[NBA]76 people are willing to bid farewell to the two potential insider trading Okafor

Because of many years of bad accumulated costs, the Philadelphia 76 people have a great potential in the array of young people now. After being selected has not played the game’s center Nebid is expected to play in the new season, but from the European genius inside Saric – Dario also possible landing in the new season NBA. In addition, the 76 team if you use the number one pick selected LSU’s Ben Simmons. The young teenager can also play the big vanguard. Coupled with the existing team of noel and Okafor, a team of 76 people inside can be used to describe the overcrowding. Previously, there have been reports that the 76ers to trading away a noel and Emeka Okafor, that other young inside room. According to the Philadelphia local news media, compared with Noel, a team of 76 people are more likely to send okafor. Emeka Okafor in this season can be 76 person of team play 30 NIKE ZOOM KOBE 6 NEW COLORWAYS BASKETBALL SHOES AUTHENTIC 0 minutes, hand over 17.5 points and 7.0 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1.2 blocks of the beautiful data. But since then trapped in the knee injuries, Oka Fukumoto regular season a total of only 76 people played 53 games season for reimbursement. However, Okafor recently came good news. According to him, he will soon be able to participate in unlimited basketball training. And in addition, Okafor also selected the United States men’s basketball team selection list, which is undoubtedly a certainty for his personal ability. Okafor said: “I am very eager to return to the stadium.” Noel is Okafor’s inside partner in this season. This season, averaging 29.3 minutes played, can contribute 11.1 points and 8.1 rebounds, 1.8 steals and 1.5 blocks. A combination of noel and Okafor is not successful, this is the 76 person team hopes to reason them apart. The 76 people are more inclined to trade Okafor, it is entirely out of the hope of greater returns for the purpose of. For other teams, Okafor’s excellent and solid interior offensive ability is absolutely enough to attract. However, according to the coalition sources, the 76 team is also very difficult to get a satisfactory return from the Okafor deal, because the whole league each team knows that 76 people are selling their inside players. Previously, there was news that the 76ers hope with Noel to deal the Atlanta Hawks headed control guard Jeff Teague. 76 team’s Super Center Nebid injury recovery is good, Nebid himself is claiming to have been completely recovered. It is understood that the end of Germany is expected in the next season opener on personal occupation career debut. However, after 76 senior team Konon Gillo in an interview revealed that Nebid is unlikely to play in the summer league match. Author: Hu Hu