[NBA] youngest 70 points sir! The age of 20 years, the history of the formation of a half point Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang record

March 25th report: Beijing time on March 25th, the sun lost to Celtic 120-130. German – 40 Booker cast 21, 26 penalty 24 scored 70 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, set a new record, scoring suns history scoring record, also set a single game this season scoring record at the same time, the sun has become the youngest team in the history of 40 points, 50 points, 60 and 70 mr.. At present, he is only 20 years old, and he is the only one of the top 70 points in the history of Kobe, with Chamberlain,, Thompson, Beller, and Robinson, as well as on the side of the NBA. On a single field to get 70+ players, or Kobe in 2006 81 points. At the same time, he also became the 60 / 70 Mr. NBA’s youngest, previously the youngest record is David Thompson (23 years and 270 days), Jordan, Tracy McGrady scored 60 points have been the first time at the age of 24, Kobe first got 60 points is already 27 years old, Booker record it it is terrible. Buck in the first half and there is no such outbreak momentum, a total of 19 points. He played in the first half of the game was only 1 points, the sun is also the opponent by beating a wave of 22-3. But at the end of the season, he led a wave of 11-4 (he got 9 points in one person) to save some face. In the first section of the maximum of up to 20 minutes behind, indicating the strength of the gap. But in the second half, Booker suddenly broke out in the third quarter start basket singles layup, also caused a foul; back face three double shine into the correct call to 2+1; 3 minutes and 54 seconds, pulling three points hit dry pick; 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the trial step jump easy singles hit. In this section as he scored in the final 13 seconds cut melon vegetable, and continuous variable to Huang, facing a defender in the jumper. Because Booker broke 23 points in this section, and finally let the sun’s single score to win the opponent, but even so, they are still behind the more than 17 points. Wait until the fourth quarter, Booker did not relax the rhythm of the score, once the difference narrowed to 11 points. But the Celtics rely on the small Thomas to stabilize the situation, although in 7 minutes after the buck, and even a man cut the score of 7 points, but the sun simply can not defend opponents. As time went on, the Celtics held on to victory, but buck did not end, but continued to refresh the record. The fans are also very investment, when the referee canceled Booker’s three points, so that his total score from the back of the 61 of the time, many Boston fans have begun to hiss referee, it is not too much fun to see the big thing. Wait until the end of the game, the sun was deliberately set aside for the buck brush attack, although in the last 3 minutes behind the score, but the man continued to score the performance of the game, in the 1 minutes and 19 seconds to vote for a score of three. He took 7 goals in the last 1 minutes, which shows the high efficiency. But it still can not affect the situation of the game, the Celtics in the final victory in the bag. Author: Kewell


[NBA] Eagle reversed 20 points behind 33 bucks schlauder captured decimeter God 23+14

December 10th: Atlanta Eagles (12 wins and 12 losses) continued recovery. Schlauder had 33 points and 4 assists, Millsap scored 23 points, 14 rebounds and 6 assists, who led the team in the second half of a counterattack climax, the Hawks reversed up to 20 points behind them in the 114-100 away to beat the Milwaukee bucks (11 – 10). The Hawks got 2 in a row. The Hawks schlauder scored 33 points, 4 assists and 7 turnovers, Millsap scored 23 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 blocked shots, Hardaway had 18 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, muscara had 11 points and 4 assists, Howard scored 10 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks. Parke bucks scored 27 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals, Beasley 14 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, Monroe had 14 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, adetokunbo scored 14 points, 6 rebounds and 6 turnovers, 12 points Luogedun cloth and 4 assists, Della Vedova scored 11 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Bucks at home court made a good start, Parke scored 4 points to lead 12-5 team. Schlauder and Hardaway teamed up with 7 points, the hawks in the first section there are 5 minutes chase into 12 levels. 18 flat, 21 flat, 23 flat after Terry hit three points, he led the team to the 7-0 wave of attacks at the end of the first section, the Bucks 30-23 lead with 7 points. Delany opened the second quarter turnaround jumper, three points in adetokunbo, bucks and scored 7 points to expand. The next two teams pitted against each other, increase the turn of the score, Parke breakthrough dunk, Della Vedova layup, second section there are 2 minutes and 35 seconds when the Bucks 57-40 lead with 17 points. Saiph Lothar scored two goals, henhsen pick layup, three points in Delaweiduowa, Bucks 64-44 a 20 point lead into halftime. Parke bucks half got 15 points, Terry had 9 points; the Hawks schlauder scored 17 points, Millsap had 10 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Millsap and schlauder respectively hit three points, they lead to 13-3 against the wave to start the third quarter, the eagles to 57-67. The Bucks suspended after the Delaweiduowa hit 3 points for the success of the team temporarily muscara hemostasis, three points in the team even after 5 minutes, Parke and Beasley teamed up with 5 points, and two digit lead bucks. After the two sides alternately up points, 2 three points in 7 minutes to recover the ball Hatta Willain, Beasley quickly returned the ball two, the end of the three bucks 92-84 lead with 8 points. The last section after the start of the two teams continue to tug of war, increase the turn of the score, schlauder breakthrough score, fourth section there are 6 minutes and 25 seconds when the hawks with 7 points behind 92-99. Ade Tor Quinn Bo picked up his fifth foul had to return to the bench, who led the team and even after 5 minutes, only 2 points behind the hawks. Snell hit three points, Howard, Millsap and Kyle Korver each two points, they played against the wave of 8-1, section fourth and 3 minutes and 15 seconds when the Hawks lead to 105-103 AUTHENTIC 2016 AIR JORDAN 11 LOW “LAKERS” FOR SALE Parke hit three points, but the bucks for the blacksmith, schlauder break points, Hardaway hit the bottom three points, the fourth section there are 35.6 seconds when the Hawks lead to 110-106. The Bucks after the suspension of Ade Tor Quinn Bo mistakes, Saifuluosa two free throws, the Bucks even after 4 minutes are of no avail, they lost to 110-114. The starting lineup: Hardaway, Saive Llosa, Millsap, schlauder, Howard bucks starting lineup: della Vedova, Snell, Parke, adetokunbo, henhsen Author: Liu

[NBA]76 boss: Simmons = magician +LBJ

5 July 19 reported: according to Fox Sports News, the Philadelphia 76ers in lottery Congress wish to smoke in the champion sign, which makes the whole city into the carnival. And the Sixers coach Brett – brown when asked for perceptions of “quasi champion” Simmons, hesitate to praise the Simmons and two legendary players are compared, he said in Simmons saw Magic Johnson’s traits, sometimes Simmons, like a younger version of LeBron. Since Simmons entered the Louisiana State University, people began to compare him with a variety of famous stars. Due to his height of 6 feet 10 and the ability to handle the ball well, the most conservative estimate is that he will be a strengthened version of Odom. So what about Simmons’s version? People say Simmons is close to James Lebron at the very beginning. After the Philadelphia 76 people draw the number one pick, the media asked the 76 team coach Brown Simmons for Bret’s view. He said: “you know, he has the magic of the character. Sometimes he looks like a younger version of Lebron, and you don’t know where he’s going to play. Sometimes he’s like number four, and sometimes it’s like number three, and he’s really comfortable with the ball. When people talk about his most prominent character of the elite players, will be the first time to think of passing. You know, it’s probably a little too reckless to compare him with the two great players, and it’s a bit too ambitious. But there is no denying that he has a very unique skill before the coming of the draft.” Brown praised Simmons is not surprising. Simmons in his freshman season hit a stunning performance. In this season, Simmons had chopped off 43 points and 14 rebounds and seven assists 5 times, 3 steals, blocks of data, demonstrating their totipotency. At that time there have been some draft experts assert that Simmons has locked in advance of the current champion seats. “The magician” Johnson also claimed that Simmons is the early Lebron James after the best overall player. Lebron said he would not care about people will compare Simmons with himself. In addition, LeBron is to take care of his younger brother, LeBron, Simmons eventually signing LeBron my agent. In the former Knight’s game, Simmons also several times to the scene to watch. At present only can challenge the status of Simmons champion is from the Duke University, Ingram – Brandon. Compared with Simmons, Ingram the younger, his shooting ability and arms etc also have more advantages ASICS GEL LYTE 3 WOMENS BEIGE XMAS DEALS UK20161187 FOR SALE Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] everyone is drunk and I alone am “cut”! Irwin tallied 28 points and Paul Huang Meng ring

December 2nd: the knight home court 94-113 against the clippers, Lebron 14 in 5, 5 turnovers, Loew hit good shots but too little, the team only qualified players is Carey Irwin, he played 34 minutes 19 cast 8, 12 free throws in 28 points and 2 rebounds and 2 assists and 4 turnovers. Score lead the audience is also quite good, efficiency, when the knight team are in sleep, waking seems to be the only irwin. In any league guard against Paul, the attack must first play a bit a discount, Paul defensive top, and he took the Clippers offensive, you’ll have to pay a lot of effort on the defensive end. Today Irwin opening the first goal on playing with Paul, in a rush forward Knight Irwin pretend holding breakthrough, while Paul pace did not stand, suddenly a turn, Paul this response is: to find the North where. Don’t keep up with Irwin’s hand, he watched the jumper. He opened the scoring model then, break the hook shot, the outwire three points in the needle, he led the Cavaliers to start playing very well, not even before being criticized, the ball to Loew, “today the first day two Loew sent assists, single game scoring 11 points and 2 assists, Irwin, Knight 28-24 lead, which is today the only time a knight leading end game. I do not know what is the reason, the state of the two Lebron very depressed, not only poor shooting, in series with the team did not do well. By Lebron Loew, fed the ball to eat fry dumb fire, only the ability to ask all the league’s top alone is not affected, the Festival back Irwin fouled made immediately after the opening, Paul is playing like to vent the gas to guard, but he scored 5 points also fill the rest of the team badly dug under the pit, the knight was back, then did not return to god. But he did not give up, even if the second half back Paul steals. The Clippers idea is very simple: now you can make a knight, you can fix off early. He alone strong in both a few defenders, regardless of his anti more uncomfortable, more difficult shots can keep a hit rate, Lebron in the third quarter almost without scoring, only one death knight Irwin. But the Clippers after all third in the west, a dozen five Irwin’s plan is doomed to be impossible, end up to continue the jumpers, 2+1 storm resistance, game soon into the garbage time, eventually the knight home court clippers lost 94-113 losing streak, Irwin to vanish like soap bubbles XMAS DEALS NBA 2015-16 SEASON OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER #12 STEVEN ADAMS CHRISTMAS NAVY JERSEY Author: John

[FOOTBALL] German – Plymouth strange lore Dortmund 3-3 draw away the vice monitor

October 22nd: Beijing time on October 22nd night at 21:30, in the eighth round of the Bundesliga, Dortmund 3-3 draw away to Ingolstadt vice monitor. Sixth minutes, Ingolstadt opened a free kick on the right side, Cohen to score. Twenty-fourth minutes, Ingolstadt once again through the free kick, this is Lescano’s header. Fifty-ninth minutes of the second half Aubameyang header pulled one back, but Lescano then scored two to expand the lead. Sixty-ninth minutes, Ramos broke into the Dortmund. A stoppage time equaliser Plymouth strange goals for Dortmund VANS SK8-MID RAINFOREST RED MENS SHOES TOP DEALS IS7FB4 Sixth minutes, sutner opened a free kick on the right into the box in front of Cohen near tuishe, leading Ingolstadt 1-0! Eighth minutes, Dortmund won the free kick, Castro free kick shot high. Eleventh minutes, Hinterzel in the face of Pu Zhuhao, but his passing was broken. Thirteenth minutes, Ingolstadt out on the right corner, Yan Tozer shot by barbed Weiden Feller ball. Fourteenth minutes after teammate Weiden Feller return did not stop, then quickly clear. Sixteenth minutes, dengbeilai inside the defensive player after the ball was shot, Nylander. Sixteenth minutes, Ramos header in the restricted area by force goalkeeper puzhu. Seventeenth minutes, Castro ball into the box, Piszczek in the restricted area on the right to the ball can not. Twenty-first minutes after Roger steals the ball long shots, Weiden Feller. Twenty-fourth minutes, Ingolstadt again Dembele foul, won a free kick on the right side, put the ball into the box after Lescano sutner header, Ingolstadt 2-0 lead! The goal and the first ball is almost exactly the same. Twenty-eighth minutes, Castro shots from outside the area by Nylander sideways from the bottom line. Thirty-second minutes, waigel shots from outside the area hit high. Thirty-sixth minutes, sutner pass in the left after the unmarked Hinterzel shot after the bomb hit the high. Thirty-ninth minutes, Aubameyang outside the area free kick shot hit high. Forty-third minutes passed directly to the fly line stretched barthes. Forty-fourth minutes, Kano restricted the right of small angle shot Weiden Feller denied the bottom line, then the corner, Hartmann header top side. The stoppage time gross long-range Puzhu Weiden Feller. 1 minutes of stoppage time after the end of the first half, Ingolstadt temporarily leading Dortmund 2-0. The beginning of the second half, Dortmund replaced Plymouth strange evolutions three defenders to strengthen the attack. Forty-seventh minutes left, Dembele pass, Aubameyang inside the area out of the ball. Fiftieth minutes, the ball inscribed cross Dembele, Dapian long-range Castro. Fifty-second minutes, Dortmund corner, Kagawa Shinji in the siege. Fifty-third minutes, near Dembele left the bottom line pass, Nylander will get the ball. Fifty-sixth minutes, Castro out on the left corner, baltra header high. Fifty-ninth minutes, dengbeilai cross from the left, Aubameyang headed home a draw Dortmund, 1-2! But Ingolstadt kicking off immediately after the attack, Bernhard Qiaonayi right passes on, the area unguarded break Lescano scored two of the leading Ingolstadt 3-1! Sixty-first minutes, Ingolstadt quick counterattack, Hartmann shot hit the post. Sixty-sixth minutes, Qiaonayi right pass, Weiden Feller put the ball off. Sixty-ninth minutes, Plymouth strange restricted line cross knock, Ramos restricted road volley, the score was 3-2! Seventy-first minutes, Ramos front scraping foul, the referee booked. Seventy-ninth minutes, Dortmund opened a corner, Pacella J shots from outside the area, the ball flying Nylander saved the bottom line. Eighty-third minutes, Pacella J cross from the left, Pury Sich header top side. Eighty-fourth minutes, baltra pick, gertze missed the ball in the penalty area. Eighty-sixth minutes, Ramos chest the ball, gertze goalkeeper Neerlandia shot was blocked. First minutes of stoppage time, Pacella J cross from the left, Piszczek header was saved, PLIS Qimen before bushe score, Dortmund 3-3 tie! 4 minutes of stoppage time after the end of the game, Dortmund’s 3-3 draw with Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt lineup 442:1- Neerlandia /33-, 34-, 32-, Qiaonayi matip, Tislan 29-, Roger 8- /9- Hartmann sutner, 36- Cohen, 10- /11- (Kano 72’7- Les Gros, 16- Hinterzel Lecky) (89′ 6- Morales) Dortmund a ridenfeller lineup of 442:1- /26- Piszczek, 28- 5-, Pu Zhuhao 3-, kintell baltra (46’Pury Sich Castro (58′ 22-) /27- 10-, 33- waigel gotze), 23- Kagawa Shinji (73’30- Pacella J), 7- /17-, 20- author Ramos Aubameyang Dembele: husband then

[NBA] star of the show: Gasol’s old Zeyang?

May 28th report: social networks have become increasingly developed, and the frequency of the players and their families with social networks is getting higher and higher. As fans, always hope that understanding the stars, the following is for you to organize today instagram and Tumblr those fun things, as a big star show come and see! “Lebron’s wife sent a picture to congratulate her husband:” for 6 consecutive years to qualify for the finals! Proud of my men!” James said is Drake, but look at the mouth, like…… “Handsome!” Even the eastern championship trophy, also had security! After the game has been holding the trophy JR. Three giants to participate in the conference, JR on the next reminder, saying, this is a very heavy cargo ah!” McGrady made plans to congratulate LBJ for 6 consecutive years in the finals, are really young at that time…… I love you. 2001 today, the Lakers beat the Spurs in the playoffs to achieve a third consecutive sweep. They lost only 1 games that year. Rubio’s mother died of cancer, the memory of the mother. Howard and her daughter play together, is that you? The warriors to Oklahoma, tying or grab seven? Gasol went back to Spain, and his brother to see Coldplay’s concert. Little Gasol look like it is not out of the 93 years, had played in the UCLA, but now has been back to Spain, in the local fight, the basic will not come to NBA. But he is very interesting, often in the United States on the forum Reddit debate with friends about the two brothers on the matter, on the bulls and bears and other NBA team will talk about. More funny is also posting asking “you feel Adria – what about Gasol,” he replies to the…… He said that the relationship with Mark better, because in fact the age difference between the three brothers is very big, with Mark’s time is still relatively long. At age 36, small 31 years old, 23 years old and small, indeed the span is not small. (PS this figure looked a bit like Conley wood……) Bohr Tianjin Hodges training. Lawson’s gold chains. Ci Shiping’s Chinese girlfriend graduated from the law department DRAKE X AIR JORDAN 10 RETRO “OVO” BLACK FOR SALE ONLINE Feel good inspirational ah…… Anthony to the MetS MLB kickoff, the two teams are orange and blue color. But in fact, on the New York ball, Nicks should be more similar with the Yankees, after all, is a veteran of the giants. The Mets with nets relationship should be better, like Mets and Nets, name, and a football team called Jets…… Lillard found Kanye wearing his signature shoes, pleased to send shows. To know Kanye is to design the coconut, but there are also netizens pointed out that he is completely in the mix, did not find also wore the Miami’s big pants?! Author:

[NBA] gun 67 raptors and then destroy the knight wrench 2-2

The Toronto raptors in the home court and pulled one back. Lori continues to back the courage to get 35 points, five rebounds and five assists. Derozan has 32 points, in the team squandered most 18 point lead has them in the fourth quarter to come forward lvdui riposte to establish superiority, the Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals game 4 home to 105-99 beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Raptors will always score 2 flat, fifth game series will return to cleveland. Recommended reading: Raptors Lori got 35 points, 5 rebounds, five assists and three steals. Derozan get 32 points, Carol got 11 points and 3 rebounds, Patterson get 9 points and 5 rebounds, Bo billon get 5 points, 14 rebounds and three blocked shots SUPER DEALS 2016 NEW BALANCE 580 MEN GREY SKY BLUE Cavaliers LeBron’s 29 points, nine rebounds and six assists Irwin get 26 points and 6 assists, Frye get 12 points and six rebounds, Loew 14 voted 4 to get 10 points and 7 rebounds, Smith of 12 shots for 3 9 points, Thompson had two points and 9 rebounds. The Raptors in the home court darling, Carol scored 5 points, DeRozan had 4 points, they led the team to start 13-5. After the suspension of the Cavaliers improvement Irwin scored 5 points, Loew three points, who led the team shot 13-5 counter wave, first section there are 3 minutes and 25 seconds when the two teams tied at 20. Carol layup, the three points in Paterson, the Raptors at the end of the first section of 27-24 lead with 3 points. At the beginning of the second quarter after the Raptors outside maintain hand, Ross and Lori three pointers, the Raptors to 39-28 leading 11 points. LeBron to enhance personal attack, he scored 6 points, Lori favorably riposte 8. Derozan’s turnaround jumper, the first half of 4 minutes when the Raptors to 51-35 lead 16 points. LeBron James led the team recovered four points, Lori maintain feel even two goals, DeMar Derozan break points, the Raptors at the end of the first half to 57-41 lead 16 points. Raptors Lori’s half got 20 points, four rebounds and 3 assists, DeMar Derozan get 10 points and 3 assists; Cleveland’s LeBron James scored 16 points Irwin get 11 points and four assists. Derozan breakthrough jumper opened the third quarter, Irwin fire even in the 2 three pointers. Smith also pitched into the third, who led the team played 11-0 attack wave, knight team chase 52-59. Raptors favorably. Derozan even take 6 points, Lori also maintain attack of three consecutive singles success, in the third quarter and 3 minutes 55 seconds Raptors to 71-56 re leading 15 points. The Cavs had to request to suspend, their perimeter recovery during the suspension, LeBron, Loew and Smith the a third of the ball, 9-2 counterattack climax let them chase 65-73. Carol shot three points caused by foul Smith three penalties in, Irwin maintain hand scored two goals. At the end of the third quarter the Cavaliers to 78-69 leading 9 points. In section fourth, Frye scored 3 odd feel good, a three ball played back waves 11-3, Cleveland to 80-81. Joseph hook shot, Lebron two consecutive singles success, the Cavaliers lead to 84-83. After the game the more intense, both sides alternately up points, Cavaliers held a slim lead, Jefferson dunk, section 4 of 4 minutes and 50 seconds when the Cavaliers to a 96-94 lead. But after that Frye failed accurate, continuous missed three points, the Raptors, seize the opportunity to counterattack, DeMar Derozan even throw with penalty get 4 points, Carol and Lori are two free throws in, a round 6-0 attacks to allow the Raptors in the fourth quarter and 2 minutes 40 seconds to 100-96 leading 4 points. Dellavedova and fry were missed three points, Bi Yongbo get rebounds is foul, and is one of two free throws, Irwin stepped forward three points. Derozan abnormal positive since the vote from rob after attacking the basket score, the Raptors still leading 4 points. Bi Yongbo a critical moment play a role in the first capping Smith three pointers, then in Lori breakthrough jumper after scraping to important offensive rebounds, which gave another chance to the Raptors, Lori break points, the fourth quarter and 22.5 seconds Raptors to 105-99 lead. Smith and Irvine were missed three points, Bi Yongbo get rebounds and was fouled, he missed them both, but this does not affect the overall situation, the Cavaliers huitianfali 99-105 to defeat. Knight first team line-up: Irwin, Smith, LeBron, Lufkin, Thompson Raptors team starting lineup: Lori and DeMar Derozan, Andy Carroll, Luis Scola, Bi Yongbo Author: small willow

[NBA] 14 Tang God 3 warriors still win? Mcgee led 48 to fill the pit bench Gang

March 25th: the warriors today easily defeated king Thompson, although the play is not stable, shooting too “iron”, but the warriors bench has a good contribution, they scored 48 points, becoming a major cause of winning. Before the two season, the warriors bench ability to score in the league level, but this season, their bench scoring has been sluggish, once fell to the bottom 3 of the League ranks, and today this point, finally warriors reserve a name for himself. The first half of the game, the warriors will be on the bench cut 25 points, while the king of the opposite side is only a substitute of 16 points. In the second stage of the contest, the warriors took the upper hand PUMA MIHARA MY-41 BLACKWHITERED CHRISTMAS DEALS 4HHWJPX However, today, Thompson is not in good condition, the first section only 2 shots outside the perimeter, the total investment loss. The second section is also feel depressed, 5 shots only 2, three points or not into the ball. The first half of only 5 points per game, but because the bench so awesome, Thompson this is not what effect did not score. Thompson 14 shots in the game only 3, which is also the last few games, the worst individual play in the field of personal play in the field of the game in the last few games, only. In the warriors of the bench, Mcgee’s play worthy of praise, he got 9 points, 10 rebounds, including a total of 6 offensive rebounds, positive attitude is evident. The warriors of the team known as the “independence” of the substitute players Clark scored 10 points, is the only one who scored in double warriors bench. In the case of Durant truce, the warriors of the bench to give full play to their offensive and defensive capabilities, which allows the warriors to keep the first position in the west. And to the most important playoffs, the battle between the teams is also the key to decide the outcome. For Cleveland, recently they have continued to appear bench play suck phenomenon, let Lebron very headache, see warriors bench Huiyong, I’m afraid to upset a knight. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] warriors steady lead 3-1 team win? Experts: Knight drubbing

On June 11 reported: Beijing time on June 11, the warriors in the away game 108-97 overcome knight. To get the match 3-1, defending distance closer to success the step. In the history of the finals, all the 3-1 leading team eventually won the championship, the 32 teams without an exception. The 0% probability of a reversal for the knight, is undoubtedly the “It is all up with the meaning of”. Although the 3-1 leading team in the finals fifth Games record of only 17 wins and 15 losses (in the home for 13 wins and 10 losses), but even so, there is no backward team can really win three games to win the championship. If we say that there is a slim chance of 0-2 behind, then 1-3 is really equivalent to the death sentence. The champion has made them one of the most successful teams in history. They have won 88 games this season. Knight in the game gave the warriors put into 17 record three points, the team score from the perimeter than the opponent less 33 points, in this case to win no doubt difficult. Although their 30 points in the third rout warriors, but warriors adjust very timely, Knight wants in rebounding rolling opponents, while also expect opponent three misalignment, curry sleepwalking, team’s failure again and again, the probability is really minimal. When the bank hand back, dropped into 7 single game record three points after the warriors are back on track. Also no wonder when the warriors in the distal tightly grabbed Knights attack, curry again hit three key points and free throws, Quicken Loans arena fans to leave in succession, dejected PUMA SUEDE BASKET HEART 36-40 WOMEN BLACK SLIVER PATENT FREE SHIPPING Since 1954, the city is longing for a league championship, but this year, knight may still no way to interpret a dream, American journalist also on twitter said: “the series basic outcome has been set.” Basketball expert Eric pinnace also predicted warriors will 4-1 victory, he commented: “series with the trend expected almost, knight in the first four games win one game, the warriors five fix won. At least for today’s game, it’s pretty exciting.” Author: Kewell

[NBA] star show: World of Warcraft dissatisfaction with the fans to recruit a small game to give Adu election shirt

June 26th report: social networks are becoming increasingly developed, NBA players and their families are more willing to share their own things on the internet. But too much content to see how to do? Don’t worry, NetEase NBA every day for you to sort out the star show column, a look at today’s Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat are popular what it! ESPN planning, to give Durant Jersey, screen play! Happy birthday to my wife happy birthday, this is forever in love. Melon shape is also a fan, when fat thin, this is simply not so slim down the NBA multiple-choice questions, this performance who is the best of the second round of the show? Millsap, Thomas, Green, little Gasol? Second questions, the best moment of the season is…… Knights win? Warriors 73 wins? Curitiba, ultra long three pointer thunder? Gordon works in a button? Kobe retired? Weiss won the all star MVP? The new training center construction, coach Boden Holzer and Grant Hill back to the scene. Haven’t met in a long time “Lu Su Beasley, a daughter in his leg, to paint her toenails anymore. Millsap this play golf environment is really enviable…… As a young magician, a magician, the teacher totale Tinggao level. How to dance champion Simmons? Michael Ingram had with MIP McCollum relationship is very close. 19 years ago today, the Spurs chose the young man who has not yet had a facial paralysis. Exactly two years later, he was also the spurs a champion, and left this evil PS material. Parke and Boban meet in belgrade. Dior is still playing games! Howard made a two child cute photos, ah, a lot of comments! Must have come to praise my baby cute, happy! Open a look, all kinds of recruitment…… Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, and come to me…… Warcraft is not happy…… I send a photo of what you are doing! Tell me where to go! Can’t comment on the photos with me…… The other hacker Marion…… McGrady to her grandmother Happy birthday with O’neal, she can not win? Wave God: the place where dreams begin…… Should be a little time to play golf course. Little Jordan went on to Bangkok and saw the tiger come. Parsons and his girlfriend’s love will show enough. Tall, rich and handsome “splash challenge”, launched launched to all the fans, see who splashes large. This…… The Jinzhou warriors find Curitiba ah! Par girlfriend: no one around! Then I don’t wear clothes. Literary youth (middle age?) Gasol, this time came to Daly’s Museum. The picture I don’t know aye, but Dali the teacher “memory eternal” believe as we all know, is the clock of the 新着 NIKE AIR MAX 90 MENS WHITE BLACK ALMOND JR: dress is thin, strip with meat! Ray Allen usher restaurant’s former teammate James wong”…… James Jones went to a guest chef. O’neal: go to cuba! O’neal as a sports ambassador to become a bridge between Cuba and the United states. I am serious and very serious oh! Author: