[NBA]: Toronto is willing to pay the animal Toronto renewal

The Raptors in the summer facing many uncertain, because a number of the main rotation players may enter into the market, leaving the team. But because last season’s success, at least for now, no one wants to leave the idea revealed. Promising skyrocketed billom Bo in an interview recently once again on the team loyalty. His season’s salary of less than $300 million, but now his salary may rise to about 17 million, for harder Derozan to renew the Raptors undoubtedly the pressure is not small. But billom Bo said he is willing to take less money for the team. “To tell the truth, I want to. We still have unfinished goals, and it’s really interesting to be able to go to the Eastern Conference finals with this team, and the next season will be even more interesting.” “Negotiations will always work hard to achieve results UNDER ARMOUR CURRY 1 LOW PURPLE BLUE RED SNEAKER DISCOUNT I say this with me, with Marseille (Toronto manager Ugiri) also said so.” Because in the end, I play or to be happy, not to make a lot of money. Don’t have to make a lot of money, money is very useful, but I also hope to be able to play happily. This team is great, and it’s on the way to winning.” Bi Yongbo said. In the playoffs Vallance Yunus wound up back in 10 games, Bo billon games are played 33 minutes, get 8.2 points, 11 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game, shooting rate reached 60%. After he said he could not even with Mr Varin coexist, playing don’t care. He said he will continue to work hard this summer, to enhance their own, he is not the focus of attention of the contract negotiations. “My team will deal with these things.” He said, “I’m not worried about myself.” “I am very grateful to have had so many opportunities in toronto. We overcame a lot of difficulties throughout the season, my teammates also let me play their own game. It’s fun to play with them, and I love the city. I’m looking forward to coming back, I believe my agent team can do it.” Author: Kewell