[NBA] this round is not easy! Cole: I love the pioneers.

May 12th report: Warriors in the G5 to beat the pioneers, so as to 4-1 the score out of each other, the promotion of the Western Conference finals. After the game, the two teams coach also shake hands to greet. “I really like your team,” said the warriors coach Cole and Trail Blazers coach Stotts embrace the compliments. Obviously, this series is not easy for the warriors, even though the pioneer is the dark horse in the eyes of all people, and ultimately only win 1 games, but the process of view, the warriors did not completely occupy the absolute advantage TOP LEBRON JAMES CLEVELAND CAVALIERS #23 SOUL SWINGMAN HOME JERSEY Especially the first three games of the season they are in the team MVP curry a truce operations, has been a pioneer in the forced a lot of pressure, such as G2, at home almost lose, G3 is directly has been a pioneer in full swing, eventually reversed failure to lose. This season, the Blazers lost last season’s first mover, plus a central player off the bench, many experts and fans are not optimistic about the they can make the playoffs, especially in the fierce competition in the west, did not expect their speed of light to complete reconstruction, finally got the western section 5, and in the first round and the Clippers combat 0-2 situation 4-2 reversal and advance to the Western Conference semifinals. The first 3 games, Portland 1-2 backwardness, leading G4 they is also a long time, if not curry the 4 day by 10 points, last-minute assist Barnes hit to tie the three points, and in the second period of extra time cut 17 points record, the Blazers is likely to total score of 2-2 flat. Today, this game, the pioneers did not give up, the whole game to put pressure on the warriors, start even lead, the end of the first half also lead. So, this round of series saw the pioneers of the fight. Cole said the love Portland team, believe that is the words from the bottom of the heart. Author: Qiao Tete