[NBA] conflict in the first half and then seckill! Curitiba, 3 minutes after the buzzer swiftly disappear

March 21st report: Warriors and thunder today, the results of the game is full of gunpowder again, and curry became the protagonist of the conflict, but also dedicated wonderful goals. At the end of the first half time, conflict curry and thunder Clayton, followed by two people in the melee, pulling each other, to the conflict subsided, the first half and 5.3 seconds over two balls, the warriors won, this time has run to the front near the library, then teammate a long pass to the ball, the two step to the three from outside the library, the thunder players have not come back, Curitiba directly in the vacancy opportunity under jump three points, the ball hit the buzzer! This hit the ball, not what curry celebration, he was swiftly ran back to the locker room, of course, in the channel he staff and a strong high fives. Obviously, in the wake of the conflict, such a goal for curry, for the warriors are greatly enhanced confidence. The ball into the first half, warriors leading up to 20 points, the thunder fans also erupted from the voices of discontent, this part is in curry and the warriors, and the other part is complaining about the team performance. See curry ran back, there are fans have been against his back to make insulting gestures, but it does not matter, curry has run out of shadow, it is impossible to see. In the first half, curry scored 17 points, scoring three points in the 5 of the 8 AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO 89 BLACK FIRE RED TOP Author: Qiao Tete


[NBA]KD declined to discuss the free market: I want to hug his team-mates

Beijing time on May 31st, the thunder’s 88-96 loss to the warriors, suffered a fatal losing streak, was reversed opponent eliminated. This is the third time in Durant’s career in the Western Conference finals were eliminated, after the game he was also very low mood. But despite the frustration that Freddy did not reveal any want to leave thunder attitude, asked the next free market, he said: “we 30 minutes ago before losing the Western Conference finals, I didn’t want to this problem. Now I just want to hug my teammates, the next will be slow to review the performance of the season, so there is no time to think of those.” ESPN expert Adad also said: Adu said many times after the game, it sounds like this is not a farewell to the thunder. He was eliminated after the sad with Lebron in 2010 when the state is completely different.” He also said: “the feeling of losing is very sad, especially we also made the lead 3-1 PANDORA MONSTER HEAD SILVER ANIMAL CLEARANCE SALE AUTHENTIC ….. Everyone in the fight every minute, so lose a series of good uncomfortable. But I believe that when you sit down and look back at the experience of the season, you can be proud of our entire management effort. We are all so love the game, but also to pay so much effort, in the training of each day, you can feel the passion. I’m really proud that the whole team can be so united and support each other in this season, this is a special place in the basketball game.” “In the last two games we beat us by three points.” He said, “we are better than them in other ways…… But that’s just the way it is.” When it comes to seven games to decide the outcome of the round, Freddy Adu said: “(IBA) for curry of the third foul, for us too deadly, it hurts too much. There are a lot of games in this series.” “We are directed at the championship, so there is no spiritual victory at all.” Adu said. Weiss after the game, said that the library inside the thunder got a lot of points, the team rotation out of the problem. “He did invest in some difficult shots.” Weiss said. When asked whether curry in the race altercation with Weiss immediately disassociate themselves with the “enemy”, said: “I’m not going to talk to him, I was in communication with the referee.” Author: Kewell

[NBA] Iverson: too bad in Detroit, the team did not honor the commitment to high

NBA legend Iverson accepts NBAtv basketball commentator Smith Steve’s one to one interview. Through an hour of time, Iverson for his long career a candid review. Which Iverson talked about his 2008-09 season in Detroit piston team that bitter years. Although he only played 54 games in a short time, it was a very small part of his career, but it was a lot of controversy ADIDAS SUPERSTAR 2 WHITE RED SHOES ONLINE 185100 Iverson told Smith: “I’m in a very bad situation in Detroit. They told me something, and I got some promises from the management, but they didn’t do it at all.” Back in 2008 November, the Pistons president Joe Dumars led a great deal shocked the basketball circle. He used the pistons to take charge of the Star West – Billups from the Denver nuggets in exchange for the super star Iverson. This is tantamount to the pistons in the locker room to cast a heavy bomb. Iverson and Hamilton – Richard in the first season of the run in is not good. Rookie coach Michael curry decided at the time of righting the pistons of the object Rodney stuckey. Hamilton was asked to give up the starting position, followed by Iverson. Iverson is clearly not acceptable. Hamilton recalls: “I don’t know Iverson and Joe Dumars was how to talk. But, I also know, Iverson to the piston team is not in order to come on the bench.” Hamilton continued: “I have the same. I really didn’t think they would have asked me to go on the bench when Iverson joined the team. Because everyone is saying, hey, you two guys want to play together, see how you run in and then find the feeling.” Since Iverson publicly complained about his role in the team is not satisfied, the team decided to manage the pistons in the last seven games of the season will he put a non activated list. In the play for the Detroit Pistons in 54 games game (which 50 games as the first battle), Iverson field are played in 36.5 minutes, with 17.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, 4.9 assists and 1.6 steals per game. After the end of the season, Iverson went to Memphis, the bear, and then returned to the Philadelphia 76 people. In 2013, Iverson announced his retirement. This year, Iverson was elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] Green: 2 people from exposing the outbreak of cheats incentive

Zhang Qiang June 6th United States reported local time in June 5th, the warriors at home and then the next game, the finals 2-0 lead, the defending is expected. The game the biggest contributor to the Drummond – Green stand on the sidelines to accept an interview with ABC television, he said warriors played really focused themselves to be the coach Cole and chief assistant to Walton’s great encouragement, so as to play a confidence. The game, green played to hack, full of energy and 20 voted 11, 3 minutes of balls 8 cast 5, scored a game high 28 points and 7 rebounds, 5 assists. In deciding the outcome of the third section, he repeatedly stood out to score, 3 points is more like God help to build a great advantage. He scored after the roar and passion, but also led the team to play better. “This game, we do not think, because the opponent is so great, the strength is very strong, so we have to do is come out to play, focus, lock the opponent.” Green said excitedly MENS PUMA KIMI RAIKKONEN IN WHITE/BLACK DISCOUNT He in an interview revealed a secret, that is, no matter Cole and Luke Walton are doing everything possible to inspired him, “coach last night to send message to me, said to is my best chance, I hope I can play the greatest series. I did it just to get the chance. Also, Walton Luke told me he said if I don’t score, we’ll be in trouble. So, I just try to play the rhythm of the game, to maintain a smooth feeling, if there is a vacancy, it is not interesting to shoot.” Two games down, Green seems to be the most popular candidate for this year’s FMVP. The last game, his performance is also extremely comprehensive, scored 16 points and 11 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals. Author: Zhang Qiang

The [NBA] library was out of control? Cover + 3 for Irwin anger with the defense team not roar

Beijing time on June 11th, ushered in the NBA finals game 4. Today’s game, rhythm seems still lies in the hands of the knight, the score has been very close. The second section is left in less than five minutes when, Knight again show the defense actively, has always been batch Irwin also sent brilliant defense, anger Gaikuli. Has opened up the situation, curry also appears to be a little anxious, before the tegmentum, roar teammates Ezeli, think he did not fill in time to prevent LeBron, LeBron Ginobli assists Jr. Subsequently Irwin and curry continued rivalry, only one round, two series have cast 3 do not touch, eye popping MEILLEURS PRIX NIKE AIR TAVAS HOMME CHAUSSURES SUR MAISONARCHITECTURE FRANCE BOUTIQUE1100 AUTHENTIQUE Author: Dou Dou

The [NBA]2 group number tells you how hot push G7

Fans know Warriors strong popularity, the football market is hot, in the eyes of many American fans, warriors fans enthusiasm to in the fans of thirty teams ranked in the top three. This year in the Western Conference finals, they’ve been in a 3 behind the impasse, but relying on extraordinary tenacity and godlike, abruptly will level the score. Many people assert that G6 is bound to be a game that will go down in history CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR FLOWER PRINT HIGH TOPS GREY ALL STAR FREE SHIPPING G6 like this, then G7 it? To match the fascinating degree of expectations, inspire the enthusiasm of the ticket. It is reported that the Pacific Standard Time in the afternoon 5 points (earlier today), warriors officially opened sales for the G7 remaining tickets, the fare from $230 to 2150 dollars, all tickets in less than sold out within five minutes of time. The warriors of hot, push G7 high degree of concern, so remarkable. And these swarms of buyers, as well as the number of cattle, touts, they dominate the ticketing resources will pinch quasi fans see ball anxious state of mind, crazy speculation fare will eventually fare fry an incredible level. Those fans who did not buy the official ticket, they can only turn to cattle sites. A fan to see push the G7, in cattle website bought two tickets, each ticket prices are $2.9 million, two tickets, equivalent to about 38 million. On the one hand, we have to feeling the fans of the “tyrant”, spend 38 million watching, is certainly not bad money; on the other hand, G7 concern the high degree, is truly staggering, unexpectedly have people hesitate to spend so heavily, only to watch a less than three hours (without overtime basketball game. Interesting is, today earlier, NBA official Facebook account has begun to total sales of tickets for the finals, against both sides is warriors and knights, this also let a lot of conspiracy theory person caught a pretext. However, this has been proved to be the staff of the unintentional. However, it is anticipated that the warriors finals, will be more popular, ticket prices will certainly be fired on a new height. It is worth mentioning that this is only a microcosm of the warriors fans crazy move. The warriors season ending the war against the Grizzlies, the game will determine whether they will be able to get 73 wins. In order to witness the history, there was a fan borrowing $3900 (about 25666 yuan), drove 3027 miles (about 4871 km), only to see the game. Author: Small Red Army

[NBA]1 against the whole world? LBJ and pathos male

The end of the NBA finals G2 warriors clash, 110-77 victory, showing the absolute strength. And the knight doesn’t seem to beat the warriors at all, most of the time by Lebron. Lebron played 34 minutes, scored 19 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists, 4 steals, of course also had 7 turnovers. Don’t look at LeBron playing time only 34 minutes. This is because early in the game by hitting the flower, distal is garbage time, so their main is not necessary to a knight to give up in advance. If the scene is fierce, Lebron still have to continue on the field and when the father and when the mother, playing time no 40 points is absolutely impossible. From the point of view of the course of the game, today is the G1 amplified version, the Knights of the big three only LeBron a person in the battle, or scenes from the point of view, LeBron is the only person show combat effectiveness, Loew, Irving or is occasionally a shooting, most of the time are to act as a defensive loopholes, or is the shot peening. This directly caused great pressure on Lebron. During this year’s playoffs, Knight downwind smooth, before the two are a comfortable 4-0 sweep, and indeed showed dominance in eastern and some games is the ball play superbly, often create single game 3 ball hits record. It allows many rider fans shouting full Zhan, full lineup knight is terrible, the finals they can put last season’s champion rob back, can achieve “, if the knight tidy line-up, the warriors absolutely can not take the championship” if the theory. But the fact is cruel and full lineup of the knight than last season ‘s finals canzhen knights, they two warriors explode, process or season, LeBron a battle. As the reporter Tim – slip Kami said: “Lebron against the world NIKE LEBRON 11 “MICHIGAN STATE” PE MENS BASKETBALL SHOES AUTHENTIC NPAAS ” Only LeBron James Knight nature is not so terrible, warriors out of the “mini version of the Jordan rules”, they with a long arm defender to containment him, rotated coverage in place, the audience forced him to seven turnovers, so chelunzhan down, LeBron can not tired? Looking at the Irvine today 14 shots in only 10 points, Loew 2-7 shooting only 5 points, but also hurt the status quo, LeBron must have a deep frustration. Author: Qiao Tete

[FOOTBALL] Serie -18 year-old shooting score was blown Milan 1-0 for 3 consecutive victories

October 23rd report: Beijing time October 23rd at 2:45 in the morning, the Italian League launched a ninth round of contention, a focus of the current round of the AC Milan and juventus. The first half of the match digba pulled back, P Janic free kick but it was commuted to the second half of the match goal, Milan 18 year-old Locatelli shot, Milan’s 1-0 final victory over Juventus won 3 consecutive games. Milan and Juventus in the history of the clash over 179 times, 68 wins and 62 wins and 49 draws the upper hand, the two teams against over 162 times, the same is 60 wins and 54 draws and 48 negative Juve hold the upper hand. The recent 4 round of League Juve to maintain a straight, Milan has also won two consecutive victories. First minutes, Sandro Xiezhuan area, Dibala small angle of attack the door was Duonaluma Cepu block down. Third minutes, Alves right pass, Sandro shot out of the bottom line of the door wide. Fifth minutes, Juventus kick to the box, Gonzalo Higuain header saved by Donnarumma, but the linesman flagged for offside Juventus attack. Seventh minutes, P Janic free kick saved by Donnarumma bottom line. Ninth minutes, the Union left the ball after the break the ball to the ball pass road, Chewbacca, Suso closed line volley was Buffon Cepu block out of the bottom line LARGE ROUND ETERNITY SILVER RING WITH CUBIC ZIRCONIA NEW Tenth minutes, Milan corner, gnan buckle defender came in, was headed back towards the ball outside the penalty area, Locatelli shot hit high. Fourteenth minutes, Alves right pass, Sandro header was confiscated Donnarumma. Twenty-first minutes, Sandro pass, Dibala ball strafed by Donnarumma Ve in the bosom. Twenty-fourth minutes, Suso pass in the corner, Buffon hit the ball out of the area, the periphery of Bonaventura’s shot was blocked off, Paletta also shot up a stop after the crossbar. Thirtieth minutes, when the elbow hit for Bonucci Baca hounaobiao, received a yellow card. Thirty-fifth minutes, P Janic free kick, Milan players against the penalty area there are Juve players offside, the referee and discuss the goal to void the linesman, commuted the dissatisfaction with the referee P Janic also received a yellow card. Forty-third minutes, Kurtz card when Zhengding overturned up Hernanes, received a yellow card. Moyes, Eder Luis Khedira received the ball Dapian long-range attack. Easy side battles the second half. Fiftieth minutes, the player passes Duonaluma to attack the ball outside the area kicked out of line, then he will pick up the ball, interference opponent kick-off, therefore received a yellow card. Fifty-first minutes, Claude Lado Sandro received the ball after the long-range strikes hit high. Fifty-fifth minutes, Claude Lado shot again hit high. Fifty-eighth minutes, Gonzalo Higuain shots from outside the area was blocked. Sixtieth minutes, Baca closed line volley, Buffon saved the bottom line. Sixty-third minutes, P Janic pass in the corner, inside the penalty area melee, Paletta kicked out of the box. Alves after taking the ball and then pass, Khedira shot hit high. Sixty-fifth minutes, Suso right knock, Locatelli inserted into the box to get away, to promote the right foot shot, leading Milan 1-0. Sixty-ninth minutes, Polly played for the union. Seventieth minutes, outside the area of the door Eder Luis low shot wide of the bottom line. The seventy-fifth minute, Alves long-range hit high leipzig. Seventy-sixth minutes, Bonaventura left breakthrough brought down by Alves, who received a yellow card. Seventy-ninth minutes, Locatelli put down Claude Lado, two yellow cards. Eighty-third minutes, taking down Polly P Janic, received a yellow card. Eighty-eighth minutes, Juventus free kick to the restricted area, Bonui header attack the top of the door. Milan at the end of the 1-0 victory over juventus. Milan AC (433): 99- Duonaluma /20- Abate, 29- Paletta, 13- Rome, 2- de sciglio gnoli /33- Kurtz card, 73- Locatelli (81’15- Gustavo Gomes), 5-, /8-, 70-, Bonaventura Suso (93’9- Lapadula), 11- (69’16- gnan Polly) Juventus (352): 1- /15-, 19- Buffon balzary Bonui Benatia (75’17- 4-, /23- 6-, Kikki manzou) Alves Khedira, 11- Hernanes (86’27- 5-, P Janic sturua Romania), 12- Sandro /21- Dibala (32’Claude Lado), 9- Gonzalo Higuain Author: Qi

How easy is the [NBA] clippers? 5 minutes left. Paul’s son is playing

March 22nd: NBA a Los Angeles derby victory over the Clippers to the clippers, the game is very easy. When the game was 5 minutes and 48 seconds, Paul’s son came into play 2017 AIR JORDAN 4 PINNACLE “SNAKESKIN” DISCOUNT 8RW3P Sitting on Paul’s lap, with Pearce and the next. In this game there are many celebrities to the game, Phelps came to the scene. Lakers officials pushed back to Phelps to list the number of Olympic gold medals – 23 gold.

[NBA] exposure Kobe agent into the Lakers GM number one candidate KB will return to management?

February 22nd: the minibus with Jones and Kupchak class, the new housekeeper Magic Johnson is looking for a new general manager of wildly beating gongs and drums. According to the bleachers reporter Kevin – Ding and YAHOO name recorded in the news broke, the current leader of the Lakers is the manager of the role of many years of the broker’s card, Palin, Mr. Werner Rawski. In addition, the candidate target of another famous agent Arne Tellem is the Lakers, and he is Palin before Kobe’s agent card. The 47 year old Palin was attending the University of Michigan card, Michigan tigers teammates. After he joined the ranks of a number of brokers, agents NBA player positions, since 2003, he represented 16 lottery rookie. Including Drummond harden and the stars of the future. Palin now has 24 cards in hand NBA player resources, including Rockets guard James harden and Eric – Gordon, Iguodala, the warriors joined the heat’s Derek Williams, and just for the exchange of cousins Hilde. One of the most famous, than Kobe, as Kobe’s 20 year broker, Palin card is not only more partners, is a good teacher. Kobe in Eagle County in crisis, Palin repeatedly to help him solve the card side chores, and in 2004 Kobe became a free agent, rumors, and Palin card speak, single handedly help Kobe complete the contract, but also the achievements of the 20 years he only played a team of brilliant. The magician of the invitation, nature and Kobe will not get off the hook 2017 NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE PRO PEARL WHITE BLACK-TEAL DISCOUNT Magician had previously said that if he is in charge of the Lakers, will invite Kobe to join the management. This time you get to sign Palin card, then Kobe also joined the management is the point the day and await for it. After the magician took office, he gave a positive hint of the problem, he hopes Kobe can play in the Lakers to deal with the relationship between players. Kobe is likely to occupy a position in the management of the Lakers in the near future. Author: Li more