[NBA] third overall draft night was booed! Anji: Nash was not to be optimistic to the point of time

Draft rally in yesterday’s draft, when the Celtics 3rd choice to sign the jaren – brown when, in the Boston Garden Arena also appeared on the boos, this Celtics president Danny Ainge said he didn’t care. “I will enjoy it, which, if I like the city of Boston as,” Ainge in U.S. local time on Friday said. “Fans will be very happy when you play a game that is not safe, and when you’re out of the three, fans are going to be there, and that’s normal. What makes me happy is the passion of the Boston fans.” “Of course, the only thing I don’t like reflect this looks like to Jorunn (Ross), in fact, boo was directed at me, it seems to be saying, ‘we don’t like your choice’, which for me is no problem, but the only thing I want to say is, please give (brown) a chance. Let us wait for a year, then hush, please don’t make it hissed in his name just announced.” Anji also pointed out that the reaction of the fans should never is the evaluation of the most important indicators of a player, Anji with Steve Nash and Marion, for example, the two in the Suns play outstanding player on draft night had heard jeers. After the draft, Anji is already put his attention all concentrated in the upcoming free agents on the market, “I think everyone will look forward to the emergence as big of a deal,” Ainge said FREE SHIPPING NIKE KD 7 SHOES PINK PURPLE “We’ve been trying to do some business, but some of the work is really hard, and we don’t have to do it doesn’t mean we didn’t try it, just as many years ago I tried to sign Durant Kevin.” “We’re not afraid to do business,” said Anji. “If you know the Celtics, you should know that we are not afraid to trade, we just don’t want to make a mistake. This is a great responsibility, I this very seriously, we will continue to work hard, strive to make some big deal, hope fans will send cheers, rather than hiss. ” Author: Zhao Buchuan