[NBA]! The library 3 minutes sight fell below the 4 by James counter ultra three points package is stolen?

March 9th: the warriors home court today against Boston, outside performance library is still in the doldrums, three of 9 shots and only 2, only 22.2% star. After the game, the three hit rate fell to 39.7% Kuliben this season, since he entered the NBA8 season three points, the worst performance of the season. In the previous 7 seasons, he has scored more than three points in more than 45%. Interestingly, Cleveland star Lebron this season’s three point hit rate of 39.8%, currently has more than curitiba. As we all know, Lebron has not been a top outside pitcher, his career three percentage point hit rate of only 34.3%, while in the past 13 seasons, he hit a single quarter of the rate of only 4 of the number of times only once. The February three star library are very low, single month three point hit rate of only 37 AIR JORDAN 13 LOW TOP BLACK GREY ONLINE 8%, remove the February first game against the Hornets with three points in 11 games 15 goals, his three ball remaining for a total of 115 to 39, the hit rate of only 33.9%. Including a 76 Man 11 throw in 0, when the Nuggets 11 very bad performance 1. In March, Curitiba feel didn’t return to normal, 4 games, he scored three points the highest hit rate of only 4, which is the 15 against the hawks in 6, and the 2 game of his three hit rate did not exceed 23%, a is today on the green army in 9 2, another is playing the Bulls 11 2. The library outside only 31.3% star in March. Do you want to know what Lebron did in 2 and March? In February, Lebron’s three hit rate as high as 56.8%, and in March 4 games, three ball Lebron is voted 11 to 21, star reached 52.4%, averaging three points in 3.7. It is perhaps Lebron quietly stole three sub library…… Author: Qiao Tete