[NBA] chrysanthemum tight? Be separated even after the buckle was riding “hazing by Mike animal”

January 8th report: Beijing time on January 8th, Nicks went to Indiana to challenge the Pacers, the game was opened in the first half of the poor, lost the suspense of the outcome. The score behind Nicks in the third quarter to fight back, but was still walking strong offensive firepower far away, have a representative who is shot under the basket was Lee Walker animal Meyers Turner: George was in the bottom line across the buckle ball, attracted Nuo A up against a restricted area, causing dislocation Mike George Turner in the area, a high throw, hit Turner jump across the Li made a lob dunk. However, this is not the end, because of the height difference, Mike was riding buckle when bending the upper part of the body, so the buckle end of the body of the basket riding in Mike Turner has come down, so field appeared in such an awkward scene: Turner riding in Mike’s body. Author: 163