[NBA]2 war stomp 48 warriors made the strongest swing!

The end of the NBA finals G2 warriors clash, 110-77 victory, showing the absolute strength. And a game similar to today, the core library is still not how to play a warrior. A game, curry offensive touch in the doldrums, until the game in the final 2 minutes through a 3 hit so that they barely got 11 points. Today’s game, his offensive, feel is good, also early displayed, however unfortunately, today he got into foul mire, very early received the personal third fouls, remittent, stop playing, which greatly affected the pace of his. And because Warriors 3 hit takes a game, curry also did not have the opportunity to more brush data, ultimately, curry had 18 points (seven of 11 shots, three 8 4), 9 rebounds (the highest audience) and 4 assists CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR FLIP FLOPS SLIPPERS ROYAL BLUE AUTHENTIC According to the data record, in the last two seasons. This is no library for the first time in consecutive games scoring 20 points. But outstanding warriors lineup depth, not necessarily to curry cut the score to win the game. Today they are still more flowering and early take victory. Calculated on a G1 is similar to the story, and now the warriors are 2-0 leader. It is worth mentioning, recently two seasons warriors in the game once a leading opponent difference reached 15 points. Their record is 120 wins 1 negative, only in the season home defeat to wolves too. At the same time, after the G1, G2 warriors, a total of margin of the Knights 48 points, which also created the NBA Finals history came in the first two games of the sum of the maximum record. Author: Qiao Tete