[NBA] rookie list first Saric Ingram third in emperor fell out of the top 10

January 5th report: NBA official last week’s rookie list, the top three did not change, Philadelphia is still the 76 team, we de Milwaukee bucks cloth Luogedun and Philadelphia 76 team Saric CHEAP TO BUY NIKE KYRIE 3 WOMENS MENS SHOES CLEVERLAND Jeremy Lin’s teammate White Hyde still ranked sixth, the show Bangyan Ingram of the Losangeles Lakers because of poor play, he has dropped out of the list. 1 we de (1) in parentheses is the last list we discuss Germany become the Eastern League all star, seemed to be a long-term goal, may depend on the manager’s decision, but he will become a bright spot in the New Orleans star of hope in the game, a team of 76 people to get rid of the bottom position in the vote at the beginning. Nebid is still in the dominant position, although he only played 24.8 minutes per game. In addition to time constraints, there are other factors that may affect his performance, in the last 6 games he has a foul in the 5 or 6 times. 2 Luogedun (2) Blo Ghedeon in the eastern rookie of the month in the competition for Nebid, but he in December 51.8% shots hit the three ball rate, hit rate of 50%, averaging 9.1 points, assist to turnover ratio reached 2.71-1. This includes the three day of the last day of 2016, with a score of 15 points, a total of 12 assists and a total of 11 rebounds. Blo Ghedeon’s playing time obviously will continue to increase, in della Vedova because of a hamstring problem after the last three games he played 33 starter, respectively, 39 and 32 minutes. 3 Saric Saric (3) with a clear advantage to lead all rookie in rebounds, this is somewhat surprising, he took more than 26 rebounds in the second row of the German embid. Even if NBA has 10 games scheduled to rest, it is also a noteworthy figure. Saric is averaging 5.9 rebounds per game ranked second in rookie striker, he will encounter more tall and strong body against small forward when away from the basket, so that his contribution is quite good. Saric ranked second in scoring, scoring the highest rate of three points in the seventh. 4, Yakamu, Toronto (5) No. 6 show in December 14th did not occupy such a high ranking in the rookie list, he helped his climbing performance. Shooting rate, blocked shots are ranked rookie second, the rebound ranked sixth, defensive efficiency ranked in the top twelfth. This may limit his rookie season, except in the top three, Blo Ghedeon and Saric de embid significant decline or injury. 5 Murray, Denver (4) minor groin injury and shooting problems are plagued by Murray, he played no more than 20 minutes in the game for more than 6 minutes. In November, averaging 24.1 minutes, the shooting rate of 41.3%, in December to become the shooting rate of 18.9 minutes and 35.4%. The last 5 games were played at 12, 13, 12, 19 and 14 minutes respectively. Although this Yakamu fourth is not solid, but Murray looks closer to continue to decline, but not recapture fourth. 6 White Hyde (6) according to the “New York post” reported that the rapid growth of coach Atkinson White Hyde was surprised. “I was surprised by his progress. When you saw him in the first week, you will have the feeling that ‘this guy is going to be tough. Is he ready?” Now you feel like, ‘let him play, he’s a good team.'” White Hyde’s growth rate is indeed beyond the expectations of the nets, the forty-second this year, show assists ranked third, fourth blocks and shooting twelfth, Ninth steals, Ninth points, seventh minutes. 7 Harrison, the Grizzlies (8) Harrison in the past 4 games at least 6 assists in 7 games, in any case it is a good performance, especially his playing time is a 20 minute, another 19 minutes. He had a total of 30 assists in the last 7 games, with only a couple of turnovers in the game, and he had a small impact on a team with a winning rate of over 50%. In second, rookie Harrison assists, second steals and first blocks out of time, tied for fifth, scoring ninth. 8 Hilde (not in the list), the leader of the first time this season rookie list back to the list for the first time since November 16th, and in December he had 43.5% shots hit the three ball rate, hit rate of 47.8%, averaging 10.6 points, so he won the Western Conference rookie of the year month. League officials may not be aware of him, Held ranked third in rookie scoring, although a far cry from Nebid, but is close to the second place of the. Three points hit rate ranked seventh, shooting rate of thirteenth. If he can continue to improve at the same pace, he will almost certainly continue to improve the ranking. 9 Chris, sun (10) from December 13th to 29, Chris 9 consecutive games at least 1 into three points, he is many of their future plans in the big vanguard, has excellent athletic ability and shooting range. Now, Chris ranked eighteenth in the rookie of the three points, scoring in the top eighth, the rebound ranked in the top tenth. 9 consecutive games is a long record of fourth rookie sun, behind only to Booker (14 consecutive field and 10 consecutive games), Barbosa (2003-04 season in 10 consecutive games). 10 Hernan Gomes, Nicks (9) time is still very unstable, but in three important data on the top three: shooting ranked first, second, third other players with ninth rebounds, sixth blocks, defensive efficiency. Perhaps in the team’s role will affect him, let he again dropped out of the list, but he is currently in tenth place in the competition to beat Ingram, because he has higher efficiency, better defense rate, is still the key data on the top three. Author: Evan