The [NBA] team defeated + score was the single season assists easily burst it world record in team history

April 3rd: the Wizards against the warriors, the game was very exciting, Waldo hand over 15 points and 5 rebounds and 11 assists, while playing time is not long, the Wizards ultimately lost 115-139, but she personally created a milepost assists. This season, the Wizards have made great progress, in the absence of 38 years after returning to the place of the division champion, which is closely related to the growth of Wal Mart, Bill. However, before the game, Wal Mart has just got a ticket, because after a defeat after the anger spray referee, Wal Mart was fined $15 thousand NBA. How to export foul smells? Nature is the champion to defeat. But it’s not an easy thing to do, after all, the warriors are in excellent form, and it’s a very difficult scoring machine to play against Wall today. Sure enough, the first section of his fire, easily under 12 minutes. But Wall also have their own strengths, in the face of the backward situation he did not panic, first although he offensive and not curry, but the shot efficiency is also very good, 3 shots, one with a quasi insider attack, this is Wall. The second section is the use of Wal Mart and Bill with the basket again into a wonderful shot, but the third day in Washington to catch up with the score, although there is still a good organization’s performance, but the individual score is still lacking, this section of 3 shots, perhaps this is the day after the wall can strive for further improvement. After all, the NBA score is a necessary weapon guard. More than half of the third quarter, the Wizards get quick counterattack, Waldo led the way, rushed in front to the basket after a slam, the ball to the periphery of teammate Potter, Potter shooting, this is also the world this season 802nd assists. It also created a history of a single player in the history of the Wizards’ single season record OAKLEY FLAK JACKET SUNGLASS 5824 BLACK RED FRAME BLACK LENS SALE CHEAP After the game, perhaps wizards feel no need to catch up, but also no longer on the wall, in the end, the game has been controlled by the warriors, wizards swallow the defeat. In any case, the wall is currently completed 802 assists, beyond the veteran Rhodes – Strickland, the Wizards in the history of a single season assists king. Author: Qiao Tete