[NBA] number of small bath N sins: Thackeray abandoned the white side of the Lakers lost to the Lakers Paul

February 22nd: the day before the change at the top, “bleachers” reporter Kevin – Ding long writing a number of wrong decisions, listing Jim Buss and Kupchak’s term of office, it is the poor performance of this series, the Lakers just creates embarrassment. One of the most important is, in the old bath before he died, he has repeatedly urged the minibus, exchange with Bynum Paul, but Jim buss appreciate Bynum, the Lakers and Hornets managed Paul completed the transaction, but stopped the alliance. If the Lakers was provided by Bynum, then the transaction can be completely equal by the Lakers, replacing the old will not be interrupted. Then in the old bath under the command of Bynum, the Lakers traded Howard, according to sources, minibus, also very unhappy, Howard’s attitude is also very cold, even said: “if Howard did not come, Andrew (Bynum) can also be going forward this kind of words, can be said to be bought for seed later the contradiction. The Lakers fans have to play here for 4 years Thackeray has the impression, but the 60 cis position center does not have the qualified NBA strength, and he replaced the position players, now Chizha Alliance: Hassan – Whiteside. In September 2014, Whiteside took part in the Lakers training, and play an eye-catching, but the small bath but chose Thackeray, did not invite to the invitation of Whiteside. The Lakers missed the future top pay center, while Thackeray played 4 years in the league, averaging only 4.2 points with 3.1 rebounds, dubbed the “patron saint of towel”. In 2015 Kobe recruited Aldridge, when Aldridge asked if I joined you, and who intend to use my partner, Kupchak hesitated not a name, so Aldridge greatly disappointed, chose the spurs. In that year although the Lakers have Kobe and Nash, there are two future all star guard Lori Isaiah is willing to take the initiative to join, and Thomas, but the Lakers management turned a deaf ear, said no CUSTOMER REVIEWS FOR NIKE FREE V4 LIGHT GREY ORANGE AUTHENTIC Now Lori has become the 3 all star, and he has been selected for two consecutive years, and is now the top scorer in the list, but after the game, but did not play after the game, but after the game, but after the game, but after the game, Nash has not played a game, but after the game, but did not play second. Lori and Thomas get the contract price, the Lakers used in the Jeremy Lin and Nick yang. The Lakers gave up Whiteside in the training camp that year and invited only the role of Ronnie – and – in the form of the role of the player of the year – the role of the role of the player, the player of the year, and the role of the role of the. Kupchak said in the 2014 draft plan to choose Mcdermott, rather than Randall, fortunately, Ryan West (Jerry West’s son) stopped him. When Clarkson grew up, the Lakers also chose the time of the Kupchak, regardless of the choice of the United States insisted on blocking the choice of Lewis – Williams, signed a 3 year contract with it. After the deal was rejected in Gasol, coach Mike Brown wants to play with two strikers, but Brown in 71 games after being dismissed, the Lakers signed Dandong, as the new coach, to play a different style, let all the players unable to adapt. And they are hard to save space down, but in the summer of last year hit two consecutive 4 years: 64 million Mozgov, 4 years and 72 million Rolle Deng spent. The two can only sit on the bench. 2014, the team held a meeting, Jeanne – bath asked Jim – bath, when to return to the Western Conference finals? Jim said a year later, and then Jeanne asked him again, he said it takes 3 years. Now, 3 years later, Jim also promised, it’s time to surrender. Author: Li more