[NBA] Tang God 3 distracted Mavericks assistant quasi record he could only scratching your Curitiba

March 22nd: the warriors today back to back to continue fighting against Dallas, Thompson yesterday’s good state, he broke out early today outside, easily scored 23 points (three points, 8 in 5), 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, the final 112-87 victory over the warriors. Yesterday beat the thunder of the game, Thompson performed well, scoring the highest team, and early in the perimeter to play efficiency, so that the thunder of the defense collapse MEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 2014 CHEAP TO BUY Today, Thompson is still the same scenario, the first day he is not on the outside fire, just do this in two balls, shot only 4 times, the second day he began to burst, and the rhythm is exactly the same as yesterday. The second section, Thompson outside the 3 throw in 3, and is a catch that is out of the ball! Every ball very fast, very crisp, like Thompson in the league today, catch and shoot a God so efficient pitcher, really not much. A soup of God hit three points, sitting on a bench with the Mavericks assistant tactics board has begun to scratch his head. See Thompson feel so good, curry and other teammates again and again for his second half ball, Thompson is still the main point, he soared in two recorded 3 points, at the same time, it steals the game for Thompson is also very prominent, the first 3 to 3 steals, won no less fast counterattack for the warriors. At present, Thompson hit three points in the occupation career total ball number ranked NBA thirty-eighth, although not compared with curry speed, but Thompson is a terrible pitcher, you know, in the current three hit NBA single season record, Curitiba one person occupy 4 seats, and one seat is Thompson occupied (2015-16 season, 276 goals). Obviously, this is tough enough. Although the paratelum warriors big lead, but still put Thompson and Green on the court to play for a long time, this is also the recent warrior practices may be required for team drills, Thompson also didn’t attack, easy victory over the warriors. Author: Qiao Tete