The [NBA] alliance is Curitiba water? Three minutes of rain poured

Beijing time in May 12th, the warriors at home 125-121 victory over the pioneers, with the total score of 4-1 to qualify for the Western Conference finals. Curry out again performing with the guards, 10 of 20 shooting cut 29 points and 11 assists, including in the fourth quarter final 24.9 seconds in Antiaris three points, one arranged warriors at 7 points, ending the Blazers hope. Curry dropped into the key third high degree of difficulty, he dribbles to the outside, several dribble handoff in an attempt to create the space, although not completely get rid of the opponent, but he still very confident shot and simply hit, the ball again to make push special experts and journalists exclaim unceasingly. In the library just resurfaced G4, he in overtime scored 17 points, has attracted numerous worship. Today, his unreasonable third also makes all the people again. Basketball reporter Garcia – Bob said: “how to prevent this kind of ball?” The reporter John Ireland also said: “Aminu did not believe Curitiba will be shot, let alone will be thrown into. Cattle X.” Rocket reporter Calvin – Watkins feeling is also very simple, he wrote: “MVP.” Expert Eric Pincus wrote: “Stephen is completely with rhythm investment, this is a bad shot selection, but Stephen have all cheating.” This reporter – Gulliver also wrote: “even the ball staff will vote MVP should vote for him……” Sun reporter Peter Vecsey said: “I would like to announce that library will triple Zhuang MVP, but I’m afraid Riley will come up and stop me…” Basketball expert Wade – Jia Ruide said: “Stephen is God, 90 years of the superstar is enough. Stephen five legs dribble after Yang three points hit rate to 60%, Barkley is estimated at the free throw line hit rate of 30% NIKE LEBRON 13 GRADE SCHOOL SHOES SUDDEN IMPACT CHRISTMAS DEALS HZPKRWC ” Buckley, Tracy McGrady and the old players remarks had been friends ridiculed, expert Dan – Woyike also said: “alliance is the water that is entirely by Library of one-third of the rain watered.” Expert Vincent goodville, also known as: “we are witnessing a very special player, can not talk about what alliance water injection, and the old boys of the fist protest it?” Author: Kewell