[NBA] from MVP second to three outside who?

NBA has published the best lineup in the poll results, the Rockets star James Harden matrix all unsuccessful, called the star of the most frustrated. The USA Today “website also analysis the harden unsuccessful reason, explain why experts not wronged him, compile the following text: Recommended Reading: after all, harden in a year ago also scenery infinite, notch reached the Western Conference finals, in the MVP vote is selected after curry, ranked second, and eventually by the players voted as the MVP of the season, and was selected into the first team, 125 pieces first votes, the total score to 637 points, signifying his performance capture the how many people. But this year, everything is different, the whole of North America, there are 129 experts to participate in the vote, but Harden did not get any first cast, the total score is only 106 points. Actually compared to last season, harden this season’s performance is better, he played a full 82 games in the regular season, averaged 29 points, 6.1 rebounds and 7.5 assists and 1.7 steals data shooting rate was 43.9%. His presence was scored after MVP Stephen curry, and his games played all the time (38.1 minutes), free throw shooting number (8.8 ball) and season total score (2376 points) are the best record in the league. This seems puzzling, but the most important reason to harden lost votes, is undoubtedly the performance of the rocket crash. Harden is the team leader, and he let the team completely out of control, halfway fired coach, almost into the playoffs, to finally get along with team mate your leadership abilities and skills are being questioned, and he on the defensive end not attention is to become the object of various experts criticize the DISCOUNT HERVE LEGER COLORBLOCKED ONE-PIECE BANDAGE SWIMSUIT BKN029 I2FRDWB When considered to be a “qualified team leader”, can be said to harden will lose the support of experts. Besides, alliance in the back position is abundance of capable people, first team curry and Weiss, the second lineup of Paul and Lillard, third team Lori and Thompson, who are than harden in the playoffs go far, who the team than the stability of harden. If Paul George dissatisfaction with their only into the third team is well founded, the harden afraid that it is even not have the qualifications to complain about. Author: Kewell