[NBA] more handsome: the championship team had to dig deep

June 6, reported: “Oklahoma newspaper” news, thunder over the journey of the season, although not to the finals, but their performance or let people respect. Coach Donovan told the interview, talked about some of his gains and thunder most need to strengthen what aspects of the future. When it comes to the thunder in the playoffs, Donovan said: “from the all star weekend after the return, we obviously caught up in the struggle, and we are very good against the team. I have said before, I think our team needs to go through this stage, so that we can reach our greatest potential. I think everyone in the playoffs is talking about the point is that the Mavericks are sick, injury is very serious. But they played a very physical confrontation, to give us a lot of challenges.” “Our team is very capable of a rebound, the more difficult, the more able to rebound. Because the players are very competitive. When you are in the strength of the playoffs, you will naturally raise your level. And the last 13 games we are obviously against the two most great teams in this league.” “What do I think the team needs to do to overcome obstacles and solve the last 3 games? I don’t think so. I take next season as a different season. We need to start all over again. I think the players experience the process is a very good experience, Witters, Kanter, Adams, Robertson, obtained the experience, even Payne, he didn’t in the playoffs in how to fight, but in the middle of the season also got the opportunity. I like our young players very much SUPER DEALS MEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 1 ULTRA ESSENTIAL I hope they can start next season as a foundation and continue to improve.” “I think we have to understand that the team has a strong depth of depth in the interior. You see those we win the game, we have the advantage of a rebound. You look at the last few games, the rebounds gap is not so big. So this is what we need to go up another notch.” “I think this series is forcing us to dig deeper. I think we have this ability. If you want to be more ambitious, you have to be patient for a while. In the end, this kind of patient is likely to help you overcome obstacles and reach the next level.” Author: Qiao Tete