[NBA] TT exposure and ex girlfriend to see the child an insider: Kohler will break

March 9th report: what?! Tristan – Thompson Touxing!? I believe that many people see this title after eating melon will be startled at all, since the recent period, he and Kohler relationship is quite stable, and two people will not regularly and openly show affection, suddenly exposed cheating news, but will feel unbelievable MEN’S NIKE DUNK HIGH SHOES COOL GREY/WHITE NEW STYLE However, it is pretty close, the United States Hollywood life gossip media reported that his ex girlfriend TT under the guise of visiting the children the opportunity to “sleep”, according to insiders revealed that TT’s move will undoubtedly break the heart of Kohler. Thompson’s former girlfriend named Jody Craig, the figure looks are not in Kohler, just as he gave birth to a son. Say that the child is between couples, although TT has not officially married with Jody, two people’s emotional trend has also proved this point. Allegedly, Thompson was still dating with Kohler under the premise of lingering affair with Jody. “Tristan recently this time between the two women,” the insider told the media, “every time he went to Jody, that is to visit the children, but he is still in bed with Jody, which (of children) is the best.” If TT really carrying a Kohler affair, then it would be too bad, because Kohler is very deep feelings for him. Kohler saw him in the future, “an insider said,” if he has been entangled with Jody’s words, the Kohler strike is too big.” Hollywood life said: “Kohler and Thompson may not be so pleasing, but the relationship between the two of them looks very good.” Set the clock back last month during the all star weekend, two people together to go out to play, play, naked shoulder, get awfully. Kohler even calls TT “my love”. Perhaps, after Kohler was informed that Thompson and Jody Touxing fact, will choose to ignore the danger signal. “After misfortunes with these men, Kohler did not admit that he was playing again,” the insider said. Earlier this month, Kohler’s former boyfriend James harden in an interview with “Sports Illustrated” blame Kohler, as she held up their own development. “For every man to know yourself before, Kohler will serve to support the love, but harden but as she said, this was too painful. He knew from the first day to get along with Kohler, Kohler is the need for exposure, he did not care. Kohler told Harden that two people do not need to open a double entry, but Harden insisted on doing so. He likes the spotlight like a Kohler, but it doesn’t matter anyway.” One insider said. Author: Small Red Army