[NBA] is a big fan of the sidelines who let down Aguirre? 5 + 1 Curitiba key winning pass

December 24th: the warriors today continue to play, the opponent is the piston, they encountered no small challenge, Curitiba, feel good today, over 25 points, 3 rebounds and 8 assists, the key moment frequently important play, the ultimate warrior win 119-113. Christmas is coming, but all the warriors curry and did not pay in advance the knight, but continue to focus on immediate rivals. Today the state library is very good, in the attack end all active, of course, an organization he chose the team scoring, opportunities are created for you. An opening in the library, a quick counterattack on the emergency stop ball, the ball will be handed over to the other side exactly outside of Thompson, he can easily hit 3 points STEPHEN CURRY GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS #30 DIAMONDS SWINGMAN DARK JERSEY XMAS DEALS After the library also continues to maintain this pace, then pass assists Pachulia layup, Durant outwire score, even Mcgee sent an air ball relay, the warriors almost everyone got Curitiba assists. Of course, the library scoring ability can not be ignored, as long as the defender accidentally, Curitiba will use between the least bit opportunity, high difficulty score. For example, the first section of the last 1 minutes, Curitiba split shot, soared in 3 minutes. And then he is trying again, forcing the pistons to defend players foul, 3 penalty all! In the face of the defense, if the library to do a breakthrough, his action is full of art, in 1 of 1 cases, all his steps to the extreme, including about stretching slide, even jump up like cheating opponents such as dancing, very good to hear or see. With the game further, the score staggered, toss, curry in the stalemate outside and in 3 minutes, the scene can also hear some cheers. Then, he had 3 points again, but the referee blew the warriors other players foul, so this ball is not. The last 3 minutes and 50 seconds, when the piston back overtime, curry stood up, facing double defense, his strong layup throwing the ball, the ball is very difficult. Then, curry and grabbed a long rebound, then the outside soared in 3 minutes! This series also have on the sidelines of the Detroit coach van at the team’s defensive hopping. The last 22 seconds, the ball will be assigned to the Thompson library, successfully helped him hit 3 key points. Finally, the warriors win this victory. Author: Qiao Tete