[NBA] youngest 70 points sir! The age of 20 years, the history of the formation of a half point Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang record

March 25th report: Beijing time on March 25th, the sun lost to Celtic 120-130 AUTHENTIC PANDORA GOLD PLATING SCREW THREAD EPIDEMIC PURPLE MURANO GLASS BEAD CLEARANCE SALE German – 40 Booker cast 21, 26 penalty 24 scored 70 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, set a new record, scoring suns history scoring record, also set a single game this season scoring record at the same time, the sun has become the youngest team in the history of 40 points, 50 points, 60 and 70 mr.. At present, he is only 20 years old, and he is the only one of the top 70 points in the history of Kobe, with Chamberlain,, Thompson, Beller, and Robinson, as well as on the side of the NBA. On a single field to get 70+ players, or Kobe in 2006 81 points. At the same time, he also became the 60 / 70 Mr. NBA’s youngest, previously the youngest record is David Thompson (23 years and 270 days), Jordan, Tracy McGrady scored 60 points have been the first time at the age of 24, Kobe first got 60 points is already 27 years old, Booker record it it is terrible. Buck in the first half and there is no such outbreak momentum, a total of 19 points. He played in the first half of the game was only 1 points, the sun is also the opponent by beating a wave of 22-3. But at the end of the season, he led a wave of 11-4 (he got 9 points in one person) to save some face. In the first section of the maximum of up to 20 minutes behind, indicating the strength of the gap. But in the second half, Booker suddenly broke out in the third quarter start basket singles layup, also caused a foul; back face three double shine into the correct call to 2+1; 3 minutes and 54 seconds, pulling three points hit dry pick; 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the trial step jump easy singles hit. In this section as he scored in the final 13 seconds cut melon vegetable, and continuous variable to Huang, facing a defender in the jumper. Because Booker broke 23 points in this section, and finally let the sun’s single score to win the opponent, but even so, they are still behind the more than 17 points. Wait until the fourth quarter, Booker did not relax the rhythm of the score, once the difference narrowed to 11 points. But the Celtics rely on the small Thomas to stabilize the situation, although in 7 minutes after the buck, and even a man cut the score of 7 points, but the sun simply can not defend opponents. As time went on, the Celtics held on to victory, but buck did not end, but continued to refresh the record. The fans are also very investment, when the referee canceled Booker’s three points, so that his total score from the back of the 61 of the time, many Boston fans have begun to hiss referee, it is not too much fun to see the big thing. Wait until the end of the game, the sun was deliberately set aside for the buck brush attack, although in the last 3 minutes behind the score, but the man continued to score the performance of the game, in the 1 minutes and 19 seconds to vote for a score of three. He took 7 goals in the last 1 minutes, which shows the high efficiency. But it still can not affect the situation of the game, the Celtics in the final victory in the bag. Author: Kewell