[NBA] game show free throws before the game against Durant comeback countdown

Zhang Qiang was reported in Oakland in April 3rd: a warrior tonight against the home court wizards, Durant pre-season debut, including fancy free throws and against the shooting practice, show him from a comeback date has been very close, coach Cole said in the last few games let Durant out. Warriors of the opponent is a wizard, coincidentally, the warriors in February last battle opponents is a wizard, they not only lost to the opponent, but Durant in the game against the left knee, has been absent from the game so far. This experience also let Durant sigh, wizards where Washington, DC is his hometown, the game he deliberately spent $more than 10 thousand to buy tickets, so that friends and family to see him play. As a result, suffered injuries, and friends and family reunion canceled, but also into the long recovery NIKE LEBRON JAMES 11 WHITE-RED/NAVY BLUE FOR SALE XMAS DEALS Today’s game starts at five p.m. local time, just to the point of, Durant came to the stadium to warm up. This is his habit has been maintained recently, the content of the training is to shoot at all points, there are three points to shoot, there are three points in the dash after the jump stop. And different is, he is no longer a trainer in the defense of non confrontation, but will hand in Durant’s body, confrontation, and then Durant fake Akira, shooting. Three points outside the shooting, there are two trainers serve, the first one to interfere in the outside shot, Durant dribble breakthrough, and then the emergence of the defense of the second trainers, Durant open after the jump shot. Interestingly, Durant today is in the line where the show from the fancy shooting, the first is the “one” single leg free throw, then stand on the free throw the ball there, the body 360 degrees around, and then quickly shot free throws. This is a very high percentage of free throws, almost one hundred percent. Everything shows, Durant comeback countdown, in yesterday’s training, Durant also started five against the five training. Today’s pre match press conference, coach Cole said the last few games will let Durant comeback, look for the feeling. At present, the warriors 62 wins and 14 losses, leaving the last 6 regular season. Author: Zhang Qiang