[NBA] Weiss: Duncan is the greatest PF in history

Beijing time in May 13th, thunder at home 113-99 victory over the Spurs to 4-2 big score to qualify for the Western Conference finals. Durant and Weiss in this game Qi outbreak, two people close to 65 points. While the Spurs’ exit is a pity, but as the wave of the handsome, thunder show a stronger strength, they are stronger team”. Weiss said in an interview after the game: we know how important this game, so the sense of urgency to come up with a sense of urgency. And today’s game is really very nervous.” And for the next thunder will have to face the warriors, Weiss also said: “they are the defending champion, but we still have confidence. Now it’s different from the regular season. We’ll try to knock them down.” Adu said: “the Spurs are spending the color of the team, the entire series are forcing us, Leonard also played particularly well. We will adhere to the same thing, is to keep the confidence, will not be defeated. We will continue to be strong, to prepare for the next round of the game.” “The game against the warriors will be very interesting, and we are looking forward to this opportunity.” Adu said. He also said that beat the Spurs is not equal to win: This is not the final, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to qualify. We played every minute, this round of series is a test of people.” Weiss and Adams also paid tribute to Duncan, 40, and Weiss said: “I respect him very much. He is the greatest power forward in history.” Adams said: “he has a young fountain, he is still very good.” Walters said that thunder know how strong Warriors: “this is going to be a fierce confrontation, the team too powerful, but we are also very powerful, I believe every will hand to hand combat NIKE HYPERDUNK 2014 “GAME ROYAL” BLUE HERO/METALLIC SILVER-WHITE LASTEST ” Adams is also looking forward to the game against the warriors, he said: “we must not be complacent, we all know that it will be a tough battle. We must ensure that we have the right to do what we do.” Adams before the game because of migraine powerful, hit a bit, and even once vomiting, but he was completely unlike the patient on the field, playing very tough. He also joked after the game, said: “do not take me as a hero, can only say that modern medicine is very powerful.” Author: Kewell