[NBA]: the thunder coach Green pipe union

Beijing time on May 23rd, the thunder in the home court 133-105 victory over the warriors, made the series 2-1 series lead. Adu scored 33 points, Weiss scored 31 points, thunder in the third quarter ended on 37 points ahead of the opponent, the game into the garbage time. After the game, Weiss in an interview with TNT, said: we are to increase physical confrontation, the use of our advantage. We are working very hard, and I as a ball, but also to create opportunities for their teammates. And I have to stay aggressive at the end of the attack, they NBA the best team, so the next game we have to maintain this spirit and sense of urgency.” Coach Donovan also praised the team play, he said: “we both in attack and defence are outstanding, everyone to participate in a high degree, also played very hard, full of energy to scraping the rebounding and defense, which is a much better.” In the game, Adams and Green, also known as the focus of the conflict, Green kick Adams lower body, was blown malicious foul, Donovan also hope that the coalition can pay more attention to this issue. “Two games appeared two times this kind of situation, the alliance should intervene. I don’t know whether he did it on purpose, but the problem does occur in two games.” Donovan also said: “(Adams) is a tough guy, he can endure severe pain.” Be kicked Adams said, this is not to say so easily, he told reporters broke the news, after being kicked, he was hurt to cry, even got up to find Green do not have the strength of the argument. “It happened before, and he could kick it.” He has not forgotten a joke. But for the coalition should ban Green, he said: “this is not me.” Author: Kewell


[NBA] empty joy! Adams continued life dunk overtime OT bathing thunder fans depressed

The thunder today home court against the Hawks, the process is more intense, the two sides still win in the last seconds close, although Adams finished two offensive dunks, but unfortunately, the game has arrived. The last 2.9 seconds, the thunder 108-110 behind, but they have the ball, and so there is still a chance in front of serve AIR JORDANS 5 RETRO “EASTER” METALLIC BLUE-YELLOW/PINE GREEN FOR SALE Scored a two ball can get the opportunity to play in overtime, of course, if the ball hit a record 3 points, then the game can end. The last moment, chance or to the thunder boss Wesbrook, take the ball on the left outside him, teammates did some cover for him, but the defender is still stared at Wesbrook, Wesbrook chose to be a hero, he shot 3 points, want to get a winning ball, but actually threw a three james. The game has not ended, the basket into chaos, and the thunder players players are in the ball, Adams eventually won the ball, directly under the basket a dunks score! There is thunder players happily punching roars on the field at this time, thought to play extra time, part of the thunder fans cheering, because the game is not over. But the referee didn’t what reaction, soon the scene screen also played a final word, the score is 108-110, the thunder lost. Originally, it is clear that, when Adams grabbed the ball, the game time has gone, so it is clear that his violent deduction is not count. So the thunder have no hope of getting overtime, the game would end this way. The referee doesn’t even have too much replays to make sure that the ball doesn’t really matter. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA]2-2 is not enough to capture the Dragon Knight home court!

Reported on May 25: ESPN news, in the Eastern Conference finals, tor has two game winning streak are in their home. And now, they want to continue to win on the road NK AIR MAX THEA PRINT LEOPARD SHOES MEN/WOMEN FOR FALL This series of G1, G2, Toronto in Cleveland lost a total of 50 points. “Has won 2 games at home whether to give us the confidence? Really is.” The Raptors coach Casey said, “but I have to say, Clif returned to the hinterlands, and is not the same challenge. It’s the same for each series, and it’s a bit difficult when you get to the other side of the team. Of course, now we do have a better rhythm, more confidence to deal with the opponent.” According to history shows that in the 4 series of 7 wins in the series, playing a 2-2 flat, the team won the G5 has a 82% chance to win the entire series. “I hope we can find a solution.” Casey said, lineup rotation, personnel arrangements, to prevent them from making a high tide.” Since the second round of the G4 beat the heat only 9 points, DeMar Derozan has been picked up, he injured his right thumb they receive treatment for, then, DeMar Derozan averaged 27 points, shooting rate of 48.1%, free throws rate was 90.9%. “He’s in a good rhythm, and he’s able to throw the ball into the ball.” Casey said, “it’s nice to see this. We want to continue to maintain, continue to open space, let the ball to move up, continue to cover for him, creating the space of the mobile phone will be.” “We have been fighting against the cliff.” DeRozan said, “we don’t care what people look at the outside. Every day is a challenge for us. We have been ignored, not optimistic, we like the challenge.” Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] is a big fan of the sidelines who let down Aguirre? 5 + 1 Curitiba key winning pass

December 24th: the warriors today continue to play, the opponent is the piston, they encountered no small challenge, Curitiba, feel good today, over 25 points, 3 rebounds and 8 assists, the key moment frequently important play, the ultimate warrior win 119-113. Christmas is coming, but all the warriors curry and did not pay in advance the knight, but continue to focus on immediate rivals NIKE KOBE 11 ELITE LOW “TINKER HATFIELD” MENS BASKETBALL SHOES SUPER DEALS Today the state library is very good, in the attack end all active, of course, an organization he chose the team scoring, opportunities are created for you. An opening in the library, a quick counterattack on the emergency stop ball, the ball will be handed over to the other side exactly outside of Thompson, he can easily hit 3 points. After the library also continues to maintain this pace, then pass assists Pachulia layup, Durant outwire score, even Mcgee sent an air ball relay, the warriors almost everyone got Curitiba assists. Of course, the library scoring ability can not be ignored, as long as the defender accidentally, Curitiba will use between the least bit opportunity, high difficulty score. For example, the first section of the last 1 minutes, Curitiba split shot, soared in 3 minutes. And then he is trying again, forcing the pistons to defend players foul, 3 penalty all! In the face of the defense, if the library to do a breakthrough, his action is full of art, in 1 of 1 cases, all his steps to the extreme, including about stretching slide, even jump up like cheating opponents such as dancing, very good to hear or see. With the game further, the score staggered, toss, curry in the stalemate outside and in 3 minutes, the scene can also hear some cheers. Then, he had 3 points again, but the referee blew the warriors other players foul, so this ball is not. The last 3 minutes and 50 seconds, when the piston back overtime, curry stood up, facing double defense, his strong layup throwing the ball, the ball is very difficult. Then, curry and grabbed a long rebound, then the outside soared in 3 minutes! This series also have on the sidelines of the Detroit coach van at the team’s defensive hopping. The last 22 seconds, the ball will be assigned to the Thompson library, successfully helped him hit 3 key points. Finally, the warriors win this victory. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] iron gate rise forget the pain of Mr Varin Toronto

By Rob war seven out of the heat, the Raptors this into the Eastern Conference finals, but Toronto who also faces a no small difficulty, team in the main center Waland Nath because of an ankle injury, still unable to go to battle. Nevertheless, to replace the Waland Nath served as the main billon Bo shouldered the team inside the task, he said with confidence and knight against. According to the latest Raptors coach Casey said, Waland Nath still unable to return soon, the team’s starting center in walking still limping. Because of an ankle injury, Waland Nath and Miami series G3 quit after the game has been sidelined. “He walked still some limping, but every day he uninterrupted during treatment, so we see the situation to be.” The Raptors coach Casey says. Toronto in the Eastern Conference finals ushered in the challenge of rival knights, each other in the paint with Tristan Thompson, Mo Gefu, Titans, worth mentioning is, Thompson in the playoffs assume the more responsibility for the inside, although for some time in the regular season, mozgov is knight’s main center. Despite the lack of a Waland Nath to help out, but lucky is the Raptors also has another inside Reggie Bi Yongbo, he in a recent match performance out a very good state. In with the heat in the tiebreak, Bo billon played 41 minutes, eight shot hit six goals, and ultimately produce a 17 points and 16 rebounds and 2 blocks transcripts become Raptors win a major contributor. In the style of play, Bo billon and Thompson belong to the sort of good players for a rebound, they pitted on the inside, is bound to spark. For the upcoming Cavaliers, billom Bo said already looking forward to it. Thompson is Thompson, I am me, we are all on the scene to find the fun of the game.” Billom Bo said, “I will not take myself and anyone to compare, I am I. I respect every player, respect their personal ability and performance 2016 NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE “GALAXY” OBSIDIAN/ANTHRACITE-BLACK HOT ” In the team and Eagle series, the knight on the perimeter crazy one-third of the rain, and Toronto is the season perimeter defense alliance second bad, this Bi Yongbo has said that will not take care of the opponent, they just want to do their own. “We have enough players to finish their work, so I’m not going to care about the things that are going on.” Billon Bo said, “we just want to make their own style of game, to complete their work, if we can well enough. I can’t find they can’t be defeated the reason.” Author: Mu Zili

[NBA] tragedy! Magic of the new aid does not match the first surgery is currently no comeback schedule

U.S. local time on Tuesday, magic team announced they just from trading for piston shooting guard Jodie Meeks accepted foot surgery, to further consolidate the right foot of the fifth metatarsal. After surgery, there is no specific timetable for his return, when he will be able to resume basketball activities will depend on his recovery process. Last season, Mick has only played 3 games for the pistons, in October 28th in the game against the Utah jazz, he injured his foot, since the season for reimbursement. After the end of the season, the magic team reached a deal with the pistons, the magic with a future two round pick in exchange for Meeks, but not to think that the season has not yet started his experience of surgery. Meeks, 28, he in the 2009 NBA draft in the 41st along selected, career in addition to live beyond the frontier he also played for bucks, 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Meeks’s career has been one of the most highlights of the season in the 2013-14 season, when he played for the Lakers. That season, he played for the Lakers in 77 regular season games, including 70 or even starting appearances, the presence of 33 ADIDAS TUBULAR NOVA ‘TRIPLE RED’ SHOES COLOR RED/RED/CORE BLACK(S74819) CHEAP TO BUY 2 minutes of playing time, he can contribute 15.7 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists. It was also because of the excellent performance of the Lakers in the summer, so that in the summer of 2014, he was able to sign a contract with the pistons for a period of three years, with a total value of $1950. 2015-16 season, Meeks’s annual salary of $630, while he was in the next season’s annual salary of $650. Seven years in the NBA, Meeks, played a total of over 418 games of the regular season (which 194 games to identity play), presence is averaging 24.3 minutes of playing time, he can surrender 9.9 points and 2.2 rebounds and 1.1 assists transcripts and career so far. In total, he hit the 639 three pointers. Author: Zhao Buchuan

[NBA] dimension less don’t laugh on the defensive line you don’t curry

Yesterday, after the end of the Western Conference finals G5, thunder guard Russell Westbrook laugh at warriors curry players defensive detonated the social media, press conference videos and photos to be crazy forwarding. Today, the mainstream media also began to seriously discuss this problem: Curry’s defensive laugh live really bad to Jean Westbrook control?? The physical condition of the library in the NBA and not the top, although height, 6 feet 3 in the control of Wei is not short, core strength is also very strong, agile speed and no problem, but curry in the explosive force is not good. And importantly, warriors have Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Livingston such defensive guards, so curry defensive assignments quite often change to Robertson, Witters. In the post match press conference yesterday, a reporter began to ask Durant Curry’s defensive ability is not undervalued? ” Durant answered, “he can tackle, steals, of course, also be regarded as a defensive the, but we like him to prevent Westbrook that matchup.” Wesbrook is directly beside the laughing, and Durant was in the process of talking and laughing. “Sports Illustrated” said that this is not the Durant first sarcasm curry, last week, he hinted that the library is not necessary in G2 because save a ball and jump approach the edge of the crowd, but a player do looks really is so return a responsibility, seems to give people a good impression. So, Wesbrook really should laugh? Durant really should be so disdainful of curry’s defense? I’m afraid not. According to ESPN data show that, in this series, when the library mainly guarding Westbrook, Westbrook campaign a total of only 25 8, and appeared in a total of seven turnovers. Yesterday’s game, Curitiba, sent a total of 5 steals, including the last moment broken Durant’s key goals. From the defense data, Kuliben season is even stronger than the defense of Wesbrook. Data on the value of the ESPN defensive real plus, curry is + 0.96, ranking sixth in all guards, Westbrook is + 0.75, ranked seventh. At the same time, Curitiba defensive efficiency was 98.3, 102.2 of Beavis Brooke’s nearly 4 points better. Since entering the NBA, curry each season’s defensive performance are basically an upward, from the first season to the present, his progress is quite large. Especially in the last two seasons, he has a very good defensive efficiency. Last season reached 97.2, while the champion’s defense is also ranked first in the league. This season is the 98 SUPER DEALS WOMEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 2015 3 warriors defense Curitiba, ranked fourth in the league. “Sports Illustrated” said, why thunder two less defensive for curry scoff at such, reflection is actually an attitude of thunder defending champion warriors, and they are not afraid of warriors, they are not necessarily the warriors in the eyes, they are very confident and can defeat the defending champion. It’s like the 2011 NBA Finals, Lebron and Wade Nowitzki, who had a cough and laughed at him for his illness. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] this is the general summary? Every difference in double play 6 games called hanging match.

NBA finals have been carried out six games AIR JORDANS 8 RETRO “PLAYOFFS” BLACK/TRUE RED-WHITE FREE SHIPPING From the point of view of the great score and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1-3 behind the facing despair even win two achieve counterattack, total score pursues a 3-3 draw, can be called is ups and downs. However, specific to each game, this session of the finals is really not so nervous. Before the six war, the difference between the two sides of each game to the two digit, in the NBA finals of the implementation of the four seven wins system, the emergence of such a situation, or is still the first time. The first battle of the finals, the Cleveland team away challenge Jinzhou warriors. Cleveland siqia Klein – Thompson and Stephen – curitiba. However, in the “splash brothers” misalignment (total 27 8), Andre Iguodala, Livingston and Barbosa the three substitute veteran sudden appearance of a new force, force cut 43 points, kill the suspense in the game. This war, the warriors to a 104-89 victory. Green Drummond scored 7 points and 28 rebounds and 5 assists in the Second World War. The warriors armed Yongming, in the home court to 110-77 suspended the Cavaliers 33 points. The finals in front of the two war, the warriors beat the Cavaliers 48 points, creating the finals history. Third of the war, back to the home court in Cleveland’s first quarter by 17 points over the warriors. Besides second, the remaining three Festival by the Cavaliers Warriors over 10 points. The final knights at home to 120-90 big break the warriors. 4, is the most like a round of the series finals of the war. The first section, the two teams drew 29-28, almost evenly divided. Second, third, the difference between the two sides are in the single digit. The fourth section of the game, 9 warriors single player, taking 108-97 away victory. Kuliben field into 7 three points, down 38 points, a battle for the best play series. However, Green and Lebron also for conflict game trend changes foreshadowed. Fifth before the war, Green announced an additional malicious foul, which suspended. Despite the lack of Green, but the warriors in the first half rely on God three points and the Cavaliers a long. However, the second half of the warriors three magic no longer, boggarts injury hanging drama staged again. Finally, Lebron and Irwin together to cut 82 points, the Cavaliers to a 112-97 victory over the warriors. Sixth of the war, back to the home court Knight obviously stronger desire to win. The first section of the game they win by 20 points to 31-11. The warriors after struggling to chase points, although once the points gap down to single digits, but finally or not can create a miracle, the defeat to 101-115. Finals have been played six games, we, as fans, really have no experience that a last-minute goal set of winning or losing excitement, also did not realize that overtime and overtime of satisfaction, it is regrettable. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] not to report? Morley: there are ten thousand ways to Mo Tai hunbuxiaqu

The NetEase: contributing author Wang Huanchen of the new season has finished 1/4, donatas Mo Tai Jonas is still not able to wear a NBA shirt. The storm has become a farce signing the second chapter: after that, the nets out of the contract in Houston, Mo Tai did not attend the Rockets examination, his agent BJ- Armstrong made it clear that “we will not go to report.” The media broke the reason is 6 million divisions, and the nets Mo Tai signed 4 years in 37 million, the Rockets match, but because the terms are not universal, therefore, only 31 million. (in fact, initial reports are still biased: Mo Tai nets to the original contract is 4 years, but the segment protection: contract signed only 5 million security; in January 10, 2017 before the team to decide whether to carry out the remaining 3 million 500 thousand; before March 1st to decide whether to carry out the 2017-18 season of the 9 million options, and the remaining two are no guarantee. In addition, Mo Tai’s contract every year 1 million “easy to realize the bonus” (should be included in the salary cap) and 500 thousand “not easy to realize the bonus” (not included in the salary cap), a total of 6 million. That is to say, in fact, not all options contract to meet the Taihe nets (Health kick before two time nodes, complete all bonuses to meet the conditions), fully prepared to only 4 years 37 million. Taking into account the “hard to achieve bonuses,” most players difficult to complete, then the Rockets choose to match the amount should be less than 1 million per year, easy to achieve bonus, the difference should be 4 million, rather than 6 million. But Mo Tai not rocket report is obvious: the contract is not an excuse to fall or understanding ONLINE NIKE KYRIE 1 GRADE SCHOOL SHOES RED GREEN XBJPNRM After all, in the Rockets played for 4 years but did not feel a sense of belonging, a word is money, Mo Thai camp felt that the rockets on their own is not authentic. Not to mention the last season almost to be traded, before the start of the season, the Rockets have not come to renew the sincerity, but with limited Thailand identity with Mo, exchanges between the two sides only later reported that the contract for differences between the two sides did not: Mo Tai hopes a 2 year 15 million of the full protection of the contract, and the Rockets only willing to give 1 years of 7 million, and no leeway. It’s not rocket or Morey did: rookie season played quite well – Carle Landry and the Rockets renewal is not tanlong, but as a restricted free agent, but he is the reason the Rockets will No one shows any interest in, when he picks the injury increase pass out, so many teams prohibitive. Finally in September 24, 2008 only the Bobcats gave a 3 year 9 million rocket, less than a day, choose. But after Landry only played in one year and three months, he was as high quality chips, help the Rockets dispose of McGrady’s contract. But now the problem is to renew the Mo Thai version of Landry events, on the one hand Morey dragged continued dating affect Mo Tai value, on the other hand, the rocket No. four spare tire such as Mo Tai and it even if bamboo shoots after a spring rain, rocket short about continued, the future development prospects are also being squeezed, more is not conducive to the long-term development of players. So Mo Tai and his team are now desperate and do not intend to stay in the rocket. The question now is, because the rocket out of the contract offer to him, Mo Tai became a restricted free agent, according to Mo Tai team to understand, if you do not come back, but he is not the Rockets, can only choose to give up, let him join the nets. But in the collective bargaining agreement in understanding, in the league do not Morey second people think, immediately on the move, Morey loopholes with Mo Lei Dou, Mo Tai fraught with grim possibilities. According to the original contract, the understanding of the masses, once the match, the Rockets keep people Mo Tai will get a big contract, but because of the details of the contract nets the more cautious, only 5 million of the whole contract protection, so the rocket comeback is not actually matching cost, but the bonus part is cut Morey, Mo Tai in Houston it may be difficult to obtain. As a result, this motel is facing the initiative completely in the hands of the next rocket rocket: there are a few options, but all for personal disadvantages: 1 mo Tai Mo Tai to examination, the rocket may also continue to wait, because once announced, Mo Tai is not only the Rockets (he did not receive a penny of wages). This contract period not with any mo Thai team signed, including non NBA team; it is also the 2 most astute: Rocket reflected Morey can also announced the withdrawal, the statement, such nets and his contract will fail. And Mo Tai within a year not to sign. If within one year of Mo Tai not signed with the Rockets, did not get the contract invitation from the other team, he will be in a year without the ball in play is still under rocket restricted free agent (as long as the rocket summer of 2017 again bid contract), the Rockets still have the right to match any offer of his NBA. But at this point, Mo Tai can return to Europe to play. This situation generally, had the best result is reached one year contract offer, according to the priority of the contract for 4 million 400 thousand Mo Tai, the two sides after a year break up, Mo Tai can become a free agent before Nicks David Lee, Ben Gordon and bull Monroe are talking about the collapse of the piston after the selection of offer to stay one year, and then they all turned to a new club, but also on this year’s data got a good contract. However, with Mo Tai with the nets signed invitation contract, it means that in the rocket before the revocation broke this possibility. And according to the above two selection can be seen, no matter how to choose, Mo Tai nets hope has been shattered. The Rockets so embarrassed, on the one hand, to the motel manager Armstrong run, on the other hand, does not rule out Shundaizhao about bullying nets: the summer of 2010 to offer Scola 5 years to dig the nets 55 million, then select “get left behind,” Scola signed a 5 year contract and 47 million rockets, but this is much more than a rocket finally Scola also expected, because the contract is too large by amnesty, until finally the summer wear layup pursuit of Howard rockets Jersey Nets; nets is also the main competitors. Master Jeremy Lin and now the nets that year and was not very happy at the rocket, the rocket in the circumstances, in a sign of Mo Tai Hom, no ground for blame. When the motel and rockets signed a rookie contract, or invite the contract and sign the nets, will follow the NBA agreement. The labor and Capital Accord is the most important rule in the business alliance, and all the benefits are closely related. The signing should follow the provisions, then the Rockets can also work here, everything under control. But in terms of labor agreement, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has always been the “strongest inventor”, he can often find one’s own benefit can make “loopholes” in terms of between the lines, and then use them. Different from other countries of the Convention, the labor agreement of NBA belongs to the “no provisions are considered not to be”, so too many “Morey terms” came into being, create new styles also played for other teams to headache can only be carried away. The most typical example is the “poison contract”: the original in order to let the mother team easy to leave the second round or undrafted, union designated so-called “Arenas terms”, that is the second round of the new contract or show low starting salary for second years and not more than third years since the middle, but can have large amplitude jump up reach the top salary. So Moely the opposite, in succession to Jeremy Lin and Asik opened two “poison contract”, trapped in a huge pressure to pay Nicks and the Bulls only reluctantly let go, two free players easily poached by the rockets. The Rockets have enough cap space, they can be equal to the annual salary of three years, but still pay in accordance with the original contract. So the Rockets for two years and they run out of cheap, off, the Lakers and the pelican bear last year 15 million salary, one out of the first round, did not lose much. Now the “poison contract” has been widely accepted as the rest of the league, even according to the terms of the team can also to their two round or fall out of the draft contract: the Lakers this summer poison Clarkson, Dallas and Powell, the nets two consecutive out – Johnson Taylor invited the contract (4 years, 50 million, Miami) and Clubb (4 years, 75 million, has been a pioneer) can be summarized as such. The original sequence of protection is to protect the right of a party to send the draft poached high picks, but still not in the opposite direction: in the summer of 2012 the Rockets sent Lori to the Raptors, get the first round sign not only before the three protection, but also set the 15-30 priority protection, the mean fire arrow must be a lottery. Although Lori said after the growth far exceeded the rocket is expected, but the Rockets in the deal to get picks (selected Steven Adams) as part of a transaction in exchange for later harden from thunder, but do not lose money. Papa Nicola U also tried to Morey contract: the original agreement 2 years mechanical change into 4 million 800 thousand 5 million and 4 million 700 thousand 2 year contract, but second years is no guarantee. This contract is signed by the subsequent transactions, can let the home directly cut off to reduce expenses. Although Papa Nicola U was in Houston, but also his big contract to help the Rockets trim the deal, got Lawson. So want to Morey who account for cheap, unless opened completely up can not afford the price rocket. For example, Cuban gave Parsons 3 years Max 46 million, but in the end will only end up losers, only players are the winners. Now Molei Chengzhu in the chest, he just said on Twitter and micro-blog synchronization, the Rockets will solve this problem in a few days. According to the regulations, the bonus part can be re written contracts through consultation, but Mo Tai must come back, agent Armstrong came to the soft, both sides have to negotiate. So in the end this farce is a game, the Rockets are not anxious for a motel to return, but only by Mo Tai to play rocket license. Can only say that there is no diamond do not embrace porcelain live, have an important role and don’t try to challenge the rules, otherwise, there is a way to let you Moely hunbuxiaqu in NBA. Author: Ledo

[NBA\] Green: 73 wins and won the championship is a different mission

“Today America” news, this season, warriors created the unprecedented 73 wins, but for green, the number now no meaning. “It’s not important right now.” Green said, 73 wins is 73 wins. It doesn’t have anything to do with chasing the championship RED WINGS 13 DATSYUK CAMO SIGNATURE EDITION JERSEYS HOT The pursuit of the championship is a completely different mission.” “I have said before, when we open this season, 73 wins is not our goal, we are not holding to 73 wins and play this season. We are not saying ‘Oh, my God, if we can not win the championship, then the 73 wins? We have enough pressure to fight for the championship.” Warriors took 73 wins, but if the final did not win, then the 73 wins is equal to lose half of the significance. Warriors of the regular season performance is very good, it should not be denied, but there is a total of 73 wins in the season is the real success, and this is the pressure of their own warriors. In addition, last season’s finals, warriors beat the Cavaliers, Knight array without Irwin, Loew, this time, the knight tidy line-up, so warriors and this one thing to prove, namely again beat again complete Centaur knight. But people may not have thought of, the warrior is not the same season the fledgling, in one fell swoop beat various opponents to win the champion, as 73 wins that, like them in the Western Conference finals reversal of the performance, they than last season better. Curry, Thompson, Green, they were all better than last season, clever and complete. “We have to understand the mentality of the other teams to play at our home and we have to be aware of what we are going to do when we play at home.” Iguodala said, they will come up with the best of the state and efforts to fight us. And we have to stay focused and go all out for every game. Because we are the targets of others. I think we made a great adjustment in this respect, and we took a hit, and made a response.” Author: Qiao Tete