[NBA] exposure Kobe agent into the Lakers GM number one candidate KB will return to management?

February 22nd: the minibus with Jones and Kupchak class, the new housekeeper Magic Johnson is looking for a new general manager of wildly beating gongs and drums. According to the bleachers reporter Kevin – Ding and YAHOO name recorded in the news broke, the current leader of the Lakers is the manager of the role of many years of the broker’s card, Palin, Mr. Werner Rawski. In addition, the candidate target of another famous agent Arne Tellem is the Lakers, and he is Palin before Kobe’s agent card. The 47 year old Palin was attending the University of Michigan card, Michigan tigers teammates. After he joined the ranks of a number of brokers, agents NBA player positions, since 2003, he represented 16 lottery rookie. Including Drummond harden and the stars of the future. Palin now has 24 cards in hand NBA player resources, including Rockets guard James harden and Eric – Gordon, Iguodala, the warriors joined the heat’s Derek Williams, and just for the exchange of cousins Hilde. One of the most famous, than Kobe, as Kobe’s 20 year broker, Palin card is not only more partners, is a good teacher. Kobe in Eagle County in crisis, Palin repeatedly to help him solve the card side chores, and in 2004 Kobe became a free agent, rumors, and Palin card speak, single handedly help Kobe complete the contract, but also the achievements of the 20 years he only played a team of brilliant. The magician of the invitation, nature and Kobe will not get off the hook. Magician had previously said that if he is in charge of the Lakers, will invite Kobe to join the management. This time you get to sign Palin card, then Kobe also joined the management is the point the day and await for it. After the magician took office, he gave a positive hint of the problem, he hopes Kobe can play in the Lakers to deal with the relationship between players. Kobe is likely to occupy a position in the management of the Lakers in the near future DISCOUNT DWYANE WADE CHICAGO BULLS #3 NEW SWINGMAN ALTERNAT BLACK JERSEY Author: Li more