[FOOTBALL] German – Plymouth strange lore Dortmund 3-3 draw away the vice monitor

October 22nd: Beijing time on October 22nd night at 21:30, in the eighth round of the Bundesliga, Dortmund 3-3 draw away to Ingolstadt vice monitor. Sixth minutes, Ingolstadt opened a free kick on the right side, Cohen to score. Twenty-fourth minutes, Ingolstadt once again through the free kick, this is Lescano’s header. Fifty-ninth minutes of the second half Aubameyang header pulled one back, but Lescano then scored two to expand the lead. Sixty-ninth minutes, Ramos broke into the Dortmund. A stoppage time equaliser Plymouth strange goals for Dortmund VANS SK8-MID RAINFOREST RED MENS SHOES TOP DEALS IS7FB4 Sixth minutes, sutner opened a free kick on the right into the box in front of Cohen near tuishe, leading Ingolstadt 1-0! Eighth minutes, Dortmund won the free kick, Castro free kick shot high. Eleventh minutes, Hinterzel in the face of Pu Zhuhao, but his passing was broken. Thirteenth minutes, Ingolstadt out on the right corner, Yan Tozer shot by barbed Weiden Feller ball. Fourteenth minutes after teammate Weiden Feller return did not stop, then quickly clear. Sixteenth minutes, dengbeilai inside the defensive player after the ball was shot, Nylander. Sixteenth minutes, Ramos header in the restricted area by force goalkeeper puzhu. Seventeenth minutes, Castro ball into the box, Piszczek in the restricted area on the right to the ball can not. Twenty-first minutes after Roger steals the ball long shots, Weiden Feller. Twenty-fourth minutes, Ingolstadt again Dembele foul, won a free kick on the right side, put the ball into the box after Lescano sutner header, Ingolstadt 2-0 lead! The goal and the first ball is almost exactly the same. Twenty-eighth minutes, Castro shots from outside the area by Nylander sideways from the bottom line. Thirty-second minutes, waigel shots from outside the area hit high. Thirty-sixth minutes, sutner pass in the left after the unmarked Hinterzel shot after the bomb hit the high. Thirty-ninth minutes, Aubameyang outside the area free kick shot hit high. Forty-third minutes passed directly to the fly line stretched barthes. Forty-fourth minutes, Kano restricted the right of small angle shot Weiden Feller denied the bottom line, then the corner, Hartmann header top side. The stoppage time gross long-range Puzhu Weiden Feller. 1 minutes of stoppage time after the end of the first half, Ingolstadt temporarily leading Dortmund 2-0. The beginning of the second half, Dortmund replaced Plymouth strange evolutions three defenders to strengthen the attack. Forty-seventh minutes left, Dembele pass, Aubameyang inside the area out of the ball. Fiftieth minutes, the ball inscribed cross Dembele, Dapian long-range Castro. Fifty-second minutes, Dortmund corner, Kagawa Shinji in the siege. Fifty-third minutes, near Dembele left the bottom line pass, Nylander will get the ball. Fifty-sixth minutes, Castro out on the left corner, baltra header high. Fifty-ninth minutes, dengbeilai cross from the left, Aubameyang headed home a draw Dortmund, 1-2! But Ingolstadt kicking off immediately after the attack, Bernhard Qiaonayi right passes on, the area unguarded break Lescano scored two of the leading Ingolstadt 3-1! Sixty-first minutes, Ingolstadt quick counterattack, Hartmann shot hit the post. Sixty-sixth minutes, Qiaonayi right pass, Weiden Feller put the ball off. Sixty-ninth minutes, Plymouth strange restricted line cross knock, Ramos restricted road volley, the score was 3-2! Seventy-first minutes, Ramos front scraping foul, the referee booked. Seventy-ninth minutes, Dortmund opened a corner, Pacella J shots from outside the area, the ball flying Nylander saved the bottom line. Eighty-third minutes, Pacella J cross from the left, Pury Sich header top side. Eighty-fourth minutes, baltra pick, gertze missed the ball in the penalty area. Eighty-sixth minutes, Ramos chest the ball, gertze goalkeeper Neerlandia shot was blocked. First minutes of stoppage time, Pacella J cross from the left, Piszczek header was saved, PLIS Qimen before bushe score, Dortmund 3-3 tie! 4 minutes of stoppage time after the end of the game, Dortmund’s 3-3 draw with Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt lineup 442:1- Neerlandia /33-, 34-, 32-, Qiaonayi matip, Tislan 29-, Roger 8- /9- Hartmann sutner, 36- Cohen, 10- /11- (Kano 72’7- Les Gros, 16- Hinterzel Lecky) (89′ 6- Morales) Dortmund a ridenfeller lineup of 442:1- /26- Piszczek, 28- 5-, Pu Zhuhao 3-, kintell baltra (46’Pury Sich Castro (58′ 22-) /27- 10-, 33- waigel gotze), 23- Kagawa Shinji (73’30- Pacella J), 7- /17-, 20- author Ramos Aubameyang Dembele: husband then