[NBA] gun 67 raptors and then destroy the knight wrench 2-2

The Toronto raptors in the home court and pulled one back. Lori continues to back the courage to get 35 points, five rebounds and five assists. Derozan has 32 points, in the team squandered most 18 point lead has them in the fourth quarter to come forward lvdui riposte to establish superiority, the Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals game 4 home to 105-99 beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Raptors will always score 2 flat, fifth game series will return to cleveland. Recommended reading: Raptors Lori got 35 points, 5 rebounds, five assists and three steals. Derozan get 32 points, Carol got 11 points and 3 rebounds, Patterson get 9 points and 5 rebounds, Bo billon get 5 points, 14 rebounds and three blocked shots GRATIS BEZORGING PUMA COMPLETE VECTANA SHOES BLACK/WHITE 1181 RHKYM Cavaliers LeBron’s 29 points, nine rebounds and six assists Irwin get 26 points and 6 assists, Frye get 12 points and six rebounds, Loew 14 voted 4 to get 10 points and 7 rebounds, Smith of 12 shots for 3 9 points, Thompson had two points and 9 rebounds. The Raptors in the home court darling, Carol scored 5 points, DeRozan had 4 points, they led the team to start 13-5. After the suspension of the Cavaliers improvement Irwin scored 5 points, Loew three points, who led the team shot 13-5 counter wave, first section there are 3 minutes and 25 seconds when the two teams tied at 20. Carol layup, the three points in Paterson, the Raptors at the end of the first section of 27-24 lead with 3 points. At the beginning of the second quarter after the Raptors outside maintain hand, Ross and Lori three pointers, the Raptors to 39-28 leading 11 points. LeBron to enhance personal attack, he scored 6 points, Lori favorably riposte 8. Derozan’s turnaround jumper, the first half of 4 minutes when the Raptors to 51-35 lead 16 points. LeBron James led the team recovered four points, Lori maintain feel even two goals, DeMar Derozan break points, the Raptors at the end of the first half to 57-41 lead 16 points. Raptors Lori’s half got 20 points, four rebounds and 3 assists, DeMar Derozan get 10 points and 3 assists; Cleveland’s LeBron James scored 16 points Irwin get 11 points and four assists. Derozan breakthrough jumper opened the third quarter, Irwin fire even in the 2 three pointers. Smith also pitched into the third, who led the team played 11-0 attack wave, knight team chase 52-59. Raptors favorably. Derozan even take 6 points, Lori also maintain attack of three consecutive singles success, in the third quarter and 3 minutes 55 seconds Raptors to 71-56 re leading 15 points. The Cavs had to request to suspend, their perimeter recovery during the suspension, LeBron, Loew and Smith the a third of the ball, 9-2 counterattack climax let them chase 65-73. Carol shot three points caused by foul Smith three penalties in, Irwin maintain hand scored two goals. At the end of the third quarter the Cavaliers to 78-69 leading 9 points. In section fourth, Frye scored 3 odd feel good, a three ball played back waves 11-3, Cleveland to 80-81. Joseph hook shot, Lebron two consecutive singles success, the Cavaliers lead to 84-83. After the game the more intense, both sides alternately up points, Cavaliers held a slim lead, Jefferson dunk, section 4 of 4 minutes and 50 seconds when the Cavaliers to a 96-94 lead. But after that Frye failed accurate, continuous missed three points, the Raptors, seize the opportunity to counterattack, DeMar Derozan even throw with penalty get 4 points, Carol and Lori are two free throws in, a round 6-0 attacks to allow the Raptors in the fourth quarter and 2 minutes 40 seconds to 100-96 leading 4 points. Dellavedova and fry were missed three points, Bi Yongbo get rebounds is foul, and is one of two free throws, Irwin stepped forward three points. Derozan abnormal positive since the vote from rob after attacking the basket score, the Raptors still leading 4 points. Bi Yongbo a critical moment play a role in the first capping Smith three pointers, then in Lori breakthrough jumper after scraping to important offensive rebounds, which gave another chance to the Raptors, Lori break points, the fourth quarter and 22.5 seconds Raptors to 105-99 lead. Smith and Irvine were missed three points, Bi Yongbo get rebounds and was fouled, he missed them both, but this does not affect the overall situation, the Cavaliers huitianfali 99-105 to defeat. Knight first team line-up: Irwin, Smith, LeBron, Lufkin, Thompson Raptors team starting lineup: Lori and DeMar Derozan, Andy Carroll, Luis Scola, Bi Yongbo Author: small willow


[NBA] Raptors Coach: Although G1 defeat but still have a chance

The Raptors today and Knights of the Eastern Conference finals G1 confrontation, although played a good start, but soon the Raptors was knight. After a big deficit, 84-115 lose. After the game, Lori praised the Knights guard Irwin performance. Today he scored 27 points and 5 assists, helping to establish the tone early Knight victory. “He now play amazing performance,” Lori said. The Raptors striker Carol pointed out that the Knights rest for a long time, this is a big plus. “The knight looked like a team that had rested for 9 days, and we were like a team that had just finished a series of games,” Carol said. The Raptors in the first round, the second round are and opponents hit the tiebreak, and knight of rounds are sweep cut, so the rest of the time is very long. When it comes to the G1 is surprising, the Raptors Patterson said indeed, because “didn’t expect to lose more than 30 points.” Today the Raptors spear Lori and DeMar Derozan did not get 1 free throws, although two people on the court playing time more than 30 minutes. DeRozan said they should have been more aggressive. “We must from began to hit this kind of point of view, to as usual to play our aggressive,” Derozan said. “I think today we have not been done this, until after the tournament section to play aggressive.” The Raptors coach Casey is still relatively optimistic, he said: “although the score to see the ball lose very embarrassed, but this is only a game just. This series is not over.” “I think the knight is a more active and more agile team today,” said Casey. In addition, Casey and the Cavaliers coach Lu also has many origins. In the previous two years, Casey was trying to hire Lou to join his teaching assistant team, but eventually Lu chose to go to the knight, joining Blatter’s assistant team NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE PRO “ASTEROID” FIRE/BLACK/TOUR YELLOW NEW RELEASE Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] dedicated! The end of Frye indefinite truce in January his parents are died

According to the December 13th report: “Cleveland honest newspaper” reported that the Cavaliers post player Channing Frye gave up an indefinite truce, in the absence of the two games to attend the funeral of his father and have to report back in advance. In the past less than one month’s time, his parents both died of an illness. Frye’s impressive professionalism. The Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue said: “this is very difficult for him. Any time you lose one of your parents will be very sad, and he suddenly lost their parents. This is really too difficult, and will have a great influence on him. We will always support him, and will be willing to give him any help.” In October, his mother died of cancer. He therefore missed the last two games went to deal with mother’s funeral. However, less than a month later, Frye’s father died during the Thanksgiving holiday. That Frye was a heavy blow. Frye on personal social media wrote: “this Thanksgiving Day, to thank the people around you. In this day, my father died, please take good care of your family.” The Cavs immediately issued an official statement to express condolences, and has made clear that Frye indefinitely truce will give him enough time to handle their own time. So far this season, Frye averaged for the Cavaliers averaged 10 KID’S NIKE DYNAMO FREE SHOES LIGHTNING BLUE/GRAY 003 LASTEST 4 points, 3.1 rebounds, Cleveland in addition to Lebron – James, Irwin and Kevin – Loew’s big three No. fourth scorer. Frye is important inside the Cavaliers during the rotation, Frye’s absence, the Cavs star Lebron – James even forced to the top center position. However, the 7 game Frye’s absence, the Cavaliers made 6 wins 1 of the negative record. Frye is the Cavaliers so far this season, the three pitcher stable, averaging three points and shooting as high as 48.1%, for personal occupation career high, but also the League second. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] library 26+10 0-1 home court negative thunder Warrior

Oklahoma City thunder team in the Western Conference finals won the opener and grab the home court advantage. Wesbrook had 27 points, 12 assists and six rebounds and 7 steals, Kevin Durant scored 26 points and 10 rebounds, they lead the team in the second half comeback reversal up to 14 points behind, the Golden State Warriors of the distal segment of the team and only 14 points, the thunder team in the Western Conference finals first battle guest 108-102 win. The thunder team to lead 1-0, they got the home court advantage, second game series will continue to stay in Oakland. Recommended reading: the review of the game: Thunder Westbrook’s 27 points, 12 assists and six rebounds and 7 steals and three turnovers and Kevin Durant scored 26 points, 10 rebounds and three steals and 5 times mistakes, Adams was 16 points, 12 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Ibaka has 11 points and 11 rebounds, Witters get 10 points and four assists, Kanter get eight points and six rebounds. The warriors of the library 22 9, one-third of the ball 14 shots in 6, get 26 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists, three steals and seven turnovers, Thompson had 25 points, nine rebounds and four assists, green scored 23 points, five rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Barnes was 12 points and 5 rebounds. Two teams after the opening is fierce, increase the turn of the score, 11 library three consecutive singles success, he leads the team to split out 9-2 small climax, the first section there are 3 minutes and 35 seconds warriors to a 20-13 lead. Kanter scored 4 points to close the gap, Isawa Li scored a breakthrough, the warriors 27-21 lead with 6 points at the end of the first section. Warriors backups are in force in the second quarter, Livingston and Andre Iguodala each 4 points, they played a small climax of 10-3, the braves the gap opened to 13 points. Thunder team suspended after Ibaka hits three points, they even after 8 points, but the warriors to respond quickly, Thompson scored 5 points, green layup, Section 2 of the 5 minutes when the warriors to 44-32 leading 12 points. Thunder team played very stubborn, Durant even throw with penalty get 4 points, he led the team played 10-0 small climax, 3 minutes and 10 seconds before halftime when the thunder team chase 42-46. At the party after a small lineup, the warriors set off another wave of offensive, Thompson hot hand hit two three ball, he even 8 points, curry also hit three, first half of 42.4 seconds warriors to 57-45 leading 12 points. Weiss in a scraping and Thompson hit together, but two people are not injured. Durant hit a jumper, Curitiba quasi buzzer three warriors, 60-47 a 13 point lead into halftime UNDEFEATED WINE RED CONVERSE HIGH TOPS ALL STAR CANVAS CLEAR RUBBER SOLES AUTHENTIC Thompson, the warriors of the half got 19 points and 5 rebounds, curry had 14 points, six rebounds and six assists, Barnes got 8 points; thunder’s Kevin Durant scored 13 points and four rebounds, Ibaka 11 points and six rebounds, Westbrook 1 of 8 shots, only three points, 8 assists and 4 times steals. The thunder in the third quarter after the start soon even after 5 minutes to narrow the gap, curry returned three points, the green breakthrough hit the jumper, the warriors to 66-52 leading 14 points. Westbrook has finally found the sight, he even take 8 points to lead the team to play 14-2 counterattack climax, midway through the third quarter when the thunder to chase 66-68. Warriors calmly face, Thompson hit two jumpers, curry and third, they help the team quickly took advantage of pull to 10 points. Wesbrook remain aggressive, with a penalty of 7 points, thunder team and the score to recover nearly. Green penalty in the two ball, Wesbrook and Adams each scored 4 points, they led the team to the end of the third quarter 12-5 counterattack, thunder team to 85-88 behind 3 points. Durant hit three points to open the fourth quarter, Witters even get 5 points, the thunder team 8-1 small climax to start the fourth quarter, they 93-89 counter Ultra. The Green’s layup, Kanter, Russell Westbrook and Adams each two points, a round 6-0 spurt let the thunder in the fourth quarter and 4 minutes 40 seconds to 101-93 lead. Curitiba corner hit three points, Green scored a breakthrough, the warriors to narrow the gap to 3 points. The thunder team suspended after two less 3 consecutive attack, Barnes turned and hit the jumper, only 1 points behind the two teams. Adams led to a breakthrough Green foul, two free throws, the fourth quarter and 1 minutes when the thunder team to 103-100 lead. Thompson break layup in, Durant got a rebound, he singles Andre Iguodala jumper, the fourth quarter and 30.7 seconds when the thunder to 105-100 lead. Iguodala Wesbrook scored a breakthrough, a dribble walking suspicion, but the referee whistled, the thunder stopped short request. At this time the warriors can only take foul tactics, Wesbrook two penalty one, they are still leading 4 points. Curry right rush to vote three points not, Wesbrook rebounded by two fouls, free throws, the thunder team to lead 108-102. The top three is still not base inside, the warriors lost, they last only 14 points. Thunder first team line-up: Westbrook, Bryan Robson, Durant, Ibaka, Adams Warriors team starting lineup: curry, Thompson, John Barnes, green, Bogert Author: Xiao Liu

[NBA\] Green: 73 wins and won the championship is a different mission

“Today America” news, this season, warriors created the unprecedented 73 wins, but for green, the number now no meaning. “It’s not important right now.” Green said, 73 wins is 73 wins. It doesn’t have anything to do with chasing the championship. The pursuit of the championship is a completely different mission NEW BALANCE 996 WOMEN WHITE PINK RED TOP DEALS ” “I have said before, when we open this season, 73 wins is not our goal, we are not holding to 73 wins and play this season. We are not saying ‘Oh, my God, if we can not win the championship, then the 73 wins? We have enough pressure to fight for the championship.” Warriors took 73 wins, but if the final did not win, then the 73 wins is equal to lose half of the significance. Warriors of the regular season performance is very good, it should not be denied, but there is a total of 73 wins in the season is the real success, and this is the pressure of their own warriors. In addition, last season’s finals, warriors beat the Cavaliers, Knight array without Irwin, Loew, this time, the knight tidy line-up, so warriors and this one thing to prove, namely again beat again complete Centaur knight. But people may not have thought of, the warrior is not the same season the fledgling, in one fell swoop beat various opponents to win the champion, as 73 wins that, like them in the Western Conference finals reversal of the performance, they than last season better. Curry, Thompson, Green, they were all better than last season, clever and complete. “We have to understand the mentality of the other teams to play at our home and we have to be aware of what we are going to do when we play at home.” Iguodala said, they will come up with the best of the state and efforts to fight us. And we have to stay focused and go all out for every game. Because we are the targets of others. I think we made a great adjustment in this respect, and we took a hit, and made a response.” Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] third overall draft night was booed! Anji: Nash was not to be optimistic to the point of time

Draft rally in yesterday’s draft, when the Celtics 3rd choice to sign the jaren – brown when, in the Boston Garden Arena also appeared on the boos, this Celtics president Danny Ainge said he didn’t care. “I will enjoy it, which, if I like the city of Boston as,” Ainge in U.S. local time on Friday said. “Fans will be very happy when you play a game that is not safe, and when you’re out of the three, fans are going to be there, and that’s normal. What makes me happy is the passion of the Boston fans.” “Of course, the only thing I don’t like reflect this looks like to Jorunn (Ross), in fact, boo was directed at me, it seems to be saying, ‘we don’t like your choice’, which for me is no problem, but the only thing I want to say is, please give (brown) a chance AUTHENTIC PD996369YT PANDORA HEART-SHAPED THREAD CHARM Let us wait for a year, then hush, please don’t make it hissed in his name just announced.” Anji also pointed out that the reaction of the fans should never is the evaluation of the most important indicators of a player, Anji with Steve Nash and Marion, for example, the two in the Suns play outstanding player on draft night had heard jeers. After the draft, Anji is already put his attention all concentrated in the upcoming free agents on the market, “I think everyone will look forward to the emergence as big of a deal,” Ainge said. “We’ve been trying to do some business, but some of the work is really hard, and we don’t have to do it doesn’t mean we didn’t try it, just as many years ago I tried to sign Durant Kevin.” “We’re not afraid to do business,” said Anji. “If you know the Celtics, you should know that we are not afraid to trade, we just don’t want to make a mistake. This is a great responsibility, I this very seriously, we will continue to work hard, strive to make some big deal, hope fans will send cheers, rather than hiss. ” Author: Zhao Buchuan

[NBA] Nowitzki comeback pace sharp 17 first half points total appearances with Kobe

December 24th: the NBA regular season continues, the Mavericks away against the clippers, the Mavericks ace Nowitzki injury, at half time he scored 17 points. The last time Nowitzki played or played 26 Cavaliers last month. Then his Achilles tendon pain continues to miss again. Taking into account the Mavericks record poor, simply let Dirk little injury big raise. Coach Carlile said the original Dirk has been able to play, but in order to health considerations, or let the full recovery after the continued appearance of Dirk. And Dirk himself is very cautious, before the last game to participate in training but decided not to fight. This is finally back. Dirk today as the starting center position, counterpoint small Jordan. The Mavericks apparently also specifically made for Dirk to play center layout, make full use of space, he had a jumper with high arc, crisp sound hollow net. Dirk soon rest, but after coming back feel still stable SUPER DEALS WOMEN’S PUMA FUR 889 BLACK/PURPLE In small Jordan after the end, Dirk fully demonstrated his inside: low step with Spec, underhand layup, but he grabbed two consecutive front plate or buzhong. After he and Williams played in the classic roll, Dirk Shun, easy to put the ball in the. In the second quarter period of stalemate, the Mavericks offense completely no way. This time back to the familiar position and familiar with the game, Dirk in three from out of pocket stable shot, immediately hit! A turn, is also positive around it, Dirk fine hand type, again high Fort shot, still hit. Then the line step jump shot and scored 8 points in 2 minutes. Dirk played 15 minutes in the first half of the 12 throws in the 7, the ball scored two points in 3 points to get 17 points and 4 rebounds in three. He didn’t play because he protected the second half. But 17 points is not only the highest in the first half, but also the team’s high score of second. The number of appearances came to the field of Dirk 1346, equalling Kobe ranked eleventh all-time. The Mavericks also by Barnes winner won the game. This may be the Mavericks fans and management most expect results. Dirk health efficient, teammates help win. Dirk’s mission is coming to an end, and it’s time for young people. Author: Li more

[NBA] adjustment by 0 thunder god! Paratelum error comeback

Western Conference finals first started, before the warriors against the Oklahoma City Thunder G1 as fans had expected that the entire game play intense, firelight scattered. The unexpected is the final thunder comeback with a 108-102 win over the warriors. In fact, thunder team the game didn’t start well, but the main reason why comeback, in addition to the double less in the final stage to withstand outside, they in the first section of the six turnovers, effective control of errors is also very important. The opening game dimension less in Durant after pick and roll with the ball is curry prior judgment to the, almost, where the ball is broken, then a breakthrough in Durant ball again is curry suit cut. And that’s only the beginning. Next, Victoria less did not face too much defensive pressure of a strong direct spread to the basket, but received the ball, but Andrew Bogut. Since then, the 1 time Durant Iguodala’s ball was copied from the posterior, behind the ball. In the first section, Durant has 3 mistakes, and the maintenance of the 2 is the time, another mistake from the center Kanter. Point of attack too little. It is easy to defense warriors were very targeted, and failure of the thunder as mentioned above that have occurred mainly in the two, thunder team relies too much on double less. A scene in the beginning of the second quarter is an excellent proof of this situation. Then dimensional less backcourt steals, and the body loses balance the ball to pull the Ibaka hands, and when the dimension less stumbled ran to the front, Ibaka turned out to be the first time and the ball back to the dimension less, when Victoria less half a sideline of the body is still outside. Although efforts to adjust, but the dimension is still not able to successfully catch the ball, hard to spell out the opportunity to lose so much wasted, but also to remember the dimension of a mistake. Actually Ibaka in after the ball, before the body no civil air defense, he can walk two steps forward, wait a dimension less, but for other players of the thunder, which has almost become the a neural reflex: get after the ball, for the first time dimension less, is no longer to Durant. Obviously, the control of the fault is the key to win this game, the thunder is the biggest one to win the stone! And from the point of view of the trend of the game, just with them against the San Antonio Spurs the whole series, similar, although opening on a big deficit, but the adjustment for their timely in the second quarter was finally able to very good control of the turnovers for the team, ending to the audience, they only made a mistake 11 times. That is to say, after the first section 6 mistakes, after the three quarter thunder a total of only 5 mistakes. , most people think of is, key nonessentials, thunder played extremely reasonable, no turnovers, throughout the second half they only in the third quarter by Durant error column at a time, totally did not give the warriors leave much comeback opportunities NIKE ZOOM CLEAR OUT “USA AWAY” AUTHENTIC The warriors side, the number of errors but reached 11 times, this is the rise, thunder can eventually win the game will not make people feel surprised. Author: Zhao Buchuan

[NBA] Knight: veteran body pain is not what can not get the championship’s pain

The Cleveland Cavaliers veteran Richard Jefferson is splendid in the finals for the third game, he is the game really is fight the best. Jefferson said that although his body is very sore, but if you do not get the championship, his heart will be more pain. The Cavaliers forward Kevin Loew in G2 is an elbow to the back of the head and the emergence of the concussion symptoms, which he had missed the third war game. Coach tyronn Lue decided to let G2 play well Jefferson Loew’s place. Eventually the veteran played a total of 33 minutes, game with the 9 points, eight rebounds and 2 assists and 2 steals, brilliantly to finish the task in the competition. This game, physical problems for the upcoming 36 year old veteran is a big challenge. We could see that he was a little bit tired in the first pause. Jefferson said: “it was a time when my body was aching and I felt I had used up all my strength. So, I can only sit on the bench, because I need to save a little bit of energy. Although only a short pause time, but I still want to sit to maintain their own energy.” Yesterday, the opening of the game, Jefferson at both ends of the offensive and defensive very aggressive. He grabbed a rebound, created Drummond – Green foul, cast in a third of the ball, lit the Cavaliers home fans of the vehemence of the, it set the tone for the game. It is worth mentioning that, because Jefferson had two seasons are playing for the warriors. However, after the warriors in order to free salary space to contract Iguodala, and finally chose to send Jefferson. Jefferson in the effectiveness of the warriors, who guided the green and Harrison Barnes these young people, at the same time, he also by Stephen curry and clay Thompson’s favorite. Jefferson has played 1204 games (including the regular season and the playoffs) in his career, playing for 36079 minutes. However, this season the veteran in the conventional field are only appearances in 17.9 minutes, but recent two games field Jefferson to 29.5 minutes on the phone, which for him is a big challenge. Jefferson said: “it is not difficult for me to play 10 minutes a few minutes. People also think that he looks good. But when I was young, I was able to play 30 or 40 minutes MEN PUMA DRIFT CAT II SHOES RED WHITE AUTHENTIC So when they say to me, hey, we need you to play more than 30 minutes. I will say, OK, I will do everything I can. But it’s really hard to do that.” Jefferson said: “but when I finished the task, and I will have a sense of satisfaction. I think it is my ultimate goal to pursue the championship. If I am not able to win the championship in the end, it will hurt me more. Because you were so close to your goal.” From this point of view, the physical pain, even if nothing. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] Allen retired is still “devil bun” U.S. media: play 30 minutes no problem

Reported on February 23rd: although has retired for a while, but the legendary striker Allen NBA – ray still maintain excellent sports figure. The day before, he was drying out one’s own topless photos, let the fans exclaimed strong muscle. The picture, Allen shows his physique, eight pack definitely not inferior any active player in the NBA. On the right side, he put together a photo showing the number of the scales: 195.4 pounds. For Allen’s body, the U.S. media also issued a sigh: Ray – Allen this state looks like tonight to play 30 minutes.” Fans also have to point praise, fans have contacted were trading pelicans, said recently: “the need of a pitcher, especially the best pitcher in a history.” Obviously, many fans still want Allen to return to NBA arena, continue to dedicate three shots exciting. But I am afraid it is unlikely, in November last year, Allen announced his retirement through the network’s decision to end his career in the 18 quarter of NBA NIKELAB AIR FLIGHT 89 BLACK/WHITE-BLACK MENS BASKETBALL SHOES AUTHENTIC WSKTHJ In fact, from the end of the 2013-14 season, Allen has been out of NBA, but has not officially announced retirement. In the meantime, many NBA teams have also had invited him back again, including Miami, knight team, but Allen did not agree. Until now, ray Allen remained in NBA history up to the number of hits the three ball record. Author: Qiao Tete