[NBA] is too funny! “The 76 stooges” began recruiting KD

Beijing time in May 31st, thunder in the away 88-96 defeat to the warriors, in the Western Conference finals to 3-4 big score was eliminated. This series is regarded as one of the epic, the thunder two less and the warrior splash brothers go all out, after both sides fights 3-1, a continuous three games are nervous panting breath. Needless to say, the seventh game from the beginning of the battle has attracted numerous attention, whether it is the NBA star or other fields of sports stars, are stunning for this war. Tennis star Sharapova said: “although not warriors fans, but tonight I support them, #DubNation refueling!” The Dallas Cowboys star Desmond Bryant also expressed on Thompson’s favorite, he wrote: “from the performance of clay will be able to see that he really is the victory…. Deserve respect.” Jamal Crawford, Jeremy Lin is constantly sending push comment on this game, Shu Hao call curry on the perimeter to open the plug-in, and Crawford also wrote: “do you know where the clay?? Whenever the thunder seemed to pull the score, he was always in a timely manner, to retain hope for the warriors.” Nowitzki Dirk commented: “the great series, can not wait to see the final!” Mike – Miller also call the library is the best striker saw him, he wrote: “a fantastic series, both teams played very good, knights and warriors finals showdown must also be a classic.” Caron Butler also said: “the NBA series so wonderful, thunder too tough, congratulations to the warriors.” The most funny is that because Durant was eliminated, many people began to recruit him on twitter. The 76ers center Joel Hornby de continued consistently tease than style, says: “this series was so wonderful, I think the thunder will 6 games promotion NIKE KYRIE 1 GRADE SCHOOL SHOES FLYTRAP SUPER DEALS It’s time for the KD to get the 76 of us!” Because being friends laugh too much, he added: “two years ago we almost got Lebron.” Durant’s home team wizards are expected to recruit him in the summer, so on twitter, “KD to DC” has become a hot label. Washington Redskins star D’Angelo hall also on twitter sent a Durant put pictures of wizards jerseys, said: “perhaps this will really happen. Thunder played a great season, but then the good things will end! #KD to DC “Author: Kewell