[NBA] first to help champion defending the Lakers Walton

“The Orange County Register” message, Luke Walton has become the Lakers coach, but because the warriors battle in the playoffs, so he must want to help his old club to complete the defending plans before it can be input to the Lakers. “Little Walton’s work here is a very valuable asset for us,” said the warrior player development assistant Fraser. Lakers general manager Kupchak said that he is now in contact with Walton is either very early or very late, very late, because the other time Walton to be busy warrior thing. “At this moment, if he and I can say 3, 4 minutes, or send one or two text messages, then this is a good day AIR JORDAN 3.5 GREY HOT ” Kupchak said. “Small Walton although in and Kupchak telephone exchange some things, but he is also very conscientious in this side, he is trying to finish the work here.” Fraser said. The warriors on Walton and also seize the time, enjoy the funny. Confirmed in Luke Walton was hired as the new coach of the Lakers. That day he went to the team, ready to participate in the video class, general video lesson is put some warriors exist deficiencies, field made errors. The results Luke Walton started watching videos, four are all Lakers bad camera. Apparently this is a little Walton. Warriors are a great team, with excellent team atmosphere and future king, which is before Luke Walton’s father bill Walton has advised his son don’t be in a hurry to the other when the team coach. But Cole this season because of a back injury in the absence of a half season virtually gave little Walton created the opportunity to show. No matter what the future of the little Walton in the Lakers coach, his career is worthy of praise. Author: Qiao Tete