[NBA] since Jordan used high-tech glasses and then do not worry about free throws three

December 2nd: 2016 is known as VR (virtual reality) industry in the first year, and this technology was first used in the entertainment industry, such as games and video playback. But obviously, the prospect of VR technology is very broad, not only limited to entertainment, such as the Clippers hope VR can help Jordan improve his free throw. Little Jordan career free throw percentage is only 42.5%, but the season so far, his free throw percentage has been raised to 52%, obviously, little Jordan’s free throw is still room for improvement. Enhance the penalty with VR technology, the clippers and the small Jordan is not the first person to eat crab alliance. The pistons Zhuangshen Drummond in the offseason was the explosion in the penalty was used in the VR technology. Last season’s playoffs, the pistons suffered a strong first round of the knights, and in the game, the weakness of the team in the penalty kick hit a low point in the Knights of the crazy cut shark tactics in front of infinite amplification. Coach Van Gundy Drummond once piston will not put on the pitch, but four games down, Zhuangshen free throws for 34 penalty 11. In the offseason, the pistons decided to upgrade Zhuangshen as a warning for the future, the penalty method is introduced to find their VR technology. Big fan believes that the Drummond free throw hit rate is mainly due to his hand posture is not stable. “This is like playing golf, each over a period of time, you may hit a ball, but you can not every shot hit that ball, unless you are the kind of very good golfer,” van Gundy said at the time. “We hope to reach this point, even if not in the training hall, he can not stop the action of the free throw.” And at present, the effect is very obvious, last season, the free throw shot hit 35.5%, this season has reached 47.3%, a full increase of nearly 12 percentage points. Zhuangshen saying that from the beginning of the offseason, he throws three times a week for VR training, and the technology is changing, Zhuangshen can simultaneously in the first person and the third person perspective to see his free throw action in practice, this is obviously for him to improve his free throw great help SUPER DEALS NEW AIR JORDAN 13 GS “GYM RED” Author: Zhao Buchuan