[NBA] Lori suddenly no solution to Miami restless

In the just concluded a doomed will create history battle to grab 7 in. The Raptors play at home to 116-89 the score of win the game. Raptors headed point guard Kyle Lowry played 41 minutes time, 20 voted 11, one-third of the ball 7 throws 5 35 points, seven rebounds and nine assists in the data. Opening match, Lori’s feel is not good, he sanfenxianwai test blacksmith, and after the break layup in interference is also failed to put the ball into the basket. But Lori still played with energy, first section 9 minutes and 14 seconds, Lori launched fast break, help Carol layup, and after 20 seconds, he steals the Wade’s pass again rapid advances into offensive quarterback Derozan ball to plug in, help the latter again easily get 2 points. In the second quarter, Lori still rarely choose holding singles, even if the breakthrough to the basket will usually to attract defensive team out assists, but in the second quarter at the end, facing the basket contraction of the Miami defense, Lori surprise twice hit the after body is divided into three, help Raptors score 53-47 to end in the first half of the game PUMA SPEED CAT SD SHOES BROWN SLIVER FOR WOMEN DISCOUNT In G6 game, control guard Lori 27 shots scored 36 points, but only for his teammates sent the three assists. The losing team. And the game, Lori apparently changed the way he plays, he will more attention concentrated in the attack, and on a personal attack, Lori retained his shot outside the three-point line. The beginning of the second half, Lori is outside the three-point line earned Dragic a defensive foul, and then he wore defending Wade hit the stem pulling three points. Lori fiery three break feeling so that the heat had to expand the scope of defense, in this case, his break points and repeatedly sent to his teammates nanny assists. In the middle of the third quarter, Lori twice in a row face Wade defense breakthrough success, after the ball to the Bo billon, first billon Bo caused a defensive foul, and the second is direct violent hands deduction success, hit into 2 + 1. After this, Lori had also got the ball forward, staged a step the Miami Heat left behind layup signs in the four defensive players. At the strategic level, the Raptors have let the heat feel rumangzaibei, and Lori is Raptors sharpest that one. With three quarters built up the advantages of raptors no to any counter ultra opportunity, until the final win the victory in the war seven the looting. Previously questioned Lori finally led the Raptors for the first time reached the finals. Author: Zhao Buchuan