[NBA] Dandong, the Rockets are not defensive firepower mixed version might not last long

October 27th: the NBA regular season into the second match day, the Lakers home court against Houston, this is the first time to harden “organization point guard” identity appearance, he really deliver the goods, hit 34 points and 8 rebounds data gorgeous 17 assists, but the performance can not bring to the team’s victory, the Rockets defense let them taste to defeat. Dandong, this year in the transformation of the largest rocket team is using former sun 7 seconds fast attack tactics, harden engraved Nash’s position, put all the ball to him. Therefore this gorgeous data harden is predictable, but the attack will harden itself stronger than Nash, after the team piled up a strong defensive attack weak players, the rocket new season to attack almost gave up the defense, attack will be a strong, but the defensive end is also quite how many points can leak let the person worry. In fact, not only is the complete liberation of Harden, new signing Anderson and Gordon are in the preseason proved that he can be full output, two speed at the same time last year in the lineup to find efficient attack hand Macdaniels and Breuer have got enough opportunities, today two people staged a full speed after the start of the counter layup and when the ball into, several players the Lakers haven’t run back to the first half. In addition, Ariza and Dekker also have fast Houston, Dandong, has been criticized by another point: Little rotation players have also been improved, whether the Rockets preseason opener or today, there are 10 people take turns, because Howard and Beverly did not leave the injury led to the shortage of manpower. However, the most worrying is the defense and life, Dandong, the team’s dependence on short time momentum of the last moment in the game today, a rocket is how to vote also voted not to enter, but there is no other way, too simple and crude way to get more attack times, sacrifice attack efficiency. At the same time, the game also reflects the serious problem of rocket defense, the Lakers are not the top offensive team, but was born into a rocket anti Warriors: Russell, Clarkson and Randall have played a far more than last year’s efficiency, have to say on the defensive end of the team at all far. Although this is just a regular season, and the rockets or hard strength than the Lakers, but basketball is scoring and lost than the size of the game, the Rockets scored less than points, then how to make up the defensive problems, or to give up defense to strengthen the attack, see Dandong, could come up with a hand. Author: Li more