[NBA] probability is much smaller in the library with a throw of basketball cards after the board had to change the ball

May 7th report: in today’s game against the warriors in the third game, curry in the foul after a throw, basketball is stuck in the back of the bracket. The third quarter with 1 minutes and 32 seconds, the attack was converted Curitiba Phevos foul, then he picked a throw, but the ball will be thrown into the backboard, directly stuck in the bracket. Van Gundy and Mark on the scene – – with emotion: “this probability is much smaller, so they had to change the ball.” “” “” ” GIRLS AIR JORDAN 12 CHERRY RED WHITE FOR SALE BRAND NEW ” After the staff handed back the ball, the library with a backup ball will be stuck in the plate after the ball hit down, and then he executed free throws, two penalty all.