[NBA] nets stop straight escapement magic Jeremy 30+7 cut tairo students day and night only 14 in 3

April 2nd report: Broolyn basket nets (17 wins and 59 losses) home rebound. Although Jeremy Lin 14 for 3 in only 8 points, but Lopez scored 30 points and 7 rebounds, Booker scored 23 points and 8 rebounds, who led the team in the fourth quarter with a 11-0 run to start after firmly opened the score to stay ahead of the nets in home court to a 121-111 victory over the Orlando magic (27 – 50). Nets team ended 2 losing streak, the magic team suffered a loss of 4. The team received the Lopez 30 points and 7 rebounds, Booker scored 23 points and 8 rebounds, Gil Patrick scored 15 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Hamilton scored 13 points and 5 rebounds, Jeremy Lin 14 3 vote, 8 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds. Orlando’s Vu Che Vecchi scored 27 points and had a total of 11 rebounds. He scored a total of 22 points, a total of 15 rebounds and a total of 5 assists. He scored a total of $20, with a total of three points, a total of 20 points, a total of 11 rebounds and a total of 11 assists in the game. In the game, the team scored a total of 11 points for the team with a score of about $, with a score of points and a total of points. After the start of the magic Vu Che Vecchi, Gordon turns to turn from a guest into a host, they lead to 15-5 score. LeWitt and Lopez were three points, respectively, and also hit back in the back of the game, the first quarter of the game, there are still 5 minutes and 45 seconds to lead the magic 22-15. The two sides after a bit, Hamilton and buck teamed up 7 points, the nets team in the first quarter as well as 2 minutes and 45 seconds to 27-26 over 1 points. Augustin hit three points, Booker break points, the two teams 29, 31 flat after Ross and Gilpatric were successful attacks, at the end of the first quarter 33 teams to shake hands flat. Fournier even 2 minutes to open the second quarter of the three, the magic team again lead. He feels good, he scored 5 points to lead the team to fight 9-2 small climax, the festival for 5 minutes when the nets 48-43 lead with 5 points. The two sides after a bit, Ross and Gordon took turns to attack, the magic to narrow the gap to only 1 points. Lopez came up with two singles success, he led the team to the end of the climax of the 6-0 in the second quarter, the nets team to 60-53 lead by 7 points. The nets team Lopez scored 18 points in the first half, Booker got a score of 13 points, Hamilton got a score of 11 points; the magic of the team and the team to get each of the points in the west of the division of the score of 13 points. The two sides continue to tug of war in the beginning of the third quarter, Leavitt break points, the nets 69-61 lead with 8 points. Vu Che Vecchi once again scored 4 points, he played 9-2 against the tide, the magic to narrow the gap to 1 points. Lopez hit 3 points to respond, Gordon and each scored a goal of the, they led the team is 10-0 attack wave, this section is still a little more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds when the magic to 82-76 lead by 6 points. Gil Patrick feels good scored 7 points, he led the team to 13-5 against the wave, the nets success counter ultra 2 points, Fournier scored a breakthrough, at the end of the three quarter 89 teams to shake hands flat. Booker and Ding joined together 11 points to start the fourth quarter, the nets team opened the score again lead. Payton fight back 7 points, but the nets attack more flowers, even with a penalty of a penalty of $4, Lopez scored a breakthrough, the second half of the basket when the fourth to 110-98 lead. After the magic even chase 4 points, Lopez responded with a total of three points, the fourth quarter is still 1 minutes and 55 seconds when the nets to 119-108 lead NEW AIR JORDAN 11 LOW GS “PINK SNAKESKIN” KORTING The magic moment finally powerless, they lost to 111-121. The magic starting lineup: Payton, Ross, Gordon, Wu Fournier, Raicevic nets team starting lineup: Jeremy Lin, Foye, LeWitt, Jefferson, Lopez Author: Xiao Liu