[NBA] probability is much smaller in the library with a throw of basketball cards after the board had to change the ball

May 7th report: in today’s game against the warriors in the third game, curry in the foul after a throw, basketball is stuck in the back of the bracket. The third quarter with 1 minutes and 32 seconds, the attack was converted Curitiba Phevos foul, then he picked a throw, but the ball will be thrown into the backboard, directly stuck in the bracket. Van Gundy and Mark on the scene – – with emotion: “this probability is much smaller, so they had to change the ball.” “” “” ” GIRLS AIR JORDAN 12 CHERRY RED WHITE FOR SALE BRAND NEW ” After the staff handed back the ball, the library with a backup ball will be stuck in the plate after the ball hit down, and then he executed free throws, two penalty all.


[NBA\] soup God: I am old and will teach young people

The character Thompson humble for not recognized warriors achievements of the older players also expressed understanding and tolerance. He believed that this kind of phenomenon is actually very normal, even if he is old, will also like this to teach the next generation of young people’s. The Jinzhou warriors and Stephen curry has made remarkable achievements in this season. But look in the eyes of some of the older generation of players, warriors and curry because success is because they are in this day and age play. This is really a lot of older players, from Oscar Robertson to Barkley, from Fraser to Pippen, etc.. Old-fashioned players will shout “let these young people get out of our territory” and “if back to me to play I will Dabao” they like speech. As a matter of fact, the old one is complaining that the new generation is not a new phenomenon, and is not limited to basketball. This phenomenon exists in any corner of the American culture, the older generation of players and fans need to adhere to the idea that they have long been convinced that they will always feel that they are better than the contemporary era. The past is always better, this is actually a kind of psychological comfort. For the old players accused, some players will be very angry, then rudely answer back sarcastically. But Klein – Thompson did not feel so troubled, he expressed understanding. Thompson said: “I mean, no matter who it is, there will be such a day. It is possible that when my time is over, I am old, and I will be very tired of the younger generation. My father did it this way. He always said, we are now playing these people really is too soft, but I think this is actually very normal.” Since entering the league. Clay Thompson is humble, approachable image show, Thompson has always believed in the “hard work and stay humble can succeed”. In the course of the intentnesses makes him a deadpan, no matter how much more money into the three ball he will not celebrate crazy MEN’S NIKE SHOX OZ SHOES ALL BLACK AUTHENTIC Thompson’s father, Thompson – Michael is the 1978 NBA draft pick, but also the Lakers’ Showtime Dynasty, an important member of the team. Along with the magician, Thompson in 1987 and 1988 to get the NBA championship. Old Thompson is now Los Angeles a radio sports talk show host removal, Father also often on the show to talk about “the early days”. But the father was so proud of his son’s achievements. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] really tried! Dream boom 32+15+9 soared 6 three into the second person in history

June 20th report: Beijing time in June 20th, the warriors at home 89-93 lost to the knight, to 3-4’s big score lost the finals. Drummond – Green voted 11 to 15 boom 32 points and 15 rebounds and 9 assists, his third ball 8 throw in 6, but in the fourth quarter, he can only get 4 points, was to prevent sticking and ultimately failed to help the warriors to win the championship. After being banned for green in Game 6 of the 7 throws 3 only had eight points, although he also had 10 rebounds and 6 assists the data, but on the offensive end failed to provide enough firepower to the team. This series is only the first two saigelin scored in double figures, he picked up the urgent need of warriors. The opening of a Green Lebron mark, he wants to make the chance for izeli, but the latter did not fit into the. In 10 minutes and 13 seconds, he finally got the chance to get rid of the ball defense dunk. At Barnes put into three points, green at a 45 degree angle also tried to sell, firmly hit warriors in the momentum finally pinned the opponent. After a pause, Green assists his hit three points. The warriors repeatedly tackles an opponent on the defensive end, Green in 5 minutes and 03 seconds. Lebron, let Thompson beaten back. Section at the end of 1 minutes and 26 seconds, Green breaks through the basket below Jefferson layup. He scored 7 points and 3 assists in the first quarter of 3 shots, but the warriors are still 3 points behind. Second section of the warriors in the fight against the score is also very difficult, but in 49 minutes and 8 seconds, Green once again hit the 45 degree angle of three points, shot very confident. The teams were alternately rising, in addition to Curitiba, the warriors the most reliable point of attack is Green. In 5 minutes and 56 seconds, Green in the top of the arc and then into the three points; 4 minutes and 09 seconds, he took Iguodala pass, and into a ball. After a pause, Green roll after finding vacancies, again decisive shot three points, or hit! This is he this fifth three pointers, as if the water brothers feel are transferred to him. 2 minutes and 28 seconds, Green and back to play JR, easily rolled into the basket 2+1. Warriors gradually from the potential, when Barbosa also scored three points, the warriors have to expand the lead to the maximum of 7 points. He became the protagonist of the most shining in the first half, 10 voted 8 cut 22 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals, many American reporters have begun to discuss him fmvp. At the start of the second half, Green continued to try three points in the fight, which was not a hit PUMA THE SUEDE TRAINERS BLACK PINK ONLINE DBZDQJQ Thompson timely find feel, even cut 5 points, Knight also bite and hold, when Jr in back-to-back third shot. Irwin and break layup after warriors directly tied. Warriors in the first half there are three points to 14 points shot is no confrontation, but the second half of the knight will not be the effect, especially for Green’s defense. But green a not obviously will let warriors into trouble, he on the perimeter is almost a ball surrounded, coupled with a decrease in curry feel, Knight not only, also opened the score the. In 4 minutes and 33 seconds, he made a breakthrough in the break Green foul to 2+1. At 3 minutes and 03 seconds, Green finally got a foul on the perimeter, the three penalty in the whole of the second half to break the scoring drought. 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Greene got vacancy, curry’s pass let Knight up against less, green piece immediately hand cast into the 6 record three points, the warriors played 8-1 wave flow to tie the score. It is worth mentioning that, Green has also become the finals in the history of the second players in the G7 into 6 minutes three players, the last one or Battier. To start the fourth quarter for a warrior is Knights of the big three successive score, after a pause, green LeBron breakthrough layup. This is his career playoff second 30 +. 6 minutes and 18 seconds, Green sent the key assists, let Klein hit long distance 2 warriors, to regain the lead. In 5 minutes and 37 seconds, Green grabbed the key offensive rebounds, successful off bulan. Lebron broke a knight continued life, although Green continued to rebound, but in 2 minutes and 15 seconds, he failed to score three points. Irwin in key last 53 seconds of the three knight took the lead, can not hit three points in Curitiba 30.7 seconds. Warriors can only take foul tactics, in the last 10 seconds, green LeBron to break the vicious foul, let LeBron pain fell to the ground, half day did not get up. And LeBron free throws, the Knights are leading 4 points, and the ultimate warrior also at home lost seven games, lost the championship. Author: Kewell

King [NBA] was traced to Jeremy after 30 years still teammates will reap millions of annual salary

Recently several season, king the team has been poor record, on a team into the playoffs also dates back to the distant of the 2005-06 season. That season, king the team array in the main control Wei or Mike Bibby. After the end of last season’s regular season journey, the king once again failed to enter the playoffs, but the general manager Divac but for the team has brought a new coach will be expected, Georgel – Dave. Earlier, Divac had said they want to be able to renew the contract with the team, and in the upcoming free agent market, the goal of the king’s team also surfaced, that is, Georgel’s old men Courtney – lee. According to the Bay Area News Group’s reporter James Hamm said in a podcast file: “as far as I know, king the team in the free agent market target is Courtney Lee NIKE KOBE 11 ELITE “MARK PARKER” MENS BASKETBALL SHOES FREE SHIPPING They like to Courtney Lee.” Courtney Lee on the season also played in Memphis, and then served as the Grizzlies coach from maintaining a very good generals relationship, but mid season, Courtney – Lee was team management of the transaction to the Hornets, and Jeremy Lin became teammates, and has a good wave. Was the Grizzlies traded in addition to Courtney Lee, and Jeff Green, the two transactions are not obtained from recognized this from very dissatisfied. Courtney Lee is 30 years old this year, he is a typical “3D” players, last season, Li Changjun can cut 9.6 points and 2.6 rebounds per game, his shooting percentage reached 45.4%, and one-third of the ball hit rate of 37.8%, but in the playoffs, Li one-third of the ball hit rate has been increased to 44.4%, for the Hornets’ playoff provides stable fire outside. In the 2012-13 season, was Courtney Lee and the Celtic team signed a contract for a period of 4 years worth $2135 million, after a season, he was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, and last season is his four-year contract last year, July 1, he will become an unrestricted self by the player. Courtney Lee is not a lack of the pursuit, but because of the existence of Georgel, presumably the king compared to other teams on him will have an additional appeal. But no matter where Courtney – Lee, the outside world is estimated in the wage cap rose in the background, Lee will be able to sign a period of 3-4 years, the annual salary of more than ten million contract. Author: Zhao Buchuan

[NBA] A De 25 minutes into the Spurs 4 number one note: this level of soft CBA.

May 2nd: the Spurs opened and the Rockets in the home court of the second round, the G1 they play mad, start a big deficit, Aldridge’s dismal performance, the contribution of only 4 points (2 / 7), 6 rebounds, the field efficiency value is only -36. The final spurs 99-126 fiasco, 0-1 behind. Round of the series, the Spurs beat the Rockets success, the key is not the only Leonard, Aldridge needs to play. In the past, rockets have pursued Aldridge for many years, so there is a lot of talk between them MEN BASKETBALL SHOES AIR JORDAN X RETRO AAA 234 NEW ARRIVAL But from today’s game situation, Aldridge’s performance is very bad. In addition to the opening and Leonard with the completion of a wave after the dunk, he rarely highlights. If the Spurs lead, then Aldridge play poor or tolerate space. But the Spurs behind 10+ points, Aldridge must score fire. However…… Aldridge’s performance was disappointing, offensive side, he was extremely weak, the slightest confrontation can not do, in the face of Anderson, Beverly, Cappella…… Aldridge has no confidence in anyone. Not only that, but Anderson can always shoot in front of him. See Aldridge so sluggish performance, the reporters also have Tucao, Bill – Simmons said: “if Aldridge Anderson can’t even play back the words, he is the time to play Chinese CBA league.” Throughout the first half, Aldridge played 20 minutes, two shots in the second, only 4 points, when he was on the pitch, the Spurs were net negative rockets points 31. Aldridge has complained to the media in the season, the Spurs were only 1 stars, but see their own performance, I do not know whether he felt blush? Into the second half, Aldridge seems to be struggling, facing Beverly’s defense, he was weak and feeble, even the ball also hold, was almost robbed, he is embarrassed to sit in it, eventually harden to pull him up. From the look of Aldridge, he was depressed. He only shot 1 times this season. See the diamond on the court and the Rockets clash, the reporter also joked that dedmon play in such a short time, however, has created a greater impact than Aldridge. Small game into garbage time, Popovich is also the first main hair off the court, Aldridge did not go on. For him, G2 how to prove yourself? This is a question. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] is the first person in history unanimously elected MVP library!

NBA officially announced that the Jinzhou warriors guard curry elected 2015-16 MVP season, won the MVP award. He won all 131 first votes (1310 points), a history of the NBA unanimously elected the first person. All points of view: spurs striker Leonard to 634 separated to second in the poll, Cavaliers forward LeBron James to 631 separated in third place, next in turn is Westbrook (486 points) and Kevin Durant (147). Stephen Curry’s successful reelection this award and become a player in NBA history 13th at least twice winning the MVP award, also he was also a magician Johnson and Steve Nash, only won MVP point guard. Although in the playoffs this year due to injury, played only 2 games, but Stephen curry award can be said to be no suspense. Because he’s been a really good performance this season. He is a regular season scoring and steals, averaging 30.1 points and 5.4 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 2.1 steals money. Curry’s player efficiency rating, contributed to the victory with value, true shooting rate are ranked first in the league, his shooting rate was 50.4%, three points hit rate was 45.4%, and the penalty kick hit rate was 90.8% is since Michael Jordan in 1992, the first averaged over 30, hit rate is over 50% of the guard. He also easily entered the “180 club””. At the same time Kuliben season total investment in 402 with three points, becoming the first single season three hits over 400 players. Last season he cast into 286 three points is a new record in the NBA, this season he is to increase the number to a staggering level. In February 28th the thunder game in the three ball 16 shots, tying the NBA single game three points hit record history. And he also voted in a row into a row of at least three to 10 points, becoming the first person in NBA. This is the reason why curry in the most improved player award in the fourth highest vote. Although he last season has reached the MVP level, but he is too much progress this season! Curry has become a historical first before the season MVP award, the next season but also in the fastest progress award ticket selected into the top 10 players. Of course, curry is not only excellent personal status. He also made warriors evolution as invincible. In the regular season made 73 wins and 9 negative record, breaking the 1995-96 bulls 72 wins record. Warriors in the season at the beginning, he won 24 straight NBA start record, and he makes his teammates better, even the Green said he could play such a comprehensive, thanks to the presence of curry. On the sidelines, curry’s influence is also growing, his merchandise in NBA online store sales surge 2.5 times, a record FREE SHIPPING PUBLIC SCHOOL X JORDAN HORIZON AJ13 “PSNY” BLACK/WHITE-PURE PLATINUM-ANTHRACITE And his jersey annual sales also dominate the United States 47 states, in popularity to catch up with Kobe, Lebron and Durant. Senior experts in the “Sports Illustrated” Lee Jenkins said: “NBA can completely during the all star in advance of the the award to library, in history never which MVP voting is so one-sided too.” A vote ranking: (rule: the first votes accumulated 10 points, second votes, third votes, 7 points, 5 points, fourth votes, fifth votes, 3 points, 1 points) the team first votes second votes third votes to fourth votes to fifth votes, –5434268634 Lebron Cleveland –4057349631 131——–1310 Leonard Wesbrook Sanantonio spurs integral Curitiba the Jinzhou warriors Oklahoma team –29372814486 Durant Oklahoma team –272232147 Paul of the Losangeles clippers –43937107 Green Jinzhou warriors –2–61850 game the Portland Trail Blazers —-14926 James Houston rockets —-1119 Lori Toronto Raptors ——136 of two, Kuliben season other achievements: 1, he became the fourth field 30+6+5+2 player in NBA history the rest. The three is Rick Barry (1974-75), Jordan (3) and Wade (2008-09). In 2, he became Rick Barry (1966-67) has a scoring champion. 3, he averaged 6.3 points higher than last season (23.8 points), which is the highest in the next year to enhance the record MVP players. 4, he created in the history of the NBA single game three points hit records in February 28, against the Oklahoma City Thunder games cast into the 12 three pointers (including over much lore).

[NBA] half flower ball interesting? Warrior is really “pit” after hanging fans

December 21st: NBA regular season continues, warriors vs. jazz. This once again become one-sided, half the difference is more than 20 points, third warriors had been sent off the bench at the end of the bench, the game is also very boring PD477369GH PANDORA MURANO GLASS BEADS RED STRIPES BEAUTIFUL ONLINE The last three games, the warriors have been arranged in the nation’s most watched game period, which is 11:30 Beijing time, the three consecutive opponents Nicks, Portland and jazz. The three teams are not weak, at least in the 5 games above, is thought to make the threat to the warriors, however: Nicks barely finished third, Portland is almost a day was spent, first day lost 18 points, the audience was cut by 45 points; the field of 4 wins fifth Western jazz, the result is still no resistance at all, half finished points directly to 22 points, the third section symbolic resistance a bit, then entered the show time belongs to the bench. A few days before the holiday choice ordinarily teams players are the fans and the media denouncing, a main reason is that “I spent 800 dollars you let me see the bench?” But now the situation has become a warrior huataijiaqian another version of the substitute: this field in Oakland Oracle center of the game, the opponent or the Western fifth, fans spent before MiKi alliance fares, the results saw 30 minutes of curry, Thompson and Green, Durant is playing only 25 minutes. But from the level of competition, is a relaxed all star level matches for winning has become a habit, like to see the real thing stars show fans to be disappointed a lot. Compared to the past two prominent record season this year, men may not be able to continue to create 73 wins success, but the overall strength, the strength is stronger than in the past two years. Warriors this victory matches slue, but sometimes slip. Do not know whether to continue to swing every fans buy expensive tickets, but today the game exciting offensive cheering, other than the site to voice down a lot, it It is quite common for fans. Author: Li more

[NBA]LBJ is no longer dead! This time the guards are together.

Knight beat the Toronto Raptors won the Eastern Conference finals, LeBron career 7 times into the finals, and for the Cavs, which is their second straight season into the finals. Last season, LeBron James return to the knights in the first quarter, despite his side have two giants of Lufkin, Irwin helper, but three people running up and then in Miami and Chris Bosh, Wade cooperation or difference is very big. In how to play their respective roles, how to sacrifice, how to integrate into the team, the whole knight has experienced a long process of adaptation. Especially their coach, Blatter, is also a rookie manager. Even so, the knight is still in the finals. Unfortunately, Loew in the first round and Celtic G4 shoulder injury, an early end to the season, which affected the their combat capability. Worse, in the finals of the G1, Irwin fractures of the patella, also claims the season, knight can only rely on LeBron a person in charge. Desperate to LeBron. In the finals blasted 35 PUMA BAYLEE FUTURE CAT II WOMENS SHOES BLACK ORANGE DISCOUNT 4PX5ZCF 8 points, 13.3 rebounds, 8.8 assists and 1.3 steals the strong data, but shuangquannandi four hands. In the end he was defeated the warriors. And this season, last season and different, Loew, Irwin experienced a season of growth are more mature, especially the Loew, he in the integration of the game has obvious progress, although the personal data of the regular season last season and is almost the same, but playoffs, his performance have improved a lot, the presence of both scoring, rebounds, offensive rebounds, three points hit rate of progress. The most important is that he has always maintained a healthy. Although there are a number of small injuries on the field, but compared to last season’s reimbursement, has been a huge progress. Irwin is the same, although the regular season he experienced the return from injury of the struggle, between LeBron and also don’t gossip, but after the run in the majority of the season, between the giant has each other to win the trust. The playoffs, Ecuador Wenchang averaged 24.3 points, 2.5 rebounds, 5 assists and 1.5 steals, shooting rate 47.9%, three points hit rate of 45.6%, besides the backboard several other compared to the previous season significantly improved. Similarly, he also maintained a healthy state, the knight squad has been very complete. For LeBron, this time he did not himself again to carry the dead, Loew, Irving. There a group of excellent role players, like LeBron said to myself as. In fact, he did not feel the playoff experienced any adversity, he knew that one day you will play a “full Chan” in the performance. However, before that. He doesn’t need to contribute to their own can fix everything. Author: Qiao Tete

The [NBA]2 group number tells you how hot push G7

Fans know Warriors strong popularity, the football market is hot, in the eyes of many American fans, warriors fans enthusiasm to in the fans of thirty teams ranked in the top three. This year in the Western Conference finals, they’ve been in a 3 behind the impasse, but relying on extraordinary tenacity and godlike, abruptly will level the score. Many people assert that G6 is bound to be a game that will go down in history. G6 like this, then G7 it? To match the fascinating degree of expectations, inspire the enthusiasm of the ticket. It is reported that the Pacific Standard Time in the afternoon 5 points (earlier today), warriors officially opened sales for the G7 remaining tickets, the fare from $230 to 2150 dollars, all tickets in less than sold out within five minutes of time. The warriors of hot, push G7 high degree of concern, so remarkable. And these swarms of buyers, as well as the number of cattle, touts, they dominate the ticketing resources will pinch quasi fans see ball anxious state of mind, crazy speculation fare will eventually fare fry an incredible level PD573985JC PANDORA CRYSTALLISED SNOWFLAKE PENDANT CHARM LASTEST Those fans who did not buy the official ticket, they can only turn to cattle sites. A fan to see push the G7, in cattle website bought two tickets, each ticket prices are $2.9 million, two tickets, equivalent to about 38 million. On the one hand, we have to feeling the fans of the “tyrant”, spend 38 million watching, is certainly not bad money; on the other hand, G7 concern the high degree, is truly staggering, unexpectedly have people hesitate to spend so heavily, only to watch a less than three hours (without overtime basketball game. Interesting is, today earlier, NBA official Facebook account has begun to total sales of tickets for the finals, against both sides is warriors and knights, this also let a lot of conspiracy theory person caught a pretext. However, this has been proved to be the staff of the unintentional. However, it is anticipated that the warriors finals, will be more popular, ticket prices will certainly be fired on a new height. It is worth mentioning that this is only a microcosm of the warriors fans crazy move. The warriors season ending the war against the Grizzlies, the game will determine whether they will be able to get 73 wins. In order to witness the history, there was a fan borrowing $3900 (about 25666 yuan), drove 3027 miles (about 4871 km), only to see the game. Author: Small Red Army

[NBA]1 against the whole world? LBJ and pathos male

The end of the NBA finals G2 warriors clash, 110-77 victory, showing the absolute strength DISCOUNT NIKE KOBE 11 FTB “BLACK MAMBA” BLACK/BLACK-METALLIC GOLD And the knight doesn’t seem to beat the warriors at all, most of the time by Lebron. Lebron played 34 minutes, scored 19 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists, 4 steals, of course also had 7 turnovers. Don’t look at LeBron playing time only 34 minutes. This is because early in the game by hitting the flower, distal is garbage time, so their main is not necessary to a knight to give up in advance. If the scene is fierce, Lebron still have to continue on the field and when the father and when the mother, playing time no 40 points is absolutely impossible. From the point of view of the course of the game, today is the G1 amplified version, the Knights of the big three only LeBron a person in the battle, or scenes from the point of view, LeBron is the only person show combat effectiveness, Loew, Irving or is occasionally a shooting, most of the time are to act as a defensive loopholes, or is the shot peening. This directly caused great pressure on Lebron. During this year’s playoffs, Knight downwind smooth, before the two are a comfortable 4-0 sweep, and indeed showed dominance in eastern and some games is the ball play superbly, often create single game 3 ball hits record. It allows many rider fans shouting full Zhan, full lineup knight is terrible, the finals they can put last season’s champion rob back, can achieve “, if the knight tidy line-up, the warriors absolutely can not take the championship” if the theory. But the fact is cruel and full lineup of the knight than last season ‘s finals canzhen knights, they two warriors explode, process or season, LeBron a battle. As the reporter Tim – slip Kami said: “Lebron against the world.” Only LeBron James Knight nature is not so terrible, warriors out of the “mini version of the Jordan rules”, they with a long arm defender to containment him, rotated coverage in place, the audience forced him to seven turnovers, so chelunzhan down, LeBron can not tired? Looking at the Irvine today 14 shots in only 10 points, Loew 2-7 shooting only 5 points, but also hurt the status quo, LeBron must have a deep frustration. Author: Qiao Tete