[NBA] adjustment by 0 thunder god! Paratelum error comeback

Western Conference finals first started, before the warriors against the Oklahoma City Thunder G1 as fans had expected that the entire game play intense, firelight scattered. The unexpected is the final thunder comeback with a 108-102 win over the warriors. In fact, thunder team the game didn’t start well, but the main reason why comeback, in addition to the double less in the final stage to withstand outside, they in the first section of the six turnovers, effective control of errors is also very important. The opening game dimension less in Durant after pick and roll with the ball is curry prior judgment to the, almost, where the ball is broken, then a breakthrough in Durant ball again is curry suit cut. And that’s only the beginning. Next, Victoria less did not face too much defensive pressure of a strong direct spread to the basket, but received the ball, but Andrew Bogut. Since then, the 1 time Durant Iguodala’s ball was copied from the posterior, behind the ball. In the first section, Durant has 3 mistakes, and the maintenance of the 2 is the time, another mistake from the center Kanter. Point of attack too little. It is easy to defense warriors were very targeted, and failure of the thunder as mentioned above that have occurred mainly in the two, thunder team relies too much on double less. A scene in the beginning of the second quarter is an excellent proof of this situation. Then dimensional less backcourt steals, and the body loses balance the ball to pull the Ibaka hands, and when the dimension less stumbled ran to the front, Ibaka turned out to be the first time and the ball back to the dimension less, when Victoria less half a sideline of the body is still outside. Although efforts to adjust, but the dimension is still not able to successfully catch the ball, hard to spell out the opportunity to lose so much wasted, but also to remember the dimension of a mistake. Actually Ibaka in after the ball, before the body no civil air defense, he can walk two steps forward, wait a dimension less, but for other players of the thunder, which has almost become the a neural reflex: get after the ball, for the first time dimension less, is no longer to Durant. Obviously, the control of the fault is the key to win this game, the thunder is the biggest one to win the stone! And from the point of view of the trend of the game, just with them against the San Antonio Spurs the whole series, similar, although opening on a big deficit, but the adjustment for their timely in the second quarter was finally able to very good control of the turnovers for the team, ending to the audience, they only made a mistake 11 times. That is to say, after the first section 6 mistakes, after the three quarter thunder a total of only 5 mistakes 2016 AIR JORDANS 13 “CP3 AWAY” PE BLACK/SUNSTONE-ORION BLUE FOR SALE CHEAP TO BUY , most people think of is, key nonessentials, thunder played extremely reasonable, no turnovers, throughout the second half they only in the third quarter by Durant error column at a time, totally did not give the warriors leave much comeback opportunities. The warriors side, the number of errors but reached 11 times, this is the rise, thunder can eventually win the game will not make people feel surprised. Author: Zhao Buchuan