warriors achieved a 24 game winning streak record, Luke Walton was once more teams competing, but he chose to came to the Lakers coaching. At the same time, after Kobe retired, the Lakers have a huge salary space, which is the Lakers in the free agent market this summer, the selling point of the market. Although Adu has made it clear that do not want to meet with the Lakers, but they want to get the list of players still lists al Horford, DeMar Derozan, Nicolas Batum and Hassan Whiteside’s name. “There may be a meeting, there may not be,” said the library. “Some of the contract may be completed soon, there may be dragged to one or two weeks, maybe not met, there may be many times. Everything depends on how fast the situation changed.” Author: Zhao Buchuan

[NBA] from MVP second to three outside who?

NBA has published the best lineup in the poll results, the Rockets star James Harden matrix all unsuccessful, called the star of the most frustrated. The USA Today “website also analysis the harden unsuccessful reason, explain why experts not wronged him, compile the following text: Recommended Reading: after all, harden in a year ago also scenery infinite, notch reached the Western Conference finals, in the MVP vote is selected after curry, ranked second, and eventually by the players voted as the MVP of the season, and was selected into the first team, 125 pieces first votes, the total score to 637 points, signifying his performance capture the how many people. But this year, everything is different, the whole of North America, there are 129 experts to participate in the vote, but Harden did not get any first cast, the total score is only 106 points. Actually compared to last season, harden this season’s performance is better, he played a full 82 games in the regular season, averaged 29 points, 6.1 rebounds and 7.5 assists and 1.7 steals data shooting rate was 43.9%. His presence was scored after MVP Stephen curry, and his games played all the time (38.1 minutes), free throw shooting number (8.8 ball) and season total score (2376 points) are the best record in the league. This seems puzzling, but the most important reason to harden lost votes, is undoubtedly the performance of the rocket crash. Harden is the team leader, and he let the team completely out of control, halfway fired coach, almost into the playoffs, to finally get along with team mate your leadership abilities and skills are being questioned, and he on the defensive end not attention is to become the object of various experts criticize the DISCOUNT HERVE LEGER COLORBLOCKED ONE-PIECE BANDAGE SWIMSUIT BKN029 I2FRDWB When considered to be a “qualified team leader”, can be said to harden will lose the support of experts. Besides, alliance in the back position is abundance of capable people, first team curry and Weiss, the second lineup of Paul and Lillard, third team Lori and Thompson, who are than harden in the playoffs go far, who the team than the stability of harden. If Paul George dissatisfaction with their only into the third team is well founded, the harden afraid that it is even not have the qualifications to complain about. Author: Kewell