[FOOTBALL] bad! Wenger once Boro was not a good birthday has been beating”

October 23rd: arsenal against Middlesbrough on the same day, Wenger is just 67 years old birthday, the previous two Arsenal play league in Professor birthday have won, and the team has won six consecutive Premiership team round, is best, the Gunners applied a victory to the teacher a gift. However, the current round of shizaibide the home court failed to get promoted, but almost Yitong chaos boxing killed grandfather, fortunately Cech hanging open only to avoid losing home court. Because of the poor performance of Arsenal are in many ways, the first is not the whole line-up, Cazorla in the week in the Champions League opponents kick, Wenger didn’t want to risk him so El replaced neni first, because the last round of Zaka red card automatic suspension is also out to undertake the two transition into a defender Kirkland and El neni two people, two Arsenal after transfer his ability to pass the weakest, obviously this drag on the attack with Arsenal and organization, after Cech also said: “we are not passing accuracy of the usual standard.” The second is Mesut Ozil played in the blues, Sanchez can still make some threats, but the last two games, scoring four goals in Mesut Ozil but not the Champions League this week with a hat trick at the site. Luck is not standing on the German side, when the stage in front of him grab a shot on goal, but not yet could you see a flag to celebrate the offside, the penalty is no problem, Mesut Ozil has no physical deficiencies before withdrawing force plug, so drag behind the defense. After several key players of Arsenal continuous fighting, really need to be adjusted because of injury Giroux missed more games, Wenger on the new center Lucas Peres is not at ease, so Sanchez played almost no chance to rest for the Champions League game against lowly, Lu Reitz will have no chance to leave away. The same little rotation and Mesut Ozil this season, the team’s top scorer Walcott Mesut Ozil and Chamberlain et al can be replaced, no one can replace, from the end of August to now in addition to the Carling Cup and the league and the Champions League will be changed the rest two times around 10 minutes, almost every play for 90 minutes! After a battle against Burnley in stoppage time lucky ball to win the last round of controversy, thrilling 3-2 victory over Swansea, already gave Arsenal a wake-up call, but the week in the Champions League and the League tied the first victory over Manchester City, seems to let the players and relaxed, the first half has not entered the state, the three team shot as a man, Negri shot a few times, Middlesbrough center first half shot four times! The second half substitutions Bianzhen to strengthen the offensive team, but Middlesbrough had retreated after all a bad shooter has been difficult to break the iron bucket. The longevity of Wenger on the sidelines is very anxious, he went to play Middlesbrough’s performance has been less than ideal, two teams in the last six league wins battle record is a negative no advantage in siping PINK CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR PUNK SKULL PIRATE WOMEN SHOES TOP DEALS Arsenal are often encountered Middlesbrough strange situation, such as the two teams clash in 2001 when Arsenal lost home court each other, Edu and Sylvinho two gunmen players in the same game scoring goals! Middlesbrough last 19 Away League games only once in the field of clean sheets, but let the Premier League second arsenal could not break, let Wenger had a dismal birthday. Author: Morrow