[NBA] Lebron: there is no short cut to defending the title. It’s a top priority to stay healthy.

According to the October 25th report: “Cleveland honest newspaper” reported that Nicks and New York Cavaliers will usher in the opener on October 25th local time at home court. At the same time, they will be held in the evening of last season’s championship ring ceremony. The Cavaliers kept almost intact on the season championship team, the new season they aimed at defending. And for the new season, the Knights of the star James – Lebron is quite calm, he said the title of the road and there is no short cut to go, to successfully defend the words, to maintain health will be the most important thing. From the end of last season’s finals in June to the beginning of the new season opener, fans have experienced a long period of waiting. In this regard, Lebron said: “our fans from the last game, has been waiting for three or four months, or even longer. Every team wants to get the championship trophy in the opening game of the new season. So, our fans will be very excited.” This season, the Cavaliers’ regular season opener on October 25th, and ending the war is April 13th (local). The prospect of the new season of the knight team is also generally optimistic. First of all, Lebron’s team has six consecutive years to reach the NBA finals, his dominance in doubt. In addition, the famous Gambling company Bovada’s prediction, the chance of winning the knight team also second only to the Jinzhou warriors. So, the knight can achieve defending it? In this regard, Lebron seemed very calm, he said: “there is no shortcut to this process, you can not now go to the next April things. This process, there is no way to shorten the trip MEN’S NIKE SHOX R6 SHOES GREY/SILVER/BLACK/RED LASTEST We have to get better every day, to form a good habit. And to achieve the title, it is clear that the overall health of the team is a big thing.” The Cavaliers also maximize the integrity of the winning team. In addition to the retirement of the mo – Williams and has just been laid off Deng Taiwan – Jones, the other members of the team almost all in the team. First, Lebron Irwin, Loew, Tristan, Thompson and JR- Smith in all five main columns. While the bench, Della Vedova and Mozgov has to leave, but Dunleavy and Anderson also added into the “bird”. As a substitute for concussion Irwin feld missed the opener, and Schubert will replace his role. For the opener, tyronn Lue said: “it was an emotional night, if the winner of emotional instability, I will arrange those who haven’t got the ring player.” Author: Hu Hu