[NBA] VS for 2-0 team rider Lebron Toronto

5 July 19 reported: the Cleveland Cavaliers at home get the Eastern Conference finals opener, on the 20th they will continue to stay at home against the Toronto Raptors. LeBlanc has to play the role of leader led the team, Irwin and Loew to provide support for him, the Cavaliers to remain strong for a 2-0 win again. Raptors in the opener fiasco, Lori and DeMar Derozan to efforts to promote the team rebound, they want on the road showed a stronger competitiveness, for the total score tied. (live Beijing time on May 20 8:30 Quicken Loans arena ESPN television /CCTV-5) Eastern Conference finals first Cavaliers offense feeling hot, under the leadership of LeBron James and Steve Irwin’s they won a victory, and successfully got the Eastern Conference finals opener. Knights in the first 55.4% of the shooting hit rate, they get 56 points in the paint, only three 7 points into the ball. Cleveland postseason record variable was 9 wins and 0 losses, they in the eastern conference show strong dominance and the World War II the Cavaliers to sits at home, their goal is to fight for victory won 2-0 SUPER DEALS ADIDAS NEO MEN BLACK WHITE DCA5M “First they let us more to attack inside,” Lebron said, “we try to take advantage of this. I always say we are not a jump shooting team is a balanced team, ability according to the course of the game to play, have the ability to make adjustment. ” The Knights are the first team to win 9 games in the first games since the 2012 Sanantonio spurs, when the Spurs lost to the thunder in a row to 4 games before, to get the first 10 playoff victory. LeBron is pleased with the team at home get off to a good start, but he was very clear this is a seven game series, the Cavaliers will face greater challenges. As a team leader, LeBron to play more aggressive, he wants to efforts in the offensive play a more important role, especially when the Cavs offense encounter obstacles, other teammates lost time, LeBron to assume more responsibility. Besides Lebron, the Cavaliers also need the two leaders, Loew Irwin contribution. Irwin is Cleveland postseason scoring, he is extremely sharp team a point of attack, he wants to give LeBron enough support, the team needs him staying on the offensive. Loew is the same, he in a short time has scored a strong explosive force, once the handle can be found outside the three-point line, the Cavaliers offensive would more terrible. Of course, the Cavs can in the playoffs this year all the way straight, not only would like to thank three star players, their role players also have good contribution, like Smith, Channing Frye, dellavedova, Thompson et al have very good play, Smith, Frye is outside there is a threat to the point of attack, Thompson in the paint has strong impact force, he wants to continue in the inside to Raptors trouble. For the Raptors, losing first and not accept the results, the main or defeat bring a blow to the morale of the team. Lori, one of the team leaders, lost again, which affected the team’s competitiveness. For the Raptors, to second for a visit, they have to fight for a rebound, the most important thing is to return to quasi Lori. Lori is an important reason for the team’s playoff ups and downs, they want to give the knight team to create more trouble, Lori is the key. In February the Air Canada Centre against the Cavaliers, Lori had a career high 43 points, in his first battle and DeMar Derozan has not been a free throw opportunities. When Lori was in bad condition, his replacement Joseph did not play its due role. “We must to with the decisive battle of the mind to race and show proper attack,” Lowry said. “I think in the first battle of the terminal, we will show that.” In addition to Lori. Derozan in attack to give the team more help, raptors also need to have more people to come forward. Carol not only to put pressure on the defense, Lebron, he also played a certain role in the attack. Inside the valance Yunus has recovered only 50%, the second field almost impossible to return, which means billon Bo to inside for more contributions. Patterson, Scola also needs to have the play, the Raptors coach Casey can consider more opportunities for Scola, his experience will make some trouble to Lufkin. The regular season against the Raptors 2-1 leading the Cavaliers, but their success is to get from the home court. In the regular season the Cavaliers home win the Raptors 2 times, swept through the first two rounds of the means that the Cavaliers, for the past 33 days only played eight games, their physical fitness without any problems, they want to use it to to the impact of the opponent. The two sides starting lineup Raptors: Lori, DeMar Derozan, Carol, Patterson, Knight of the Bi Yongbo team: Irwin, Smith, LeBron, Loew, Thompson Author: Evan is expected