[NBA]1 against the whole world? LBJ and pathos male

The end of the NBA finals G2 warriors clash, 110-77 victory, showing the absolute strength. And the knight doesn’t seem to beat the warriors at all, most of the time by Lebron. Lebron played 34 minutes, scored 19 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists, 4 steals, of course also had 7 turnovers. Don’t look at LeBron playing time only 34 minutes. This is because early in the game by hitting the flower, distal is garbage time, so their main is not necessary to a knight to give up in advance. If the scene is fierce, Lebron still have to continue on the field and when the father and when the mother, playing time no 40 points is absolutely impossible. From the point of view of the course of the game, today is the G1 amplified version, the Knights of the big three only LeBron a person in the battle, or scenes from the point of view, LeBron is the only person show combat effectiveness, Loew, Irving or is occasionally a shooting, most of the time are to act as a defensive loopholes, or is the shot peening. This directly caused great pressure on Lebron ASICS GEL LYTE 3 WOMENS BLACK FRIDAY UK20161073 FOR SALE During this year’s playoffs, Knight downwind smooth, before the two are a comfortable 4-0 sweep, and indeed showed dominance in eastern and some games is the ball play superbly, often create single game 3 ball hits record. It allows many rider fans shouting full Zhan, full lineup knight is terrible, the finals they can put last season’s champion rob back, can achieve “, if the knight tidy line-up, the warriors absolutely can not take the championship” if the theory. But the fact is cruel and full lineup of the knight than last season ‘s finals canzhen knights, they two warriors explode, process or season, LeBron a battle. As the reporter Tim – slip Kami said: “Lebron against the world.” Only LeBron James Knight nature is not so terrible, warriors out of the “mini version of the Jordan rules”, they with a long arm defender to containment him, rotated coverage in place, the audience forced him to seven turnovers, so chelunzhan down, LeBron can not tired? Looking at the Irvine today 14 shots in only 10 points, Loew 2-7 shooting only 5 points, but also hurt the status quo, LeBron must have a deep frustration. Author: Qiao Tete