[NBA] youngest 70 points sir! The age of 20 years, the history of the formation of a half point Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang record

March 25th report: Beijing time on March 25th, the sun lost to Celtic 120-130 AUTHENTIC PANDORA GOLD PLATING SCREW THREAD EPIDEMIC PURPLE MURANO GLASS BEAD CLEARANCE SALE German – 40 Booker cast 21, 26 penalty 24 scored 70 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, set a new record, scoring suns history scoring record, also set a single game this season scoring record at the same time, the sun has become the youngest team in the history of 40 points, 50 points, 60 and 70 mr.. At present, he is only 20 years old, and he is the only one of the top 70 points in the history of Kobe, with Chamberlain,, Thompson, Beller, and Robinson, as well as on the side of the NBA. On a single field to get 70+ players, or Kobe in 2006 81 points. At the same time, he also became the 60 / 70 Mr. NBA’s youngest, previously the youngest record is David Thompson (23 years and 270 days), Jordan, Tracy McGrady scored 60 points have been the first time at the age of 24, Kobe first got 60 points is already 27 years old, Booker record it it is terrible. Buck in the first half and there is no such outbreak momentum, a total of 19 points. He played in the first half of the game was only 1 points, the sun is also the opponent by beating a wave of 22-3. But at the end of the season, he led a wave of 11-4 (he got 9 points in one person) to save some face. In the first section of the maximum of up to 20 minutes behind, indicating the strength of the gap. But in the second half, Booker suddenly broke out in the third quarter start basket singles layup, also caused a foul; back face three double shine into the correct call to 2+1; 3 minutes and 54 seconds, pulling three points hit dry pick; 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the trial step jump easy singles hit. In this section as he scored in the final 13 seconds cut melon vegetable, and continuous variable to Huang, facing a defender in the jumper. Because Booker broke 23 points in this section, and finally let the sun’s single score to win the opponent, but even so, they are still behind the more than 17 points. Wait until the fourth quarter, Booker did not relax the rhythm of the score, once the difference narrowed to 11 points. But the Celtics rely on the small Thomas to stabilize the situation, although in 7 minutes after the buck, and even a man cut the score of 7 points, but the sun simply can not defend opponents. As time went on, the Celtics held on to victory, but buck did not end, but continued to refresh the record. The fans are also very investment, when the referee canceled Booker’s three points, so that his total score from the back of the 61 of the time, many Boston fans have begun to hiss referee, it is not too much fun to see the big thing. Wait until the end of the game, the sun was deliberately set aside for the buck brush attack, although in the last 3 minutes behind the score, but the man continued to score the performance of the game, in the 1 minutes and 19 seconds to vote for a score of three. He took 7 goals in the last 1 minutes, which shows the high efficiency. But it still can not affect the situation of the game, the Celtics in the final victory in the bag. Author: Kewell


[NBA] wizards wave took away the green army 2-2 flat wall 27+12 Thomas 19+5

May 8th report: Washington Wizards win a tie at home. Bill scored 29 points, wall had 27 points and 12 assists and 5 steals, they led the team to third hit 26-0 attack climax in one fell swoop established large margin, the Wizards in the Eastern Conference semifinals 4 home court beat Boston Celtics to 121-102. The wizards will always score into 2 flat, fifth game series will move to Boston. Related reading: Wizards, Bill scored 29 points and 4 rebounds, wall had 27 points and 12 assists, 5 steals and 7 turnovers, Potter scored 18 points, 8 rebounds and 4 steals, Maurice 16 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, the Norwich 13 points. The Celtics’ Thomas had 19 points, 5 assists and 6 turnovers, Rosier scored 16 points and 7 rebounds, Ollie Nick scored 14 points, Horford had 11 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Smart scored 9 points and 4 assists. The Celtics’ Jean Johnson return to the starting lineup, wizards urrbrae was suspended for one game. Wizards start well at home, they took 8 points lead. Thomas scored two points in the ball, he led the team to play a small climax 12-2, the Celtics against the lead. The two sides after each hit into several attack, Bill hit the jumper, the first section there are 2 minutes when the two teams tied at 20. The three points in the smart, Nick Ollie two free throws, the Celtics 24-20 lead with 4 points at the end of the first section. Thomas added 2 points in the beginning of the second quarter, the Celtics to the advantage of the opening of the score of 10 to three. Bill fought back three points, and Nick scored a score of 3 points, and he scored a record of three points. The Celtics led 40-28 by a factor of 12. Waldo offensive force scored 9 points, he led the team to 11-2 against the wave, 3 minutes and 10 seconds before halftime when wizards to 39-42. Ollie Nick layup success, the end of the scoring breakthrough 6-0 small climax, the Wizards successfully over 1 points NEW BALANCE 574 2016 WOMEN BLUE 211946 Horford two singles success, and then into the wall three, zhanba half 48 teams to shake hands flat. Thomas scored 17 points in the first half of the season, and he scored a total of 9 points and assists in the first half of the season. The team’s wall was scored with a score of 14 points and a total of 4 assists, with a score of $and a total of 7 rebounds for the team, with a score of 9 points for the team, with a score of about $5 for the first time at the time of the game. The team scored a total of 12 points. Johnson scored 5 points in the beginning of the third quarter, Bill find feel even get a score of 5 points, he led the team hit 11-0 attack wave, the wizards to 59-53 lead by 6 points. The Celtics suspended after the attack is still no improvement, Maurice hit three points and led the team to even get 15 points, the third section there are 5 minutes when the Wizards 74-53 lead with 21 points. The Celtics will timeout Horford pick for the team finally shot to stop bleeding, smart also hit three points, the military Lvshan Zhuizhi 60-77. Bill quickly responded to three points led the team with 9 points once again opened, Rozier hit three points, Ollie Nick and Smart four free throws in the three quarter at the end of the Celtic team to 68-90 behind. The last section after the start of two of you come to me, the score alternating increase, Rosier Glenealy 5 points, this section of 4 minute 30 seconds when the Celtics chase 81-101. Bogdanovic layup, the penalty of three goals in the second quarter, the Wizards in the fourth quarter, as well as a score of 6 minutes to 106-81 leading by 25 points in the 35 quarter. The score behind the Celtics for the main disarm, wizards have gradually replaced the main, they won 121-102. The Celtics starting lineup: Thomas, Bradley, Claude, Johnson, Huo Fude, the Wizards starting lineup: Bill, Potter, Maurice, Walter, Gortat Author: Xiao Liu

[NBA] more handsome: the championship team had to dig deep

June 6, reported: “Oklahoma newspaper” news, thunder over the journey of the season, although not to the finals, but their performance or let people respect. Coach Donovan told the interview, talked about some of his gains and thunder most need to strengthen what aspects of the future. When it comes to the thunder in the playoffs, Donovan said: “from the all star weekend after the return, we obviously caught up in the struggle, and we are very good against the team. I have said before, I think our team needs to go through this stage, so that we can reach our greatest potential. I think everyone in the playoffs is talking about the point is that the Mavericks are sick, injury is very serious. But they played a very physical confrontation, to give us a lot of challenges.” “Our team is very capable of a rebound, the more difficult, the more able to rebound. Because the players are very competitive. When you are in the strength of the playoffs, you will naturally raise your level. And the last 13 games we are obviously against the two most great teams in this league.” “What do I think the team needs to do to overcome obstacles and solve the last 3 games? I don’t think so. I take next season as a different season. We need to start all over again. I think the players experience the process is a very good experience, Witters, Kanter, Adams, Robertson, obtained the experience, even Payne, he didn’t in the playoffs in how to fight, but in the middle of the season also got the opportunity. I like our young players very much. I hope they can start next season as a foundation and continue to improve.” “I think we have to understand that the team has a strong depth of depth in the interior 2017 AIR JORDAN 13 “CP3 AWAY” PE TOP DEALS You see those we win the game, we have the advantage of a rebound. You look at the last few games, the rebounds gap is not so big. So this is what we need to go up another notch.” “I think this series is forcing us to dig deeper. I think we have this ability. If you want to be more ambitious, you have to be patient for a while. In the end, this kind of patient is likely to help you overcome obstacles and reach the next level.” Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] Green: I return harden foul is the innovation of many players like me

December 5th: previously, Jinzhou warriors forward Drummond Green said in an interview that James harden layup foul action is an unconventional action”. These remarks caused harden fast, he conducted a comeback ONLINE PANDORA SMILING SUN GOLD BEAD CLEARANCE SALE Harden said, his layup foul action is very natural, but also a new moves to create their own, a lot of players in the League to imitate. In a game against the Houston rockets, Green offensive foul by Harden in the final overtime period under the basket, he kicked in the fall to Harden’s face, then the referee whistled for a foul Green 1. This blow has become the key to the outcome of the game. After the game, Green for referees in discontent, attacked the referee I did not forget to harden to pull water: “if you say this is my body reaction of non normal, so I’m not to harden disrespect, his layup to find your arm, I also had not seen from. This behavior also isn’t a normal body reaction, but also not a basketball category body reaction.” Layup fouls can be said to be one of the trick harden, he was not happy for Green’s speech. Harden said: “I do not think that their actions are not natural. For me, I just break layup when hands layup, your coach is taught. If you grab my arm, you’re a foul on me. In the basketball game, in any basketball league, this is very natural.” Harden also believes that his foul action is an innovative move. Harden said: “there are some players in the League to imitate me this action. I don’t want to name names. However, I do have a lot of people in imitation of the action, the impact of the basket, making physical contact, etc.. This is an innovative move, this is a technology enough to make others look up to. For me, it’s a great feeling.” In this season, the Rockets team’s new coach Dantoni, harden ushered in a season of personal occupation career data outbreak. So far this season, harden averaged 28.3 points and 7.6 rebounds and 11.8 assists. At the same time, the Houston rockets record of 13 wins and 7 losses. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] VS for 2-0 team rider Lebron Toronto

5 July 19 reported: the Cleveland Cavaliers at home get the Eastern Conference finals opener, on the 20th they will continue to stay at home against the Toronto Raptors. LeBlanc has to play the role of leader led the team, Irwin and Loew to provide support for him, the Cavaliers to remain strong for a 2-0 win again. Raptors in the opener fiasco, Lori and DeMar Derozan to efforts to promote the team rebound, they want on the road showed a stronger competitiveness, for the total score tied. (live Beijing time on May 20 8:30 Quicken Loans arena ESPN television /CCTV-5) Eastern Conference finals first Cavaliers offense feeling hot, under the leadership of LeBron James and Steve Irwin’s they won a victory, and successfully got the Eastern Conference finals opener. Knights in the first 55.4% of the shooting hit rate, they get 56 points in the paint, only three 7 points into the ball. Cleveland postseason record variable was 9 wins and 0 losses, they in the eastern conference show strong dominance and the World War II the Cavaliers to sits at home, their goal is to fight for victory won 2-0 SUPER DEALS ADIDAS NEO MEN BLACK WHITE DCA5M “First they let us more to attack inside,” Lebron said, “we try to take advantage of this. I always say we are not a jump shooting team is a balanced team, ability according to the course of the game to play, have the ability to make adjustment. ” The Knights are the first team to win 9 games in the first games since the 2012 Sanantonio spurs, when the Spurs lost to the thunder in a row to 4 games before, to get the first 10 playoff victory. LeBron is pleased with the team at home get off to a good start, but he was very clear this is a seven game series, the Cavaliers will face greater challenges. As a team leader, LeBron to play more aggressive, he wants to efforts in the offensive play a more important role, especially when the Cavs offense encounter obstacles, other teammates lost time, LeBron to assume more responsibility. Besides Lebron, the Cavaliers also need the two leaders, Loew Irwin contribution. Irwin is Cleveland postseason scoring, he is extremely sharp team a point of attack, he wants to give LeBron enough support, the team needs him staying on the offensive. Loew is the same, he in a short time has scored a strong explosive force, once the handle can be found outside the three-point line, the Cavaliers offensive would more terrible. Of course, the Cavs can in the playoffs this year all the way straight, not only would like to thank three star players, their role players also have good contribution, like Smith, Channing Frye, dellavedova, Thompson et al have very good play, Smith, Frye is outside there is a threat to the point of attack, Thompson in the paint has strong impact force, he wants to continue in the inside to Raptors trouble. For the Raptors, losing first and not accept the results, the main or defeat bring a blow to the morale of the team. Lori, one of the team leaders, lost again, which affected the team’s competitiveness. For the Raptors, to second for a visit, they have to fight for a rebound, the most important thing is to return to quasi Lori. Lori is an important reason for the team’s playoff ups and downs, they want to give the knight team to create more trouble, Lori is the key. In February the Air Canada Centre against the Cavaliers, Lori had a career high 43 points, in his first battle and DeMar Derozan has not been a free throw opportunities. When Lori was in bad condition, his replacement Joseph did not play its due role. “We must to with the decisive battle of the mind to race and show proper attack,” Lowry said. “I think in the first battle of the terminal, we will show that.” In addition to Lori. Derozan in attack to give the team more help, raptors also need to have more people to come forward. Carol not only to put pressure on the defense, Lebron, he also played a certain role in the attack. Inside the valance Yunus has recovered only 50%, the second field almost impossible to return, which means billon Bo to inside for more contributions. Patterson, Scola also needs to have the play, the Raptors coach Casey can consider more opportunities for Scola, his experience will make some trouble to Lufkin. The regular season against the Raptors 2-1 leading the Cavaliers, but their success is to get from the home court. In the regular season the Cavaliers home win the Raptors 2 times, swept through the first two rounds of the means that the Cavaliers, for the past 33 days only played eight games, their physical fitness without any problems, they want to use it to to the impact of the opponent. The two sides starting lineup Raptors: Lori, DeMar Derozan, Carol, Patterson, Knight of the Bi Yongbo team: Irwin, Smith, LeBron, Loew, Thompson Author: Evan is expected

[NBA] Lebron: there is no short cut to defending the title. It’s a top priority to stay healthy.

According to the October 25th report: “Cleveland honest newspaper” reported that Nicks and New York Cavaliers will usher in the opener on October 25th local time at home court. At the same time, they will be held in the evening of last season’s championship ring ceremony. The Cavaliers kept almost intact on the season championship team, the new season they aimed at defending. And for the new season, the Knights of the star James – Lebron is quite calm, he said the title of the road and there is no short cut to go, to successfully defend the words, to maintain health will be the most important thing. From the end of last season’s finals in June to the beginning of the new season opener, fans have experienced a long period of waiting. In this regard, Lebron said: “our fans from the last game, has been waiting for three or four months, or even longer. Every team wants to get the championship trophy in the opening game of the new season. So, our fans will be very excited.” This season, the Cavaliers’ regular season opener on October 25th, and ending the war is April 13th (local). The prospect of the new season of the knight team is also generally optimistic. First of all, Lebron’s team has six consecutive years to reach the NBA finals, his dominance in doubt. In addition, the famous Gambling company Bovada’s prediction, the chance of winning the knight team also second only to the Jinzhou warriors. So, the knight can achieve defending it? In this regard, Lebron seemed very calm, he said: “there is no shortcut to this process, you can not now go to the next April things. This process, there is no way to shorten the trip MEN’S NIKE SHOX R6 SHOES GREY/SILVER/BLACK/RED LASTEST We have to get better every day, to form a good habit. And to achieve the title, it is clear that the overall health of the team is a big thing.” The Cavaliers also maximize the integrity of the winning team. In addition to the retirement of the mo – Williams and has just been laid off Deng Taiwan – Jones, the other members of the team almost all in the team. First, Lebron Irwin, Loew, Tristan, Thompson and JR- Smith in all five main columns. While the bench, Della Vedova and Mozgov has to leave, but Dunleavy and Anderson also added into the “bird”. As a substitute for concussion Irwin feld missed the opener, and Schubert will replace his role. For the opener, tyronn Lue said: “it was an emotional night, if the winner of emotional instability, I will arrange those who haven’t got the ring player.” Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] third overall draft night was booed! Anji: Nash was not to be optimistic to the point of time

Draft rally in yesterday’s draft, when the Celtics 3rd choice to sign the jaren – brown when, in the Boston Garden Arena also appeared on the boos, this Celtics president Danny Ainge said he didn’t care. “I will enjoy it, which, if I like the city of Boston as,” Ainge in U.S. local time on Friday said. “Fans will be very happy when you play a game that is not safe, and when you’re out of the three, fans are going to be there, and that’s normal. What makes me happy is the passion of the Boston fans.” “Of course, the only thing I don’t like reflect this looks like to Jorunn (Ross), in fact, boo was directed at me, it seems to be saying, ‘we don’t like your choice’, which for me is no problem, but the only thing I want to say is, please give (brown) a chance. Let us wait for a year, then hush, please don’t make it hissed in his name just announced.” Anji also pointed out that the reaction of the fans should never is the evaluation of the most important indicators of a player, Anji with Steve Nash and Marion, for example, the two in the Suns play outstanding player on draft night had heard jeers. After the draft, Anji is already put his attention all concentrated in the upcoming free agents on the market, “I think everyone will look forward to the emergence as big of a deal,” Ainge said FREE SHIPPING NIKE KD 7 SHOES PINK PURPLE “We’ve been trying to do some business, but some of the work is really hard, and we don’t have to do it doesn’t mean we didn’t try it, just as many years ago I tried to sign Durant Kevin.” “We’re not afraid to do business,” said Anji. “If you know the Celtics, you should know that we are not afraid to trade, we just don’t want to make a mistake. This is a great responsibility, I this very seriously, we will continue to work hard, strive to make some big deal, hope fans will send cheers, rather than hiss. ” Author: Zhao Buchuan

[NBA] turbulence! Noel and Teague or swap exposure

According to YAHOO sports reporter shams reports, 76 people with the Hawks are in talks over a noel to change Teague as the core of the transaction. Previously according to ESPN journalist Chad Ford revealed the news, 76 people very likely will choose one transaction Jalil – Okafor and Noel. “I think it is very possible, whether they use to trade picks up, or in order to attract a free agent to join, or just trading for its own sake, for the start of the season ONLINE NIKE AIR JORDAN XII MELO CARMELO ANTHONY HOME PE JBM186-M21-C1 You don’t see Noel and Emeka Okafor, this combination.” Ford said, “I think they will be the two players on the market appeal to make evaluation.” During the regular season, Noel for a total of 76 people played 67 games (which 62 to identity play), present 29.3 minutes of playing time, he can surrender full transcripts of 11.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.8 steals and 1.5 blocks. Although prior to the outside world, some analysts believe that between Noel and Emeka Okafor, 76 people tend sent Okafor, and has reported the Celtics and Lakers team of its intention to gossip. However, taking into account the 76 PFLP is full of young talent and team needed a has in the League proved their best point guard, does not exclude the possibility of their bid farewell to the knoll. And the eagle has sent Teague’s motivation, with Schroeder’s growth, Atlanta at the point guard position facing “happiness and troubles”. Teague in recent seasons are the main unshakeable eagle, but Schroeder has repeatedly made it clear that he hoped in the future to become the team’s starting point guard, so the eagle need to make tradeoffs. This season Teague is for the Hawks played 79 games in the regular season, presence of were 28.5 minutes of playing time with 15.7 points, 2.7 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 1.2 steals, objectively speaking, the past few seasons Teague did not obvious progress. And only 22 years old Schroder showed a strong upward trend. He averaged 20.3 minutes of playing time this season to hand over 11.1 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 4.4 assists. Teague’s contract for the season and next season is $8 million, and he will be a free agent in the summer of 2017. Author: Mu Zili

[NBA] Weiss’s wild to accelerate the “murder” of Mills

Thunder and the Spurs of the heavenly king mountain war to enter the white hot, in the third quarter with a road behind up double-digit, thunder in the latter part of the catch up, score extension near. Westbrook’s performance in a fast break is one of the thunder wave, chasing the true portrayal of, in the breakthrough in Weiss completely shake down the mills NIKE ROSHE RUN JUNIOR MENS RED BLACK SILVER SHOES FOR SALE The breakthrough occurred in 4 minutes left in the third quarter, when Westbrook grab rebounds, holding a person to achieve a fast break, reached the San Antonio area in, Wes fast in moving completed the a variable to Spurs defense player mills was completely shake down, two people in the whole process didn’t happen any physical contact. Twitter users exclaimed after seeing the ball: “Mills was murdered.” From the video, mills seem to have the idea of making an offensive foul, but Wes to get a surprise, on the soles of the feet of the mix garlic fell legs in the air. Author: nihil

[NBA] through the LBJ board can hit! Irwin pick this understanding to Zhan Wei

May 2nd report: Beijing time on May 2nd, the Cavaliers at home 116-105 victory over the Raptors, scored a big lead 1-0. Carey 16 Irwin voted 7 to get 24 points and 10 assists and 2 steals, except in great form, with the tacit understanding and James, singles are very appealing. Knight 8 days did not play the game, finally to play the team performed very excited, he in the first quarter firepower, 6 voted 4 to get 12 points and 3 assists. Lebron began to open situation for the Cavaliers to pass, Irwin also actively respond, constantly looking for opportunities for the knight on the break. 9 minutes and 11 seconds, he knew Lebron on a break behind, so I put the ball into the backboard smashing, then Lebron soared to complete dunks, the pick is surprise four. His three ball is also very accurate, in the first quarter in two, at the same time the basket also caused no small threat. He scored 19 points on the pass and scored a score, the role can be as good as Lebron. Wait until the second day Irwin returned to playing, Knight only 5 points ahead, but he in 6 minutes and 18 seconds and assists JR hit three points, a knight bleeding time, Loew then scored three points, to stabilize the ground. However, he did not enter the two jump shots, until 2 minutes and 27 seconds by small rotations hit big score. At the end of the season he brought a wave of fast rhythm, in addition to Thompson dunk, but also in the fight against the foul two full. In the first half before the end of 27 seconds, he steals Deluozan, let Lebron hit back. He got 16 points and 5 assists in the first half of the 2 steals. In the third half before the holiday, Irwin, although they have not scored, but sent them quickly to important assists, Thompson dunk in double teamed case, 7 minutes and 26 seconds into the three points and assists korver. 6 minutes and 50 seconds he connected with Lebron, the ball to the weak side, helping the latter to complete the 2+1. Wait for 5 minutes and 56 seconds into the open three Irwin in the corner, knight and leading up to 15 points. After a pause, he caused Lori foul on the perimeter, three free throws. In this section, Irwin scored 6 points and 5 assists, Knight completely off the hook the opponent, got 22 points ahead. He returned to playing in 7 paratelum minutes and 14 seconds, he has not been shot, but wait until the knight even tapping into the Irvine and make a key contribution to the continuous variable, dribble Akira Lori, was completely out of balance scored cast also caused a foul. It wasn’t long before the Raptors gave up their resistance WOMEN’S NIKE AIR MAX ZERO FOR SALE Author: Kewell