[NBA] George: I stand at Indianapolis end with a wish of Byrd occupation career

February 23rd: at the trade deadline before the arrival of Paul, George was also involved in trade rumors, YAHOO sports reported the Pacers are willing to listen to offers, and if George in 2018 as a free agent, and may even join the home team the Lakers for walkers, they may prefer to use George for valuable chips. But in today’s pedestrian training, George appeared as usual, and his attitude in an interview, obviously tend to leave the team. George said he believes that after the closing date of the transaction, he will still be wearing the Pacers jerseys, and when asked whether he would like to finish the whole life of the Pacers, he said: “I would like to.” A reporter said, in the all star weekend, George told the Pacers boss Dave Simon to dinner, but the atmosphere is very good, George is not an ultimatum to leave. George’s remarks also confirmed this point, he said he is now focused on the goal is to help the team to turn the corner. “I don’t have to pay attention to what the trade rumors now, but to try to help the team to play better in the second half.” George also said that the team president Larry Byrd contacted her, that his attitude is still with the open season, that he is also want George to stay in the Pacers (after Byrd had made it clear that willing to sign George). “I’d like to stay here, and I have a good communication with management Y-3 Y3 QASA HIGH 2016 AQ2544 ” George said, “I (Gen Bode) is one of the.” Look at the trade deadline, George is unlikely to leave. Although this season he expressed dissatisfaction with the status quo of the team, but still have confidence in the management, willing to tide over the difficulties. As for the future of the free market, it is already a distant problem. Author: Kewell