[NBA] library total secret LA can not attract big names really due to this summer, or will change the situation

On June 26 reported: the past two seasons, the Lakers record is poor, which makes the giants, the team in the free agent market has not been able to gains last year, they in the battle for Adriano lost strength more strong spurs. Lakers general manager Kupchak said before the free agent market is about to open again, this year the Lakers may be different. “(last year) we really have too much capital, it’s almost the city itself become the only selling point” Lakers general manager told the Los Angeles Daily News reporter mark – Medina’s interview said. “The free agents are always asking, ‘I can come to Losangeles, but I’ll be on the pitch with whom I am going to have a partner?'” Last year we had Kobe, but Kobe has been plagued by injuries, no one knows how much of the new season Kobe can stay healthy.” “In addition to Kobe, who else? You may want to partner with Julius Randle, but in the previous season he played only one game. Of course, we still have 2, but Russell didn’t even play a game. So, whether it was last year or the year before last, we did not attract more free players to join.” Poor record at the same time, also let the Lakers’ accelerated reconstruction, a team has two consecutive harvest season, and the No. 2 sign, last year they choose Russell has proven itself, and this year, Ingram is more let a person look forward to. Next season the Lakers in the array a can not be ignored the big names, of course, will be their coach Luke Walton, after the season led the warriors achieved a 24 game winning streak record, Luke Walton was once more teams competing, but he chose to came to the Lakers coaching. At the same time, after Kobe retired, the Lakers have a huge salary space, which is the Lakers in the free agent market this summer, the selling point of the market. Although Adu has made it clear that do not want to meet with the Lakers, but they want to get the list of players still lists al Horford, DeMar Derozan, Nicolas Batum and Hassan Whiteside’s name. “There may be a meeting, there may not be,” said the library. “Some of the contract may be completed soon, there may be dragged to one or two weeks, maybe not met, there may be many times. Everything depends on how fast the situation changed.” Author: Zhao Buchuan