[NBA] Wade: LBJ cheer for me but regret.

Beijing time on May 16th, in Miami’s 89-116 loss to Toronto, in the seventh battle of life and death to be eliminated. The heat in the two rounds of the game are to fight to the seventh, and ultimately did not try to break into the Eastern Conference finals PUMA ESPERA V SANDALS BLACK RED FOR WOMEN SUPER DEALS After the game, the heat locker room closed for a long time, the players are afraid that the mood is difficult to recover. And we face the media in an interview, also expressed in the heat of this season did not regret. Joe Johnson said: “this is a very good year, I enjoy it very much.” Amare Stoudemire said between teammates get along happily, this season can be said to be one of his career is the most happy time, the only regret that I can’t play it more. Deng to lose seventh games only said: “this is why we must fight for home court advantage.” This summer will be a free agent and he is not willing to come to the future: “I will not talk about any free market issues.” De Rakic said: “I am really proud of this team, at any time, I would like to go with the team on the battlefield.” Two rounds of the game have demonstrated the leader of the wind and the heart of Wade in today’s 16 points, failed to change the game trend. He said after the game that the lack of major major major major general fight is indeed difficult: obviously, Bosh – Chris future health management is very critical to the management. Let’s hope we don’t have a major injury blow over the last two years.” Wade also revealed that before the start of the game, the friend LeBron back to their texting gas, both of them want to meet in the conference finals, but the heat eventually failed to keep the appointment. Wade said, “I’ve done my best. We have done our best to reach the Eastern Conference finals, only to have a victory. For me and a lot of players in the team, there is no time for tomorrow’s game, so we all want to seize this opportunity.” Wade has updated the personal instagram account, to fans message: “I thank God let me to continue to play the love of basketball, let me can play all the energy in this season. # Lucky 13 # father proud “Author: Kewell