[NBA] too love this trophy! LBJ out of the cup is not from the hands of fans gathered to shout MVP

Returned to Cleveland, LeBron is returned with the mission, he was determined to bring a championship trophy for his hometown, but last season, the Cavaliers after successive hurt Loew and Irwin, LeBron dumunanzhi eventually defeated, let g City championship and award cup pass by. And this season, LeBlanc finally fulfill a wish and grab after the victory of the war seven, LeBron knees crying scene let countless fans was moved, and LeBron, I also said that the championship trophy of his career, the most important of a, after all the trophy belongs to his hometown of Cleveland, a had already suffered a 52 year title drought of city of sadness. So, Lebron for the championship trophy has much love? Judging from the current situation, LeBron suspected the has to give birth to a fetish, even go out to have dinner with a friend is “Cup” does not leave a hand. In the wake of the grand championship parade, LeBron low-key spent several days. Apparently, he needs to rest, but in the United States local time on Saturday night, go out with friends in a LeBron is located on the edge of the shoals restaurant to have dinner together is the fans found. Since then, fans in the Hotel outside together more ONLINE 2016 NEW AIR JORDAN 12 “GOLD” METALLIC GOLD CHEAP SALE And LeBron is also very fit, he appeared on the balcony on the second floor, not only is waved so simple, but holding the O’Brien cup, to know this is not in Zhan Royal, he just go out to eat, the championship is still take him in the side. LeBron is obviously very excited. He even made a trophy for the fans to throw down the “fake”, and the scene fan’s mood can be mobilized, they do not stop screaming, sometimes also will “MVP” voices. Author: Zhao Buchuan