[NBA] Weiss’s wild to accelerate the “murder” of Mills

Thunder and the Spurs of the heavenly king mountain war to enter the white hot, in the third quarter with a road behind up double-digit, thunder in the latter part of the catch up, score extension near. Westbrook’s performance in a fast break is one of the thunder wave, chasing the true portrayal of, in the breakthrough in Weiss completely shake down the mills NIKE ROSHE RUN JUNIOR MENS RED BLACK SILVER SHOES FOR SALE The breakthrough occurred in 4 minutes left in the third quarter, when Westbrook grab rebounds, holding a person to achieve a fast break, reached the San Antonio area in, Wes fast in moving completed the a variable to Spurs defense player mills was completely shake down, two people in the whole process didn’t happen any physical contact. Twitter users exclaimed after seeing the ball: “Mills was murdered.” From the video, mills seem to have the idea of making an offensive foul, but Wes to get a surprise, on the soles of the feet of the mix garlic fell legs in the air. Author: nihil