[NBA] Green: I return harden foul is the innovation of many players like me

December 5th: previously, Jinzhou warriors forward Drummond Green said in an interview that James harden layup foul action is an unconventional action”. These remarks caused harden fast, he conducted a comeback ONLINE PANDORA SMILING SUN GOLD BEAD CLEARANCE SALE Harden said, his layup foul action is very natural, but also a new moves to create their own, a lot of players in the League to imitate. In a game against the Houston rockets, Green offensive foul by Harden in the final overtime period under the basket, he kicked in the fall to Harden’s face, then the referee whistled for a foul Green 1. This blow has become the key to the outcome of the game. After the game, Green for referees in discontent, attacked the referee I did not forget to harden to pull water: “if you say this is my body reaction of non normal, so I’m not to harden disrespect, his layup to find your arm, I also had not seen from. This behavior also isn’t a normal body reaction, but also not a basketball category body reaction.” Layup fouls can be said to be one of the trick harden, he was not happy for Green’s speech. Harden said: “I do not think that their actions are not natural. For me, I just break layup when hands layup, your coach is taught. If you grab my arm, you’re a foul on me. In the basketball game, in any basketball league, this is very natural.” Harden also believes that his foul action is an innovative move. Harden said: “there are some players in the League to imitate me this action. I don’t want to name names. However, I do have a lot of people in imitation of the action, the impact of the basket, making physical contact, etc.. This is an innovative move, this is a technology enough to make others look up to. For me, it’s a great feeling.” In this season, the Rockets team’s new coach Dantoni, harden ushered in a season of personal occupation career data outbreak. So far this season, harden averaged 28.3 points and 7.6 rebounds and 11.8 assists. At the same time, the Houston rockets record of 13 wins and 7 losses. Author: Hu Hu