[NBA] A De 25 minutes into the Spurs 4 number one note: this level of soft CBA.

May 2nd: the Spurs opened and the Rockets in the home court of the second round, the G1 they play mad, start a big deficit, Aldridge’s dismal performance, the contribution of only 4 points (2 / 7), 6 rebounds, the field efficiency value is only -36. The final spurs 99-126 fiasco, 0-1 behind. Round of the series, the Spurs beat the Rockets success, the key is not the only Leonard, Aldridge needs to play. In the past, rockets have pursued Aldridge for many years, so there is a lot of talk between them. But from today’s game situation, Aldridge’s performance is very bad. In addition to the opening and Leonard with the completion of a wave after the dunk, he rarely highlights. If the Spurs lead, then Aldridge play poor or tolerate space. But the Spurs behind 10+ points, Aldridge must score fire. However…… Aldridge’s performance was disappointing, offensive side, he was extremely weak, the slightest confrontation can not do, in the face of Anderson, Beverly, Cappella…… Aldridge has no confidence in anyone. Not only that, but Anderson can always shoot in front of him. See Aldridge so sluggish performance, the reporters also have Tucao, Bill – Simmons said: “if Aldridge Anderson can’t even play back the words, he is the time to play Chinese CBA league.” Throughout the first half, Aldridge played 20 minutes, two shots in the second, only 4 points, when he was on the pitch, the Spurs were net negative rockets points 31. Aldridge has complained to the media in the season, the Spurs were only 1 stars, but see their own performance, I do not know whether he felt blush? Into the second half, Aldridge seems to be struggling, facing Beverly’s defense, he was weak and feeble, even the ball also hold, was almost robbed, he is embarrassed to sit in it, eventually harden to pull him up. From the look of Aldridge, he was depressed. He only shot 1 times this season. See the diamond on the court and the Rockets clash, the reporter also joked that dedmon play in such a short time, however, has created a greater impact than Aldridge. Small game into garbage time, Popovich is also the first main hair off the court, Aldridge did not go on. For him, G2 how to prove yourself? This is a question NEW JORDAN AIR SPIKE 40 FORTY PE “TOTAL ORANGE” TOTAL ORANGE/GAME ROYAL-WHITE TOP DEALS RFDYJG Author: Qiao Tete