[NBA\] Green: 73 wins and won the championship is a different mission

“Today America” news, this season, warriors created the unprecedented 73 wins, but for green, the number now no meaning FOOTWEAR ADIDAS ORIGINALS STAN SMITH VULC “It’s not important right now.” Green said, 73 wins is 73 wins. It doesn’t have anything to do with chasing the championship. The pursuit of the championship is a completely different mission.” “I have said before, when we open this season, 73 wins is not our goal, we are not holding to 73 wins and play this season. We are not saying ‘Oh, my God, if we can not win the championship, then the 73 wins? We have enough pressure to fight for the championship.” Warriors took 73 wins, but if the final did not win, then the 73 wins is equal to lose half of the significance. Warriors of the regular season performance is very good, it should not be denied, but there is a total of 73 wins in the season is the real success, and this is the pressure of their own warriors. In addition, last season’s finals, warriors beat the Cavaliers, Knight array without Irwin, Loew, this time, the knight tidy line-up, so warriors and this one thing to prove, namely again beat again complete Centaur knight. But people may not have thought of, the warrior is not the same season the fledgling, in one fell swoop beat various opponents to win the champion, as 73 wins that, like them in the Western Conference finals reversal of the performance, they than last season better. Curry, Thompson, Green, they were all better than last season, clever and complete. “We have to understand the mentality of the other teams to play at our home and we have to be aware of what we are going to do when we play at home.” Iguodala said, they will come up with the best of the state and efforts to fight us. And we have to stay focused and go all out for every game. Because we are the targets of others. I think we made a great adjustment in this respect, and we took a hit, and made a response.” Author: Qiao Tete