[NBA] everyone is drunk and I alone am “cut”! Irwin tallied 28 points and Paul Huang Meng ring

December 2nd: the knight home court 94-113 against the clippers, Lebron 14 in 5, 5 turnovers, Loew hit good shots but too little, the team only qualified players is Carey Irwin, he played 34 minutes 19 cast 8, 12 free throws in 28 points and 2 rebounds and 2 assists and 4 turnovers. Score lead the audience is also quite good, efficiency, when the knight team are in sleep, waking seems to be the only irwin. In any league guard against Paul, the attack must first play a bit a discount, Paul defensive top, and he took the Clippers offensive, you’ll have to pay a lot of effort on the defensive end. Today Irwin opening the first goal on playing with Paul, in a rush forward Knight Irwin pretend holding breakthrough, while Paul pace did not stand, suddenly a turn, Paul this response is: to find the North where. Don’t keep up with Irwin’s hand, he watched the jumper. He opened the scoring model then, break the hook shot, the outwire three points in the needle, he led the Cavaliers to start playing very well, not even before being criticized, the ball to Loew, “today the first day two Loew sent assists, single game scoring 11 points and 2 assists, Irwin, Knight 28-24 lead, which is today the only time a knight leading end game. I do not know what is the reason, the state of the two Lebron very depressed, not only poor shooting, in series with the team did not do well. By Lebron Loew, fed the ball to eat fry dumb fire, only the ability to ask all the league’s top alone is not affected, the Festival back Irwin fouled made immediately after the opening, Paul is playing like to vent the gas to guard, but he scored 5 points also fill the rest of the team badly dug under the pit, the knight was back, then did not return to god. But he did not give up, even if the second half back Paul steals. The Clippers idea is very simple: now you can make a knight, you can fix off early. He alone strong in both a few defenders, regardless of his anti more uncomfortable, more difficult shots can keep a hit rate, Lebron in the third quarter almost without scoring, only one death knight Irwin. But the Clippers after all third in the west, a dozen five Irwin’s plan is doomed to be impossible, end up to continue the jumpers, 2+1 storm resistance, game soon into the garbage time, eventually the knight home court clippers lost 94-113 losing streak, Irwin to vanish like soap bubbles XMAS DEALS NBA 2015-16 SEASON OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER #12 STEVEN ADAMS CHRISTMAS NAVY JERSEY Author: John