[NBA] Lori: the LBJ is the best in library inside and outside

Reported on May 16: Toronto, Miami and grab seven wars end, eventually Raptors 116-89 victory, 4-3 qualify for the eastern finals. The Raptors “outstanding performance, Lori averaged 35 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists, 4 steals. DeRozan 28 points, 8 rebounds. Lori and DeRozan Fagafaga get up to 63 points, which is the two of them when the team in a playoff together to get the highest score. Lori is the first one in the history of the Raptors in the playoffs to two consecutive games scoring 35 points on the players. “We are not satisfied, it is not our mentality,” said Lori. “Today we show effort, strength, concentration, completely interpretation of who we are,” Raptors coach Casey said. “We are still 1.5 finished products, but we have taken a big step forward in this process.” The Raptors inside the general Vallance Jonas also did not return, Casey also don’t know when he can come back. “Let’s wait and see,” Casey said UA CURRY NEW MENS BASKETBALL SHOES BLACK BLUE DISCOUNT HDTXQBK The Raptors also spoke of the Eastern Conference finals to face a strong opponent of the knight, Lori said: “we are now entering the Eastern Conference finals very excited, but we also know that the next difficult task waiting for. But we are not afraid of this, still winning the basketball game. Of course, Lebron is probably in this league in addition to one of the best players outside the library.” It is worth mentioning is that season Luoliben in against the Cavs per values up to 46.2, which in this season were the knight played for at least 10 minutes of the players is the tallest. But Knight now in the eastern part of a thriving, the first two rounds they are easily sweep cut, outside of nature more optimistic about them, think the Raptors could not beat the Cavaliers. In this regard, Casey said: our team is very hungry, never say absolutely not to anything.” Author: Qiao Tete